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It's interesting to see the evolution of stuff like this. Personally, I think I'd rather have American Cone...but I guess I'm probably in the minority there.
Does the cone denim say "cone" on the pocket bags? Every pair I own says japanese woven selvedge....
 Cool man. Will do. I'm a 28 too. I always avoided the bucklebacks because I thought the would fit way wider and I've noticed on ebay especially the measurements for the waist seem to be all over the place.
 They probably made them 2 different seasons...Just get the one you like...
So allYou mean 4 buttons plus the main button? Cuz all my slims have 4 total buttons.And how much smaller are the pocket bags?
 Haven't gotten them yet. Should have them tomorrow. I'll check em out.
 didn't they only switch to cone like 1 season ago too though?
Will they fit like a men's slim straight? Bought them from a dude who didn't make any mention they were women's. And they didn't look like a women's cut
 What were the men's slim straights made out of then? 
 Yes they are older.I could have sworn I remember seeing men's slim straights in japanese
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