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Next time I'll wear my bespoke NoPents™. 
  At the lack of a lack of pants, or the lackadaisical knot? (which, granted, is going to bug the crap out of me now that it's immortalized on the Internet, but I'm too lackadaisical for a do-over). 
With a head full of cold medication, I'm just happy I got pants on!
Here's my green on green entry. I actually put this on before I saw the challenge - I think this makes the third FC I've worn my green tweed for, and the first time out for this tie.    [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks! Texture is my favorite game.    Hmmmm. Know any bespoke flat cap makers with access to Ariston fabrics?  (my usual headgear with this suit is a patchwork tweed flat cap, dominated by a brown-ish gun check)
I finally received the waistcoat to turn my green donegal suit into a three-piece.    Full shot and details below. Only the shoe photo comes close to accurately capturing the color of the fabric.   [[SPOILER]]
@dreday Try the Unfunded Liabilities thread. 
that. is. amazing. 
 I just totally recognized @Coxsackie by his chin, from a photo over on the Styleforum tumblr feed.  I also recently acquired a tie that I believe is a damn close match to what Claghorn is sporting (except for being a square tip). Forumception, here we come...
 I think this is one of my favorite outfits I've seen so far from Pitti this year.That and Benedikt's (of Shibumi) donegal tweed suit, since I have a nearly identical suit in the same fabric  (and Erica's wide-legged grey trousers outfit - wow). 
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