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Really not sure how i tried to dress limited knowledge up as fact when I say "I am certainly not trying to state anything definitively here and certainly dont consider myself an expert on the matter, but as someone who has just outfitted himself with a working man's wardrobe I figured I'd get my thoughts down in writing so as to help anyone else in this position.", right before i begin stating all of these so called "facts." Writing a guide that works perfectly for...
This website is full of a lot of helpful and amazingly detailed style advice. Simply browsing the forum a couple times a day has caused me to completely abandon any preconceived notions i had about men's dress and completely altered  the way I dress on a daily basis. The tricky thing about my closets transformation however, is that Im a recent college grad with a fairly negligible amount of disposable income. I would love a pair of G&G's with a perfectly hemmed pair of...
Id never even heard of panerai until I visited this website, but the way you guys(especially Hotel Guy) take pictures of yours, I am dying to get one(eventually, most likely many many years down the road). Keep up the amazing work.   Also everyone else's watches also look incredible.
Holy shit is that what prom actually stands for?! Ya learn something new everyday   Also dont wear a black shirt. They're typically pretty awful and the best case scenario is that you'll look very "Johnny Cash", and thats not really a good thing.   Black suits are also pretty non-versatile but I think prom is certainly an occasion where it would work. Id recommend wearing a brighter tie, possibly a brighter paisley or floral pattern, as I find myself feeling...
If those were one size smaller id come to your doorstep to pick them up. Think a eur 54 would be a tad to big.   Spoo, Im really loving that tie
Pretty sure Im gonna go with this outfit tomorrow for my interview:    
Damn you caught me before I edited my post into something resembling proper english. Im not wearing high ends shirts but the smaller size of the knot still shows a good deal of band. I think it might just be the change thats throwing me off, and not that it actually looks bad. At school, every moron in a pre-packaged shirt/tie combo used a fih knot so I just have some residual prejudice towards it. 
The spoo talk right now brings up one of the questions ive been having since starting to experiment with the fih knot. Im noticing a lot more of the collar band is visible and the thin part of the tie that wraps around the neck shows a great amount. This looks sort of off to me, but is it normal? Do I just suck at tying this knot?   No fit pics for today, but I have an interview for a promotion on thursday, so tomorrow ill have some outfits for you guys to critique....
What store would that be? Also do the stores tend to carry the larger sizes(15-16) on hand? I want to order a pair but really want to get sized uup and try them on first
There definitely isnt enough inherent creepiness in a bunch of guys posting pictures of themselves and critiquing each others' outfits haha   Is the four in hand the knot of preference? I noticed a lot of people wearing it in here but always preferred the windsor because its symmetrical and i think it looks better with a spread collar.
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