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 I just totally recognized @Coxsackie by his chin, from a photo over on the Styleforum tumblr feed.  I also recently acquired a tie that I believe is a damn close match to what Claghorn is sporting (except for being a square tip). Forumception, here we come...
 I think this is one of my favorite outfits I've seen so far from Pitti this year.That and Benedikt's (of Shibumi) donegal tweed suit, since I have a nearly identical suit in the same fabric  (and Erica's wide-legged grey trousers outfit - wow). 
I love the green and gray combo - that's possibly my favorite color combination (one I've been wearing a lot recently). 
I'd definitely second the madras recommendation. Here's my pink/blue madras shirt - it's become one of my summer staples: http://www.styleforum.net/t/380371/proper-cloth-official-affiliate-thread/200_100#post_7289969   And pure linen is always good for hot & humid. 
It was a holiday sale that's over now. 
I prefer light gray for more contrast, but either.
* Grey trousers * Indigo denim (wear a casual shirt and skip the tie) * White denim * White or cream corduroys   I have a very similar SC, and that's how I tend to pair it. 
You can do that - just email them about ordering custom.
+1 for a color-based challenge. I have a recently-acquired dirty-olive green tie that I've yet to figure out how to wear. 
 I have (had) the same problem. It's resulted in me getting rid of every single shirt I owned from The Before Time. 
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