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 Isn't there a limit per customer?
The apron is for a painter, it's part of the artist collection...and as a painter...I love it :)
 I'm sure it's because it's an outlet only shirt or something like that. Some are made only for outlets and are subtly different.
Looks real to me. Pony is identical to several I have bought directly from polo.
 I think vintage straight is only for women.
 I like the way the shirt looks in those photos a lot more than the super bright blue color on the site. Was hopin the site photos were wrong :/
 Love the look of that. Is it a small by any chance? If so, could you post the pit to pit and length measurement?
That cadet jacket looks awesome. Crazy expensive though.
 It's literally on the ralphlauren.com home page....
 So you're saying they aren't too short? haha
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