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 You should probably say why it's bad instead of it just being bad. Different people have different opinions of what makes something atrocious.The RRL leather jacket I own (several seasons old) is my favorite piece of clothing...so I'm curious what quality was lost with this one.
Do you guys have any tips for stretching out the pocket opening on slim fits? On every pair I own I literally cant get my hands in my pockets (without a lot of effort) and my pants are not skin tight on me.   I've never seen another brand with such oddly designed pockets. I can't even get my phone or keys into them.   Am I missing something? This is driving me crazy. I literally choose other brands walking out the door based solely on this issue.haha
 I definitely like the RRL more. Has a more traditional naval/maritime look imo...which I think is the point of a sweater like this.Been eyeing that one on the site too.
Leg opening looks good there. And ya, I hate the rise on the slims. No idea who wants a rise that low...
 Those look awesome
 Oh...I didn't think they really altered the leg opening that much.Ya, 8" is wide for slims.
 Are you talking about the slim fits?All mine have a 7" opening which is the same as any other pair of slim fits in other brands I've seen. Never really seen a smaller opening than that unless you get a super skinny cut which RRL doesnt have.
Thanks man! 
 This thread is the only reason I ever come to sf.I'll search for it.
 Ohh..didn't know there was a sales alert thread. Could someone link to that so I can follow it? When I asked that next day people were saying they found it on twitter...which I still don't get. 
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