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 Oh my god that madras.  I would wear the shit out of that (I'm even a 42R), if only it wasn't a notch lapel. 
Well, I clipped that thread so I could try it on properly. It's a pretty damn nice suit, especially for $300. 
Yeah, guess I'll do that. It's not the main security tag - that's through the jacket buttonhole as usual; just a separate, smaller connector.
Wow - has this happened to anyone else? I took advantage of clearance markdowns and the 15% dreambox code to try out a nice staple suit from Lardini. The security tag ties the pants to the jacket! Which is going to make it a bit challenging to judge the fit -- what with a pair of pants hanging from the buttonhole!   Geez. The security tag is no big deal for a jacket, but it's a bit ridiculous tying the halves of a suit together.   
Holy crap, 2014 is going to be amazeballs. Gird your wallets!
 Yup - anyone who wants to add an insole definitely needs to take that into account. A lot of brands have different versions with different thicknesses too. I put a much thinner model of insole in my longwings, for example, which don't have as much volume as my 1Ks do. I could wear Wolverines in at least a 1/2 size smaller if I went without the insole, but I don't think I'd find them very comfortable without it .
The main issue I've found with Superfeet (and it applies to any "structured" insole, as opposed to simply a flat piece of material) is getting the sizing of the heel cup matching your heel. I've found that the heel cup on Superfeet insoles are too narrow; they gave me nasty blisters. I use "SOLE" brand heat-moldable footbeds, which fit my heels and arches better, and provide all the arch support I don't get from most shoes. YMMV, etc...
One of the things I like about White's is you're not spending multiples of what W1Ks cost. A plain original W1K at full price runs $350. A made-to-order White's Semi-Dress in a configuration that most closely matches that  goes for $390, only you have your choice of --- I haven't counted; a couple dozen leathers?   And of course, the joy (or is it agony? I'm never sure which....) of choosing all your details.    I'm thinking about getting some in Navy CXL, followed by...
 Sounds like they fixed the Havana 
 This thread has you covered: http://www.styleforum.net/t/219173/custom-whites-boots-thoughts
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