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@MarioImpemba  - Nice collection! The top left photo -- are those the red Krause model?
Here are my boots this morning.        smith899, your boots look fine. 
Indy on the Plaza last looks like an entirely different boot from Indy on the Trubalance. Wow. 
This thread never ceases to amaze me. 
You have to use the "Pin It" button that's on their item page, FYI -- pinning with a bookmarklet or browser extension (or direct from the Pinterest website or mobile app) won't do it. 
 I measure a 12E on the Brannock device, and I wear a 12D in Wolverine 1K (I have two pairs). I typically wear a moderately heavy sock (Icebreaker city or hiking socks), and I add an insole for arch support and a bit of cushioning. I can't imagine wearing dress socks with these boots.  My toes don't come anywhere near the hitting the front of the boot - maybe an inch of clearance? Being able to wiggle my toes without my pinky toe being smashed is a beautiful thing. I...
Epaulet,   The Loden green Alt Wiens in the new arrivals section (http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/loden-shell-cordovan-alt-wien) have TWO "Sizes" menus. One shows a full size range, and one shows only 3 sizes -- which one is right?
Mmmmmmm, margaritas. 
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