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 Damnit...Well hopefully some resellers bought them up and they'll show up on ebay. I've been looking for about 3 months now and haven't seen a single one in any size.
  Ya, I'm a sucker for anything with anchors. I really want that blue label jacket, but the RRL one is cool too!The hunt continues. If anyone knows of one for sale please let me know. Thanks! 
I don't think this is RRL (just blue label I think) but does anyone by any chance have one of these jackets in a small? (or possibly an xs) they would sell? Or at least know the name of it so I can search better? Been dying to get one...Thanks!  
  Really really wish these were slims and not straights.
Does "Lauren Ralph Lauren" make men's clothing? (the Green label). There's a belt one ebay I like that is listed under men's accessories. Just curious.  
 That's what will happen a lot more if there truly isn't any RRL going to outlets anymore.Every time I've gone to the outlets on a good sale early in the morning, there's a bunch of guys who barge in and buy pretty much everything they can grab. That's what will happen once the online sales hit now.Oh well.
 From what I read these were mock ups from the firm that USPS was working with. These didn't make it. I hope I'm wrong, but I read that a couple months back from a pretty reputable source.
 Or they will get a tip to when a sale starts and buy everything within the first hour. This already happens when sales hit anyway.
 Ya...the secondary market on ebay (which is all I can afford) will probably go away :(
So...what are all the resellers gonna do now?
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