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I think he wants to get a bracelet to wear alongside his watch, which *shudders*. That is a trend that I simply do not understand.
I'll admit that the gold-plated comment was simply a knee jerk reaction from a "Somethings got to give" mindset and is likely wrong. Though I don't find my suggestion about the movements to be quite as far-fetched, though of course it is simply conjecture. I wasn't suggesting that they would throw cheap or bad parts into this watch, just that movements that might not meet their exacting standards for a $25,000 watch could meet their ever-so-slightly less exacting standards...
 While the Hodinkee article doesn't mention it, the 37mm must be plated and I'm assuming the movement uses parts that don't meet the standards of the 40mm(but still within a reasonable tolerance). Still likely a fantastic watch, but we can't pretend like the only difference is 3mm and $10,000.
Offtopic: I'm glad to see everyone here is having as busy a Thursday as I am
 So you're saying you aren't concerned with the aerodynamics of your watch?   In regards to Montblanc I tend to agree with the consensus here. Their entire line is a bit of mess, but some of the watches stand out to me - the world time watch that Hodinkee did a hands on with a few months back struck me as a fun and interesting watch. Though you have to admire their desire to actually build high quality watches; they have all the brand recognition necessary to simply sell...
Watches like that do serve a valuable purpose: I immediately know that I will not get along with its wearer.
What does every one think of the newly announced Luminor Due? I can get behind the idea of a thinner but can't imagine paying almost $11,000 for that watch. They stripped away a lot of what makes a Luminor a Luminor and replaced it with something that's trying to be both am action hero watch and somewhat of a dress watch
@Journeyman   I just can't get into vintage-inspired watches with faux tritium. I love the vintage designs but I don't want my lume to look like its 40 years old when it's brand new. Especially since it won't actually age that way.    The seamaster 300 is the only Omega dive that I even slightly enjoy the design of, but the lume ruins it for me.
 Give us a little more info and we can help guide you. Budget? Lifestyle? What do you wear to work? Etc. Do you already wear watches? If so, what type? If not, I'd recommend taking like $400 and buying some solid lower end watches to see what style of watch you really enjoy wearing. A Seiko SKX007 for $125 to try out divers. An orient bambino or seiko cocktail time to fuck around with dress watches. Maybe something baohaus-inspired to see if that is more your speed. Try a...
You could always try a Tudor Black Bay and pocket a good chunk of that $6k.It'll sit a littler higher on your wrist than a sub would, but I think it is absolutely fantastic on the included fabric strap. I hadn't even considered one until I was at the AD and he recommended I try one on. It made my decision significantly more difficult. The rehaut is a little large for my liking, but most everyone who has one seems to love it.   Though if I were in your position, I'd...
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