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I just pulled the trigger on the alpine grain brogued Alden captoes - Mike had them shipped about 20 minutes after I placed my order. Unbelievable. Now I just have to be patient while they make their way from coast-to-coast! My first pair of non-eBay Aldens - this might mark my descent into obsession .   
Wow, how did I completely miss this thread? @FlyingMonkey  - that half-norfolk is an amazing find.    Cross-posted from the November 14th friday challenge:    
 That sounds like my kind of cocktail party! 
Poll is up! Expires Midnight GMT on Monday, Nov. 24.    Back to multiple choice this week. 
Gorgeous shot, @Anden .   Poll going up in about an hour!
After work update - I had time to get a full fit shot with better lighting. How the @#%^ do some of you get such consistent pics...lots and lots of practice? I think this one accurately conveys the enormity of my head.   
Those are gorgeous. I may need to add some more colors to the cordurainbow soon. 
Today's fit - I ended up combining several previous challenge themes as well (All blues, and the sportcoat-and-tie-with-jeans "Trainwreck" theme. Here goes nothin'...)    [[SPOILER]]
 I'm a dabbler. I've been learning pattern making and basic clothing construction over the last year, working on a casual jacket (a field jacket style to start with). I intend to eventually make trousers, casual jackets, vests, and the simpler, unconstructed tailored jackets for myself. It's not my first foray into sewing - for years I made custom messenger bags and other heavy duty bike-related luggage (see Zugster Bags). it started as a hobby, and evolved into a...
I'm in for a pair. 
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