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 It's just unfortunate that interesting, on topic posts and questions get completely drowned out by insecure people and their pissing matches.
Do mods even look at this thread? 
 Just bought one of these and one of the slim camo shirts. This one was only $25!
Hi Guys. Looking for your recommendations on a good pair of leather flip flops. Let me know your favorites. thanks!
 Those are "vintage collection" pieces right? Not actual production pieces?
 Wish I had this kind of money!
Anybody know if the myrtle beach outlet ever has any rrl? I'll be there today. Was just curious if it was worth stopping.
 I think this coming season looks really good. Nothing like D&S imo.
 Are the bags only at 1 particular store? How much are they?
Ya.They are already announcing the fall collections?
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