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 Will do man!Looks like it will be a little big for a small, so I'll probably layer it when it gets colder. 
 Got it for $90 which I thought was a steal.They sold out earlier this year/late last year (can't remember when) for $325 in small (which I think is absurd)An xl stayed on the site through the deep sale but I still think it was more than $90.
 Thanks! Ya the seller said they were marked because they were from a sample sale, I just wanted to check with you guys to see if that was actually a possibility. Never been to one.
I've bought dozens of rl pieces from tj maxx and marshalls and I've never seen them put x's on the labels.
Just got this blue label patchwork/anchor shirt. Been dying to get it since it came out but it sold out in small at full price. Anyway, this one has a gold X on the label. Seller says that's the mark for it being a "sample". Is this true?  
 Wish they did.
 That would be awesome!
 Wish this was a savable pdf. Only way to really save it is to screenshot it.
 It's an actual RRL piece. But it's just so weird they would be so careless with the accuracy of the patches.I would love it if it just had the artwork on the back and no patches.
 I've had that saved in my watch list for about 6 months now. Super cool.What I don't get though is that it is inspired by WW2 jackets and has a 50 star flag patch on the shoulder.That has bugged me since I saw this jacket.
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