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 If you wear them for a day or 2 I'm sure the wrinkles will come out...Or just wet them a little bit while you're wearing them if it really bugs you. I honestly can't think of any way a pair of pants can be shipped without wrinkling them.
 Me too :)And that's my dream job.
 You'll get a refund, but it certainly won't be quick. At least in my experience.Especially if you use paypal. It has taken at least 2 weeks after they receive a return for them to refund paypal, and they say it can take up to 60 days...which is absurd in my opinion.
 Chinese denim?
 I don't think RRL uses Chinese fabric. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's either US or Japan.
I have a quick question. I have some WW2 era stamps, etc that I would like to use on clothing that I might be selling. These are stamps without goverment contract numbers, And for the most part, defunct logos that do not represent anything current (They aren't the Marines logo, etc.) Things like the ww2 ordnance logo, etc. They are also marks that vary greatly (each maker made it somewhat different anyway). So I don't know if the government had any trademarks or...
Why is the current sale code for free shipping on orders over $195? Isn't it always free shipping on orders over $195?
 Love that. Is it new or some old?
I haven't been able to see anything on the "accessories" part of the flash site for weeks. Anybody else having this problem?
 How much are these? Are they bags?
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