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 I have those jeans in a 28!and they're on ebay if anyone wants to look just like ralph ;) haha
 A lot of it has looked unisex to me as well. Very large on the sizing too. I've bought a lot of polo country stuff on ebay in the past including denim shirts, jackets and shoes. Honestly, it's all been crap. I haven't had one quality piece. I know it's the forefather of rrl and all, but it's lesser quality than the low end polo stuff in my experience. 
 I think thursday but don't quote me on that. That's the day they usually change their sale price (if they do)
I don't like the big logo on the Buzz. What is Papa Nui Says?I have some vintage ones but I'd rather not ruin them by wearing them.
Looking for one of the Mister Freedom watch caps. Please let me know if you have one and your price. Thanks!
Got this for a refund with amazon I made. $150. Unused. Back sticker still in tact. Comes with cool wood box. $140 paypal.
Longshot. Anybody by any chance have one of the Mister Freedom Watch Caps they would sell? Just got the RRL one and it is weirdly small and thin. Not what I was expecting.
 Mine are a couple seasons old, so maybe RRL change them for the current season.
 I have rigid slims and they are nowhere near tts. I vary from a 28 to a 30 waist and these in 28 are 2 sizes too big. The inseam is 30 and it measures 33.So to add to the confusion, I really don't think people should buy tts. I think you have to keep trying pairs until you find the one that fits. 
Seeing that construction, the price drop for those is starting to make sense.
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