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So...why has this thread turned into a whole bunch of dudes comparing what they think looks better on other dudes?
 More power to ya! 
 Ya...never met a chick who liked a guy in white jeans haha. Including my gf.But I do still have a pair...
 What pieces have indian head buttons?
 Not true at all in my experience.At least 3 times I received items with no retail tags and glaring problems.RRL online has been nothing but a nightmare (personally) any of the few times I've placed orders. They are pretty good at making up for their mistakes though.
 I have those jeans in a 28!and they're on ebay if anyone wants to look just like ralph ;) haha
 A lot of it has looked unisex to me as well. Very large on the sizing too. I've bought a lot of polo country stuff on ebay in the past including denim shirts, jackets and shoes. Honestly, it's all been crap. I haven't had one quality piece. I know it's the forefather of rrl and all, but it's lesser quality than the low end polo stuff in my experience. 
 I think thursday but don't quote me on that. That's the day they usually change their sale price (if they do)
I don't like the big logo on the Buzz. What is Papa Nui Says?I have some vintage ones but I'd rather not ruin them by wearing them.
Looking for one of the Mister Freedom watch caps. Please let me know if you have one and your price. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: