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    I typically cringe at faux vintage, and hate the Pelagos LHD, but there's something about this aesthetic that I really like. Of course that like extends only skin, or metal deep. Just shy of $5,500 for a(n assumed) generic off the rack movement topped off with an image of Minerva on the caseback? Have you no shame, Richemont? Oh and its 44mm.
The explorer I is one of those watches that is never actually on my list, and then I see a couple of pictures online and the lust is real. Same goes for Speedy's.   Anyway, here is my Pelagos on my Citibike ride to work this morning. Running a little late because my cat was just too cuddly this morning:     The bride and I to be might be buying a place soon, and apparently those are kind of expensive(who knew?!) so this will likely be my one watch for a little...
If you don't plan on selling the watch, Watch A is the choice all the way. I've never understood the obsession with box and papers and I tend to ding up watches regardless of how careful I am with them. If you can see yourself reselling it at some point the choice slightly tougher, but I'd still go Watch A.
 I literally just spit water on myself at work laughing at this. My Pelagos is made out of super light titanium and has 1600ft of water resistance so I can wear it playing squash and then keep it on in the shower afterwards. Can't think of any other reason it'd have these features.   I love me some Ressence watches. Really wish they were within my price range
Absolutely beautiful. People complain about the hour hand coupled with the circular hour marks, but I think its a ridiculous criticism. The square markers on the Pelagos scream "utilitarian"; the hard angles are somewhat cold and uninviting. When I look at the Heritage Black Bay 36(I really don't understand why Tudor stuck with the Black Bay name for this), the watch face is so - cute isn't the right word but - cute? Compared to the Explorer, I think I'd pick the Tudor...
Tangentially related to watches - Does anyone know what gloves these are?     And agreed with the sentiment about three pages back - those enormous pushers ruin it for me.
  Magnificent. It's one of those watches that doesn't immediately pop out at you, but the more and more you see it, you realize that it's something truly special. 
 Call it the straw that broke the camel's back. And that camel had quite a strong and forgiving back, indeed. Ugh I've been hoping not to get bit by that bug. It seems dangerous. I'll definitely take a peak.
Hodinkee is seemingly revealing a collab watch tonight. I never actually read the site unless I'm linked to it but it's still very troubling that one of the more popular publications and tastemakers in the this hobby of ours continues to create conflicts of interest for themselves.    In other news, the fiance and I are going to go do some tire-kicking this week or weekend. Thinking I want to try a BLNR, pepsi 16710, AP 15400(this will be a bit of a stretch), and then...
 It's funny that this even works with non-watch people. When I picked up the no-date sub for my friend, I sent a picture to my fiance back stateside and she said it looked exactly like my Pelagos. I tried to correct her but she wasn't having it. Once I actually got back to New York and showed her the sub, her eyes widened and she instantly understood what was special about the Rolex.  As for seeing nice watches, living in NYC I see them a decent bit. The BLNR never did...
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