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 The apron is awesome, not tacky at all.And there are people who wear kilts for legitimate reasons...so if you have to wear one, why not a selvedge one?(not saying I would ever wear a kilt haha).
I also size up with RRL belts at least 1. 
 Honestly, I don't care if they change much at all. There are plenty of items from past seasons along these lines that I have missed. Would love another opportunity. Especially the WW2 inspired items.
 Oh man..can't wait for the indigo and ww2...gotta start saving! 
So...why has this thread turned into a whole bunch of dudes comparing what they think looks better on other dudes?
 More power to ya! 
 Ya...never met a chick who liked a guy in white jeans haha. Including my gf.But I do still have a pair...
 What pieces have indian head buttons?
 Not true at all in my experience.At least 3 times I received items with no retail tags and glaring problems.RRL online has been nothing but a nightmare (personally) any of the few times I've placed orders. They are pretty good at making up for their mistakes though.
New Posts  All Forums: