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Nobody posted about it here until about noon that day...I tried to place an order at that point but it was over.
So...getting pissed I missed this thing again. How did you all find this code again? People are saying twitter...but who do you follow on twitter to get leaked codes? I'm just confused how so many people found this thing.   I wanna know for the future (Not that RL will ever let this happen again...but who knows)  
Thanks for the update stu00a!   If anyone is headed to woodbury soon and sees those shorts in a 28  29 or 30 I will pay a finders fee. Or if they can check and just let me know I might be able to make it down.
I really hope someone has a pair to sell. Would love to wear them.
What size?And ya...they look pretty short. Also, do they have a drawstring? I noticed they dont have belt loops.
Anyone have any RRL shorts in 28 or 29 they want to sell? Would LOVE of a pair of these, but open to really anything. Maybe something with a military look.  
 Ya, I'd much rather have to make a pair of jeans than an oxford.
 I've never seen measurements on the rrl site
 I was just going to say this exact same thing.From what I've seen, resale or secondary markets for RRL comes in below boutique brands.
 Anyone selling selvedge is making a pretty good margin imo.
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