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 Ya...the secondary market on ebay (which is all I can afford) will probably go away :(
So...what are all the resellers gonna do now?
Anybody have any slims in a 28 waist they want to sell? Preferably something heavily washed/distressed/destroyed. Preferably a 30 or 32 inseam but open to whatever. Thanks!
Anybody know what happened to goldlabelny on ebay? He always had the best RRL deals...now is ID is just completely gone.
 It looks like a pretty basic shirt with a pretty basic patch. Is it possible RRL made a similar one at some point that wasn't LE?Seems pointless for someone to go through the trouble to fake a shirt like that. Maybe I'm wrong.
 Looks real to me, but I'm no expert. 
 Oh, I see. Thought that link you posted was supposed to be about them closing down.Never been a fan of them honestly. 
 Where does it say they are closing up shop?
 If you wear them for a day or 2 I'm sure the wrinkles will come out...Or just wet them a little bit while you're wearing them if it really bugs you. I honestly can't think of any way a pair of pants can be shipped without wrinkling them.
 Me too :)And that's my dream job.
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