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 It's because of construction on the Helix westbound into NJ. http://www.panynj.gov/thehelixfix/  Started at the beginning of this month - they say the construction is only happening during off-peak hours, but they are routing buses off of the dedicated lanes into the general traffic so it is causing really bad congestion. Luckily I don't have to deal with this but I have coworkers who commute from NJ each day. 
 Gitman has gotten expensive everywhere I think, maybe because overseas customers are aware of and seeking out the brand, so stockists abroad are buying. The prices I saw on Acrimony are the same as Need Supply Co., where I typically buy Gitman shirts. Some of the shops in Chicago are a little cheaper, but not by much. I almost always use a promo code or wait for them to go on sale. Last season Gitman just went 50% off at Steadbrook today, however. I picked up a shirt.
  Wow...Acrimony's buyer really digs the Gitman prints  yowie. I could go for the white chambray shirt though, even better if it was natural cotton or ecru. 
 Costco is glorious. I even get prescription drugs there (no membership required) - otherwise I only go when my friend who possesses a member card goes (as I do not). In Brooklyn you can go to Brooklyn Liquors attached to the building which also requires no Costco membership.
For all intents and purposes, Williamsburg =/= Brooklyn. Despite this, I see no need for name calling.  
Your opinion of Duane Reade would be totally turned on its head if you lived in Brooklyn. Soon you realize everything at DR is 1/2 the size of Target or Key Food and 2x the price, for the same brand. Occasionally DR has some good markdowns on cleaning supplies, but in general Target wins.  Continuing on this theme: Trader Joe's is a death trap where you are liable to be crushed by the checkout queue that you must enter immediately upon walking into the store. Hopefully you...
FOR SALE:   EG SS13 Gurkha Short in Khaki    http://www.styleforum.net/t/470578/nwot-engineered-garments-gurkha-khaki-short-size-32
Glad I found this thread - just picked up the Canvas Shooting Pant in Khaki - currently having it altered by my tailor. Will post pics when I get them back on Thursday!
NEW W/O TAGS Gitman Bros. Vintage shirt in Natural, in size M. This shirt has NEVER been worn after being purchased from Indigo & Cotton in Charleston, SC. This shirt has unique tufts of blue and red fabric dots woven directly onto the fabric. It is a very lightweight fabric and is perfect for summer, where you want to wear long sleeves but don't want to be too hot. Obviously a great choice for those living in the Southern USA.    For those living outside of NYC, I...
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