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 I think it's pretty great. Would prefer the subseconds be a little further from the center. They hide it well with the "automatic" but I can't help but notice it. But hey, a vintage inspired watch that is appropriate size. I'll count that as a win.
Agreed in regards to misuse as opposed to terrible typeface. It's even more egregious in person because that picture hides the contrast between the metal 3/6/9 vs white other numerals fairly well.
Having only seen the smaller version of the JLC chrono, I didn't understand all of the typography hubbub. I thought it was nice watch with a simple, if too-basic choice in fonts. Well I went back and enlarged the image and the subdial font just killed any interest for me.    Though I do have to at least partly argue with @Belligero on the assertion that Rolex is consistently skilled with typefaces:      Need I say more?
 Flip the dial over and problem solved! I really loved the reverso when I tried it on at a dealer, but felt it was a little too formal for my current daily attire/personal aesthetic(Yes I know its technically a sport's watch). And agreed with @mimo in regards to Speedmasters. This is a fun, silly nod to some of their biggest fans. I'd much rather this than the other ridiculous variations they release to much fanfair. I actually attempted to get myself onto the list but...
It's an interesting thought experiment about the value of a brand(as things involving luxury watches often are). For all intents and purposes, Montblanc's watch division is an entirely separate entity from the pens and wallets, but just uses the name and logo for its cachet. All that said, I still wouldn't buy a Montblanc watch for the time being; none of their watches give me the fizz, to steal a James May-ism
Just over a year ago, Montblanc hired Tudor's VP of design and product development, Davide Cerrato. We're likely just beginning to see his influence on the watches, and if the vintage inspired watches from early Dec are any indicator, I'm excited to see where the outfit is headed. They've certainly made the capital investments, and now the personnel investments, so hopefully there will be good things to come.    And yes, they are owned by Richemont.
Ah I knew I forgot one thing. I get what they were going for by having differing hands for time and the chrono but I don't love it. 
This is what I was actually referencing above hahah. I'd love something akin to the FOIS with the straight lugs, but with a see-thru caseback, the dot over the ninety, and wouldn't mind hesalite instead of sapphire for the crystal. 
 Now with more faked vintage lume!
I wouldn't be too surprised to see a Tudor GMT released. Feels like the one part of Rolex steel product line that they have yet to "replicate".   And then I'd be willing to bet money on some form of anniversary speedy.
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