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 For returning 2 pairs of jeans? I shouldn't be accountable for the fact that their sizes have no consistency whatsoever.Wouldn't they notify me if I was flagged for some reason?And even if I was flagged, how can they legally accept the items back and keep my money too? I'll call or I'll just dispute it through paypal.
 The last time I called about an issue I talked to a manager/supervisor and they basically just told me I was wrong and that was it. I emailed them, but I'll call on Monday if I don't get anywhere.
I bought 3 sizes of a pair of jeans and had to return 2 due to size problems. RL received my return and claims I only sent one pair back and only refunded me for one pair.   What can I do in this situation? It's over $100 I'm out here, and it's their word against mine. This isn't the first time they haven't given the correct amount for a return.   Ralphlauren.com is the worst online store I've ever dealt with. The amount of issues I have had with them is...
Man, I always forget how all over the place RL jeans are. Ordered 4 different pairs in a wash I liked...none fit like my normal size.   They must get pissed when people send so much stuff back...
 That is the worst RRL seller on ebay for a whole list of reasons.
 Ya, I actually like the blue label one with the anchor on the chest a lot better, but I've searched for months and can't find one in a small :/
Anybody have the Deck Jacket? Wondering if it fits TTS or runs big/small.   Also, do you guys think the price will drop any more on this?   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=43744356&cp=11588650.29124786&ab=ln_men_cs_sale&view=99&parentPage=family  
 Thank you!If you ever see one around shoot me a message.I've been checking those places frequently with no luck.
Hey guys. Gonna try you again. Anyone have one of these blue label deck jackets in a small or xs or know anywhere I could get one? Been searching for months. Thanks!  
 What's included?
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