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  Well, I got them today, and unfortunately they are definitely women's I think.The front pockets are incredible shallow. (an iphone 6 sticks half of the way out when pushed in all the way).Unless the early versions of these had super shallow pockets for men, these have to be women's. Super upset! 
 Awesome!Mystery solved, thanks so much! How did you know all that?
 Thanks again!Hopefully it isn't too stretched there...I'd like to wear these.Never even though about that.
  Great info! Thank you! Could these be women's? If so, is there a way to tell? I always though the buttons were how to tell, but these have 4.Also, based on the wallet wear on the back pocket I'm guessing these were worn by a dude either way. What is "knee bagging"? I just noticed that after you mentioned it. Just though they were wrinkled there.
 Ya, once I get them later this week I will get some better photos and re-measure myself.These were bought from a seller who seems to sell a lot of older consignment type clothing so I highly doubt these are a newer release pair.The seller took a ton of photos, here is a link to the...
 I don't know. I didn't think "slim fit" was ever made for women (or rigid). I thought they were called "skinny" for women.But The size tag only having the waist is definitely something I could see as being used on women's jeans. I can't find these as women's jeans listed anywhere online.They are 4 button like all my other RRL denim. Any women's jeans I have seen are 3 button.Also, the rise on these is just over 10". On the few pairs of women's RRL denim I have...
 Hmm, interesting.No, I'm not. Got them on ebay.They look like they are pretty worn in, so I assumed these were older.Could this be a wash? I assumed if they were rigids that they were originall unwashed/no factory fades etc. Also, isn't Japan woven salvade not used anymore?(could be wrong, thought I read that somewhere though).
Just bought these online (don't have them yet). What's going on with these? They are labelled slim fit, rigid, and "narrow fit" which I have never heard of. Also the tag only shows the waist, no inseam.   Are these just an old version of the rigids?    
Is there by any chance a 10% code out there? Want to buy some full price accessories. Thanks guys!  
Does anybody have any 28x30 slim fits they would sell? Any wash really. Looking for some new denim/pants.   Please let me know!
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