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You're paying for a brand, so obviously a boutique brand like baldwin or rogue territory would be cheaper, not more expensive.  Personally I'd rather pay $300 for RRL than $200 for baldwin. They count on you becoming a brand whore ;)
I'm just a sucker for US stuff too...so even if japanese is "better"...i gravitate towards stuff that says united states on it.
 It's different but is cone really "worse"? I've had cone denim in other brands and I like the feel better than a lot of the RRL japanese I've owned.Just a preference I guess. I don't really "feel" the denim on my body (or I can't tell the difference) so I don't really care. It matters how it looks most to me.The most comfortable pair of jeans I own is a crappy pair of work levis that have elastic in them haha. I dunno...
It's interesting to see the evolution of stuff like this. Personally, I think I'd rather have American Cone...but I guess I'm probably in the minority there.
Does the cone denim say "cone" on the pocket bags? Every pair I own says japanese woven selvedge....
 Cool man. Will do. I'm a 28 too. I always avoided the bucklebacks because I thought the would fit way wider and I've noticed on ebay especially the measurements for the waist seem to be all over the place.
 They probably made them 2 different seasons...Just get the one you like...
So allYou mean 4 buttons plus the main button? Cuz all my slims have 4 total buttons.And how much smaller are the pocket bags?
 Haven't gotten them yet. Should have them tomorrow. I'll check em out.
 didn't they only switch to cone like 1 season ago too though?
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