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I WILL TRADE FOR A MACBOOK AIR, IPAD AIR, or IPOD TOUCH 5th GEN (+ or minus cash) Or $380 obo. I bought this last year brand new and it is just too big for my apartment. I paid around $650 for it and it was on sale at that price. This is the best reviewed surround system anywhere close to this price and it is SOLD OUT everywhere. You can check some reviews here on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004O0TREC/ref=pe_175190_21431760_cs_sce_dp_1 And there is a youtube...
 Yikes. That's rough.
 Did I miss it again?
Was it just the boots? I don't see anything else that is "insanely" priced right now
 I understand that. The problem I have is they won't tell me the last time they got a shipment in if I call...which seems odd.
 I've called a couple times in the past asking about rrl shipments and they either say they don't know or they can't tell me and that I just have to come in to see what they have... I feel like the secondary market of rrl is just one huge stupid game.
 I've never worn apc so I can't help there. I'm sure someone else here can.
 The only "Skinny" fit is women's.If you're waist is on the smaller side, some of the slim fits get close. I'm a 28 and a few I have are 6.75
 I think they're cool :)Was bent on getting the RRL one for cooking and stuff...but after looking around, there are some awesome selvedge indigo ones out there for under $50 even.I mean, I'd probably do $75 for the RRL one but that would be my max. Hope it gets there! 
For anyone who is curious, I was at Woodbury today and it was sparce with nothing really worth it. I was there a few months ago, and a lot of the crappy stuff from then is still there at the same price.   Belts are still high price imo with only 30% off. Only 1 or 2 pair of super large size shoes, and 1 or 2 leftover bags.   I was pretty disappointed :/
New Posts  All Forums: