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 Are the bags only at 1 particular store? How much are they?
Ya.They are already announcing the fall collections?
 There is definitely a WW2 collection. It's live on the site now.
The new stuff looks absolutely amazing...
 The apron is awesome, not tacky at all.And there are people who wear kilts for legitimate reasons...so if you have to wear one, why not a selvedge one?(not saying I would ever wear a kilt haha).
I also size up with RRL belts at least 1. 
 Honestly, I don't care if they change much at all. There are plenty of items from past seasons along these lines that I have missed. Would love another opportunity. Especially the WW2 inspired items.
 Oh man..can't wait for the indigo and ww2...gotta start saving! 
So...why has this thread turned into a whole bunch of dudes comparing what they think looks better on other dudes?
New Posts  All Forums: