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 Thank you!If you ever see one around shoot me a message.I've been checking those places frequently with no luck.
Hey guys. Gonna try you again. Anyone have one of these blue label deck jackets in a small or xs or know anywhere I could get one? Been searching for months. Thanks!  
 What's included?
 Very very rude every time I've messaged this seller. Their pricing is very odd and all over the place and a lot of times the jeans are "new" but altered, which is weird. And they never have tags, which is also weird. There are far better sellers on ebay who are friendly and willing to negotiate reasonably. 
 Do you own both?No 2 jackets of the exact same style in the exact same size are the same with RRL. (sizing is notoriously all over the place)So I highly doubt that you can safely say 2 different style jackets fit exactly the same...
 Sorry, but they're not the same jacket.
 Those are 4 buttons in the pics. They are men's.
 Ya, I'm speaking to the other details I see, not the tags. I have all kinds of different tags on RRL jeans and pants.
 Bottom ones are women's. Top ones might be too. The easiest way to tell if they are women's is they have 3 buttons instead of 4. The pockets are also more shallow.Ebay is filled with women's jeans trying to be sold off as men's.
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