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 Why didn't you just return them? I'm confused...
 Almost every pair of distressed/repaired RRL jeans or pants I've owned or seen has some sort of staining. That's what the distressing is in part. So I would always assume there is going to be purposeful stains.Stick with once washed or rigid if you want something stain free.
 I highly doubt that's possible...
 I think it's one more shitty consequence of the leaked sale. 
 What current sale?Code doesn't work for anything I've added to my cart.
 Isn't there a limit per customer?
The apron is for a painter, it's part of the artist collection...and as a painter...I love it :)
 I'm sure it's because it's an outlet only shirt or something like that. Some are made only for outlets and are subtly different.
Looks real to me. Pony is identical to several I have bought directly from polo.
 I think vintage straight is only for women.
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