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Read my post a page or so back, don't size down. Only size down on the rui last
 I have yet to own a pair of Carmina. I'm nervous about the sizing, however i have a line on a set of 10.5UK Simpson last that might be a good gauge to see where i'd be in the Rain last (looking at the black wholecuts).  For reference, i'm 10.5D in AE 5 last with a bit of room, same size in the old 0 last (probably AE's nicest/sleekest) but it did require some breakin/stretching via wear/shoe trees, 10.0D in Alden Barrie (unlined suede bluchers though, might have stretched...
 Maybe not a good fit for you & I both then unfortunately.
 What last? Is it the Hiro? What is your sizing in other brands/last? I have the same issue in the Hiro lasted chelseas i bought (posted a few posts back) but was wondering if that is due to the last or just the chelsea not having the ability to adjust the tightness in that area since no laces. The issue becomes that i think the length is about perfect so going up another 1/2 size to get the width to alleviate the tightness might make the heel slip too much. Maybe some...
I think you forgot the size.
Hi All   Just wondering if someone could help me with sizing a bit, read through most of the threads and have emailed with pepe but wanted a few of your opinions:   Meermin's i currently own:   9.0 UK pair of RIU boots, snug but fit well. Worn a handful of time, like them. Solid "snug" considering that my right foot is really close to a true 10.5 and my left is much closer to 10.0 on the brannock.   9.5 UK pair of Chelsea boots on the hiro last in brown leather,...
still available?
If it's 3 for $19 + shipping I'll take it. Please clarify.
Is the marlow last 321 or 348? Thanks.
Exdeath, it's possible that the original seller didn't notice and is telling the truth that he didn't know. Could also be possible that he got away with one here. Problem is you inspected and modified them, at this point seller can put the onus on you. You can try to dispute it through eBay and use the original photo as proof but will be hard to win. I know it sucks but you've learned an expensive lesson here. Always risks buying used anything on the Internet.
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