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still available?
If it's 3 for $19 + shipping I'll take it. Please clarify.
Is the marlow last 321 or 348? Thanks.
Exdeath, it's possible that the original seller didn't notice and is telling the truth that he didn't know. Could also be possible that he got away with one here. Problem is you inspected and modified them, at this point seller can put the onus on you. You can try to dispute it through eBay and use the original photo as proof but will be hard to win. I know it sucks but you've learned an expensive lesson here. Always risks buying used anything on the Internet.
I ended up using some tongue pads and this fixed my issue. Because of the rather large heel in this shoe it was flopping around and my foot was sliding forward into the shoe as i walked which created the excess rubbing and blisters. The tongue pad is keeping my heel and foot more "back" in the shoe and the irritation is gone.    For those who had issues with the larger heel in the Marlow i'd suggest some tongue pads. 
No not the tongue, I've uploaded a photo. Basically right where my finger is but obviously on the inside of the shoe.
So I have a pair of marlows in 10 and generally wear a 10.5 in most AE lasts and a 10.5 in Alden Plaza last so I sized down to the 10s and it fits in length and doesn't squeeze my toes much however right where the vamp flexes near the stitched piece of leather where you lace is rubbing the crap out of the top of my foot and I got blisters. If I size up they'll be too long and have heel issues. Is there something else I can do alleviate it?
Can anyone help me with who makes these?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Calfskin-Form-Lace-Ups/MH00056,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00056_Color=BLCK&contentpos=23
1st post, long time lurker.   Was lucky enough to pick up a brand new unworn 721 recently, i am a 10.5 D in most allen edmond shoes and pretty much everything else for that matter too. I bought a 10 based on the 1/2 size smaller and they fit perfect. My left foot is generally slightly wider than my right so as my feet swell sometimes it puts pressure on my ring toe but even in a 10 and at various parts of the day i didn't feel any pressure.   Hope that helps.
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