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Filling Pieces Low Top S/S '15 PRM Wood Brown - size 42 EU (fits US size 9.5/10) This pair is DEADSTOCK - have not been worn or tried on since purchase (a different pair of the same model was tried on in store). Purchased online from Livestock Canada in September 2015. Retailed for $330 CAD/ $250 USD. Asking $160 but reasonable offers are welcome.  Shipping:   USA - via USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested. Canada - ship via USPS 1st Class International/Canada...
Any news about Arpenteur or LA Panoplie for A/W? Will they come in for October?
 It's kind of hilarious how many things are excluded in the J. Crew promo - why don't they just say which classes of items are included? I think it would be much easier than saying "sitewide promo!" and then a paragraph of excluded product types below. 
Just found this thread - I had no idea you could buy Blue Blue Japan products online from outside Japan on the Seilin shop. Will have to keep this in mind. Had only ever bought their pieces from Hickorees Floor Two and online from End Clothing. End announced they're getting an allotment from Blue Blue in the next week or so - is not so bad to buy from them as they offer free international delivery, and you don't have to pay VAT if you're delivering outside the EU.    I...
      *ITEM SOLD*     BRAND NEW W/TAGS   Awesome 100% cotton hand-dyed indigo sashiko coverall jacket/overshirt from Blue Blue Japan. This was purchased in April from Hickorees Floor Two in Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately didn't fit me quite right and couldn't return to the shop in time. Also was able to buy a smaller size on a recent unexpected visit to Tokyo. The jacket is a double-weave fabric with sashiko stitching - similar to keiko-gi uniforms for judo and...
Dear SF,   I am seeking a proxy buyer in Australia (inc. Tasmania) to help me procure a pair of trainers from a retailer in the country and deliver to the continental United States. According to the website - the P&P to all of Australia and Tasmania is free of charge. Please let me know if you can receive payment via PayPal or Google Wallet.   You can contact me here or e-mail me directly at Tokyo[dot]Revelation[at]gmail[dot]com for the details. Also - if you are...
Hi Need Supply,   Any chance you might know if the A/W Arpenteur is coming in soon? I saw some great pieces so far.   Also - will you be getting any more LA Panoplie this autumn? I love this label - I even purchased a pair of the Crinkle shorts from you. It was definitely one of the best purchases of the year for me despite my aversion to shorts.    Thanks!
 It's because of construction on the Helix westbound into NJ. http://www.panynj.gov/thehelixfix/  Started at the beginning of this month - they say the construction is only happening during off-peak hours, but they are routing buses off of the dedicated lanes into the general traffic so it is causing really bad congestion. Luckily I don't have to deal with this but I have coworkers who commute from NJ each day. 
 Gitman has gotten expensive everywhere I think, maybe because overseas customers are aware of and seeking out the brand, so stockists abroad are buying. The prices I saw on Acrimony are the same as Need Supply Co., where I typically buy Gitman shirts. Some of the shops in Chicago are a little cheaper, but not by much. I almost always use a promo code or wait for them to go on sale. Last season Gitman just went 50% off at Steadbrook today, however. I picked up a shirt.
  Wow...Acrimony's buyer really digs the Gitman prints  yowie. I could go for the white chambray shirt though, even better if it was natural cotton or ecru. 
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