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 I think they're cool :)Was bent on getting the RRL one for cooking and stuff...but after looking around, there are some awesome selvedge indigo ones out there for under $50 even.I mean, I'd probably do $75 for the RRL one but that would be my max. Hope it gets there! 
For anyone who is curious, I was at Woodbury today and it was sparce with nothing really worth it. I was there a few months ago, and a lot of the crappy stuff from then is still there at the same price.   Belts are still high price imo with only 30% off. Only 1 or 2 pair of super large size shoes, and 1 or 2 leftover bags.   I was pretty disappointed :/
 I'm thinking about doing the same.I can't believe the damn black watch cap isn't on sale. Been waiting for almost a year. It's the only hat that isn't...
 When does the regular sale start?
 Love the look man.
 Why didn't you just return them? I'm confused...
 Almost every pair of distressed/repaired RRL jeans or pants I've owned or seen has some sort of staining. That's what the distressing is in part. So I would always assume there is going to be purposeful stains.Stick with once washed or rigid if you want something stain free.
 I highly doubt that's possible...
 I think it's one more shitty consequence of the leaked sale. 
 What current sale?Code doesn't work for anything I've added to my cart.
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