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As tied winners of last week's tweed challenge (with its fantastic heavy weight entries), @Cleav and I consulted and agreed on @Anden's diametrically opposed suggestion that we go "from bullet proof to baby soft" - pull out your softest cashmere this week.   At least one piece must be cashmere (or vicuña) or cashmere blend - tie, jacket, trousers, optional waistcoat or cardigan, or all or most of the above.  The usual rules:- Sport jacket or suit is up to you, but there...
Cleav and I agreed - cashmere it is. As pure cashmere only would disqualify my own SC (which is a mere 50%), all blends will be acceptable (but the more the merrier). New challenge going up shortly. 
I really like this suggestion - a logical progression from one week to the next is a nice bit of continuity. And I've got a navy herringbone cashmere SC that I haven't pulled out in a while...
Dueling with seven fold ties at dawn, we can finally answer that age old question - which is more aerodynamic, tipped or untipped?
I did not vote for myself. I already know I like my fit . I voted for coxsackie. It was a toss up with cleav, but I appreciate the effort that goes into an odd three-piece fit. But as has been said already - fantastic stuff all around. Tweedz rulez.
1 - I loved yours! It's full of colors that I love. I thought the jacket and trousers alone wouldn't have enough contrast, but the waistcoat balances it beautifully. Edit: I'm also quite fond of the odd-three-piece look.  2 - I'm not sold on my tie/square combo either.  It's my newest square, and I've been using it a bit too often (Kent Wang's "Seti I Osiris") because I love the autumnal colors. Probably should have stuck with white linen. 
I've been posting this suit a lot recently - I think that means it's time I expanded my closet. In the meantime, this is basically the same suit as @Gerry Nelson's, from a different maker, in the Ariston/Cacciopoli green donegal tweed. Apparently the fabric was popular enough last year that it's been repeated in this year's fall collection - so last week I ordered a waistcoat to match. I like this no-name thrift store odd vest with it for now.   [[SPOILER]]  I don't have a...
 Here's the (non-soft) presidential cutaway with a tie - http://monsterpartyhat.tumblr.com/post/69496185346/styleforum-meetup-i-totally-failed-to-get-any I imagine the soft version would look like that, but messier. I probably wouldn't wear it with a tie. 
 So I read this, looked down, and realized I was wearing four patterns (or five, if you count the donegal tweed; or six if you count my socks (not pictured)). So, here's my entry.    [[SPOILER]]
CMT is what you look for when you have a pile of "Unfunded Liabilities". 
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