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Same here. I don't remember ever getting a compliment from a female stranger. Men often do compliment my style, particularly when I have a moustache.   This is Finland though. A collared shirt, jeans with no holes and clean sneakers will put you on the top 5% best dressed person list in most situations. Just wearing a tie in a bar often gets you some compliments.
  I¨m surprised that you rank Burberry as #1. They may have made quality clothes in the past, but the few Burberry items I've bought the last few years have been of subpar quality. I don't mean just slightly bad, I'm talking about horrible quality here.
  Had to create an account when I saw this. What exactly makes this book so valuable? It's been repressed a few times and it was easily available just a few years ago.   I personally bought a copy for 50€ or something like that, 6 or so years ago. I had no idea the book is so valuable nowadays. Or are those represses illegal bootlegs or something, and only the original 1983 editions are worth that much?
New Posts  All Forums: