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  Great info! Thank you! Could these be women's? If so, is there a way to tell? I always though the buttons were how to tell, but these have 4.Also, based on the wallet wear on the back pocket I'm guessing these were worn by a dude either way. What is "knee bagging"? I just noticed that after you mentioned it. Just though they were wrinkled there.
 Ya, once I get them later this week I will get some better photos and re-measure myself.These were bought from a seller who seems to sell a lot of older consignment type clothing so I highly doubt these are a newer release pair.The seller took a ton of photos, here is a link to the...
 I don't know. I didn't think "slim fit" was ever made for women (or rigid). I thought they were called "skinny" for women.But The size tag only having the waist is definitely something I could see as being used on women's jeans. I can't find these as women's jeans listed anywhere online.They are 4 button like all my other RRL denim. Any women's jeans I have seen are 3 button.Also, the rise on these is just over 10". On the few pairs of women's RRL denim I have...
 Hmm, interesting.No, I'm not. Got them on ebay.They look like they are pretty worn in, so I assumed these were older.Could this be a wash? I assumed if they were rigids that they were originall unwashed/no factory fades etc. Also, isn't Japan woven salvade not used anymore?(could be wrong, thought I read that somewhere though).
Just bought these online (don't have them yet). What's going on with these? They are labelled slim fit, rigid, and "narrow fit" which I have never heard of. Also the tag only shows the waist, no inseam.   Are these just an old version of the rigids?    
Is there by any chance a 10% code out there? Want to buy some full price accessories. Thanks guys!  
Does anybody have any 28x30 slim fits they would sell? Any wash really. Looking for some new denim/pants.   Please let me know!
 For some reason it does...I don't know why.I love the way they look and fit, but I was wearing them the other day and couldn't stop thinking about the fact they could be women's haha.
 Thanks, that's kind of what I figured.It's so hard knowing if some things are men's and women's though if you don't buy them right from RL. Does anyone know if there is a surefire way to tell?
Hey guys. I don't know if there is a Polo thread, but I have a quick question. Just bought these from a local store and just realized they are "stretch fit". Are these still men's pants or are they women's? They have a waist/inseam size so I figured they were men's.   
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