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 So you're saying they aren't too short? haha
 Cool.Ya, they are pretty light and I might where them in the summer with boat shoes and cuff them up so they are a few inches up my ankle (highwater style). It's killing me not cuffing them at all! hahathanks for the input man.
 I just can't tell if these are "too short" or not as I've always had jeans long enough to cuff.This is about how they sit.  
 When you got them hemmed, what determined where they were hemmed? I'm just curious if it's similar to dress pants or not.
Stupid question. What is the "correct" length for denim that isn't meant to be cuffed? I am short and technically I'm like a 29" inseam, but I usually up that at least 3" and cuff. I recently got a pair with a 29" inseam and I love the wash but I'm not crazy about not being able to cuff. (They go just about to the floor with bare feet). Is this an acceptable length or would the general consensus be they are too short?
 How long is your break in? I've never had a pair of RRL size up 2 after breaking them in.
 25 years in the clothing industry or not, I think "quality" can be relative. I know someone who bought the mendoza and loves it (they are also a veteran in the clothing industry).I hate "buttery soft" leather and I much prefer a rougher feel to a leather jacket. I have not seen the mendoza, but I believe it is going for a more "rough and tough" feel then an "oozing class" feel. I don't really see how this jacket you posted and the mendoza can even be compared...they are...
 You should probably say why it's bad instead of it just being bad. Different people have different opinions of what makes something atrocious.The RRL leather jacket I own (several seasons old) is my favorite piece of clothing...so I'm curious what quality was lost with this one.
Do you guys have any tips for stretching out the pocket opening on slim fits? On every pair I own I literally cant get my hands in my pockets (without a lot of effort) and my pants are not skin tight on me.   I've never seen another brand with such oddly designed pockets. I can't even get my phone or keys into them.   Am I missing something? This is driving me crazy. I literally choose other brands walking out the door based solely on this issue.haha
 I definitely like the RRL more. Has a more traditional naval/maritime look imo...which I think is the point of a sweater like this.Been eyeing that one on the site too.
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