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 I definitely like the RRL more. Has a more traditional naval/maritime look imo...which I think is the point of a sweater like this.Been eyeing that one on the site too.
Leg opening looks good there. And ya, I hate the rise on the slims. No idea who wants a rise that low...
 Those look awesome
 Oh...I didn't think they really altered the leg opening that much.Ya, 8" is wide for slims.
 Are you talking about the slim fits?All mine have a 7" opening which is the same as any other pair of slim fits in other brands I've seen. Never really seen a smaller opening than that unless you get a super skinny cut which RRL doesnt have.
Thanks man! 
 This thread is the only reason I ever come to sf.I'll search for it.
 Ohh..didn't know there was a sales alert thread. Could someone link to that so I can follow it? When I asked that next day people were saying they found it on twitter...which I still don't get. 
Nobody posted about it here until about noon that day...I tried to place an order at that point but it was over.
So...getting pissed I missed this thing again. How did you all find this code again? People are saying twitter...but who do you follow on twitter to get leaked codes? I'm just confused how so many people found this thing.   I wanna know for the future (Not that RL will ever let this happen again...but who knows)  
New Posts  All Forums: