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 I don't feel sorry for them, I just feel sorry for myself that I missed it haha.I just think it makes them look bad to those who didn't happen to be scouring social media and found the code.Even though a large amount of people got to use it, a larger percentage didn'. By not canceling the orders they're basically saying those of us who missed it missed an un-advertised online sale. I'm over it...just a weird situation. I didn't realize it happened so much. And if it...
 We'll see I guess. I still think this was a stupid move on RL's part.
I called RL today and a supervisor said they weren't shipping any of the orders placed using that code... That's obviously not true since people are getting them...but I'm guessing none of the ground orders will go through.
 That's an avirex so it's not an actual military jacket or hand painted, but as far as I know, any of the authentic jackets like this were hand painted either buy the owner, a friend, artist, etc.
 I've been trying for 2 years to find the perfect fit haha...it's a journey! 
 I think the difference is that this is 65% off everything. There is a lot of stuff on the site right now that would never even get to a sale let alone 85% off at an outlet. So resellers can still make just as much or more selling more popular items and sizes.
 The companies I've seen this happen to did not honor it. I didn't mean to say that no company has ever honored it.Personally, as a business owner, I think it is foolish to honor this code especially when they see $20k orders, etc.
I don't know...but by honoring any of those orders they are asking for a shit storm. Anyone who missed it (like me) is going to be pissed.   I'm gonna contact them about it...not like it will do anything...but it really isn't fair that a whole slew of re-sellers got to spend thousands and thousands on 65% off stuff and then the people who missed the tiny window get nothing...it's ridiculous.   They should just not honor any of those orders. I've seen retail websites...
It just seems very odd that Ralph Lauren would honor any non-employee use of this code...
 Sorry man...read it wrong.And ya...I would have spent a lot personally... Oh well.
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