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 Cool, thanks.So RRL doesn't make those for women though? I just want to make sure mine definitely aren't for women.And it's odd that the seller I bought them from says that RL told him they were women's...
 I'm skinny. I have never found a pair of rrl chinos that even come close to fitting me correctly unfortunately. 
 The color and length of mine look different though.The color is more of an OD green, not dark olive. (and definitely not faded black).Although, they in no way look like they could or should be women's.
Hey guys. Just bought these shorts on ebay. Realized after buying them that the ebay description says they were women's, and the seller says that they were listed as and billed to him as Women's by Ralph Lauren Corporate (whatever that means).   Anyone know if these really are women's or not?    
This is a longshot, but does anyone have these cargo pants in a 28x30 or 28x32? They are my favorite cargos but just too big (these are a 30x32). I don't know what they're called either. You'd make me super happy!  
Does anyone have a link to the non-flash RRL site? I don't know how to find it...
 I have a couple real ones from WW2 and they look absolutely ridiculous on me haha...and I wear a lot of military inspired pieces. I think the RRL version will be more of a "costume-y" piece.
 I think it will be hard for anyone to pull off an Eisenhower leather jacket...but maybe that's just me.Also, wouldn't that be American military not British?
Does Woodbury still get RRL or no?
 They will deduct it. But it's only $5, so I wouldn't stress too much.
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