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Anyone by any chance have these jeans in a 28, 29 or 30 or this jacket in a small or xs they would sell?  
 I've always debated whether to buy mine long and do a bunch of cuffing or not...at this point I buy either my exact inseam and one size longer and do a small cuff or no cuff. Or if you're wearing higher boots you can do a big cuff and it looks good. In my experience, if you're say a 28x30 and you buy a 30x34 the entire fit can be different.I am a 28x30 and I have a pair of 28x34s that are my favorite wash but I just can't wear them...they feel so weird for some reason. I...
 Looks better.They are probably so loose because it looks like you have about 4" double cuffed...maybe a shorter inseam?
It sucks just as much being super skinny...trust me. I have to wear 28s which are super tight in the waist, but the thighs still aren't as slim fitting as I'd like.   First world problems I guess...
 There's a huge difference between these and skin tight jeans...I hate skin tight jeans too (even though to get a fit I like the waist is always tight on me)...but these just look like 5 sizes too big that's all I was saying. To each his own! And who knows...maybe baggy will make a comeback. I still like the cardigan more ;)
 Haha Jncos was immediately what I thought of too...had several of them back in the day!
 Awesome cardigan!But damn...those pants are baggy ;)
 These are very well worn, and so far the elastic has held up better than the soles.
 I have a pair (well, they're on ebay) and they are pretty well used. The elastic hasn't made them that loose. Still fit very snug.
 The paper tags that come attached to each piece. The RRL accessories all have the same one, but a lot of the clothing has unique tags that I love the design of. Just figured I would see if anyone saves their tags and if they would sell them.
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