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Well that's 78x better than mine
 I meant simply that there is a lot of foot traffic, so they are less reliant on their (probably massive) waitlist. There is a high probability that a random shopper will stop in on the day they receive the shipment and walk away with the BLNR, while #1 on the waitlist continues to twiddle their thumbs hoping for that phone call. A sale in the store in worth 2 on the waitlist, or however you'd shoehorn that phrase into this situation. 
 About 3 months ago, I went to try on some watches to see some stuff in the metal and whittle down my list of potential wedding watches(oh to be young again; the sky was the limit before I knew how much a fucking florist cost). I was able to try on most pieces I liked, but was told by the employees of Wempe NYC that there was an absolutely 0% chance I'd be able to get a BLNR before my wedding in June. The vibe from other NYC ADs was similar. I bet things have calmed down a...
 For me, the bracelets are that much nicer on the newer Rolexes that it settles any debate between an older and newer model for me. Now, if the older model just set my heart a flutter unlike any watch then I could easily look past the bracelet, but when directly comparing a newer and older Rolex model, the quality and comfort features in the bracelet are the tipping point for me
 *glances at 2016 bracket**goes through AP top 25**checks 2017 bracketology* You sure you guys didn't cut the basketball team?   @Krish the Fish Looks magnificent!
 I think you can't go wrong with either the 16750 or the 16710. It's one of my favorite watches, and I think it might wear just a bit slimmer than your Seadweller, which you might appreciate. The one thing I struggle with with these older rolexes is the bracelets  Also Ardmore you say? \\V// Go cats!
 Ah thank you and I appreciate all the feedback! To clarify the comment about her not being into it - she has absolutely 0 interest in actually doing any smithing, but was still 100% on board with me making my own ring. Lots of choices to be made and rings to try on before I make my decision.  Also @Zipster1, 15400 all the way.
 I'm actually terrified of wearing a ring daily. I'm a lefty, so I'm still trying to decide if I want to be a traditionalist or keep my sanity....I guess I do manage to wear my watches on my left wrist. I had aspirations of buying my fiance's engagement ring from Tiffany, but then I actually went shopping there. She wanted something simple, but rather specific, and it was not at all worth the upcharge for that light blue ring box.  Like you said, precious metals are...
I don't think it much matters to athletes. When you're peak earning years are from 20-35, you can't sacrifice earnings for loyalty to a brand. You'll have the rest of your life to wear whatever watch you want. A bunch of them are out there playing with rebadged golf clubs and painted tennis rackets too.
How do I get myself one of these endorsements? My 240 instagram followers seem decently impressionable.     Pretty off topic, but does anyone have any recommendations for wedding rings? You all seem to be gents of exquisite taste, and googling for wedding rings brings up a lot JEWELRY BY DUDES, FOR DUDES, made with TUNGSTEN and JET FIGHTER METAL.    Also, what do y'all think about mismatching metals between ring and watch? Not a big deal, right? I've just started...
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