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 It's an actual RRL piece. But it's just so weird they would be so careless with the accuracy of the patches.I would love it if it just had the artwork on the back and no patches.
 I've had that saved in my watch list for about 6 months now. Super cool.What I don't get though is that it is inspired by WW2 jackets and has a 50 star flag patch on the shoulder.That has bugged me since I saw this jacket.
 I do really like that one and I might grab it if it goes on sale, but I really like the Anchor stamp on the front of the blue label one. It seals the deal for me.
 I just did a bunch of research. I think it's called the Shearwater deck jacket. It was out over the winter. (somehow I never saw it online or anything though.) If you could find one in a small you'd be my hero! here it is on rythm-fuk
 Damnit...Well hopefully some resellers bought them up and they'll show up on ebay. I've been looking for about 3 months now and haven't seen a single one in any size.
  Ya, I'm a sucker for anything with anchors. I really want that blue label jacket, but the RRL one is cool too!The hunt continues. If anyone knows of one for sale please let me know. Thanks! 
I don't think this is RRL (just blue label I think) but does anyone by any chance have one of these jackets in a small? (or possibly an xs) they would sell? Or at least know the name of it so I can search better? Been dying to get one...Thanks!  
  Really really wish these were slims and not straights.
Does "Lauren Ralph Lauren" make men's clothing? (the Green label). There's a belt one ebay I like that is listed under men's accessories. Just curious.  
 That's what will happen a lot more if there truly isn't any RRL going to outlets anymore.Every time I've gone to the outlets on a good sale early in the morning, there's a bunch of guys who barge in and buy pretty much everything they can grab. That's what will happen once the online sales hit now.Oh well.
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