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Does anyone know if the leather or canvas watch straps are marked RRL anywhere? They seem pretty blank. Thanks
 $125 isn't bad if you like them. Hemming cost depends on where you take them.
Just grabbed these bucklebacks/cinchbacks on ebay. Seller doesn't know wash/season. Do you guys have any info on these?  Thanks!  
 Why does everyone keep saying caricature? That is in no way the right word to describe the images of Native Americans that RL uses.
 This is closer to the truth I think.And I also know several Native Americans who are honored by Native American imagry on clothing (whether it be influenced patterns or actual depictions of Midwestern Indian Chiefs) I have heard of the debate with sports teams names, but never with imagery on clothing. thanks guys
 I guess I don't see it as a negative caricature.Honestly, as a brand that pays homage to history, I view it more as respectful than offensive.But to each his own I guess.Personally I really hope RL and other brands don't do away with Native American influence. It's some of my favorite stuff.
 Hmm. Never seen this discussed here and never seen the depiction of Native Americans as in appropriate.Do other people really think Native Americans on clothing is taboo? 
 What was inappropriate about the Native American Imagery?
 What part of NC? I'm here too. The heat has been brutal.
 I'm a big bag collector. I stumbled upon an amazing vintage, military inspired bag a few years back and realized it was RRL. Had never heard of the brand before. Now 80% of my wardrobe and nearly all my bags, belts, wallets, etc are RRL. And I'm pretty sure I remember seeing some ww2 inspired pieces in one of the upcoming collections...
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