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Paint daubs is very much the least distracting option.    But why stop there? Go Full PaintCan.   
 Thanks! It is indeed a grey tie - it's a raw silk from Conrad Wu. Unfortunately it's sold out, so I can't find the product page for it, but there's a green version as well (which I also own) still available, which has the exact same texture.  The suit fabric is that Cacciopoli/Ariston tweed that was so popular with the #menswear crowd last year, and the suit is by Beckett & Robb. Shirt is a chambray from Proper Cloth. 
For anyone that missed it - I almost pulled the trigger again for this one:  
 Well, I just ordered a pair - I'll let you know in 4-6 weeks   But seriously, yeah, that's about what it looks like to me. Almost like it's made with a grey/green marled yarn? Looks like it should go great with my green and brown tweed jackets.  EDIT: It's gone, so maybe they only had the one pair's worth on that one. 
@Epaulet Is it possible to specify options on the Ends for Friends trousers like on the regular MTO, such as side tabs instead of belt loops?
Next time I'll wear my bespoke NoPents™. 
  At the lack of a lack of pants, or the lackadaisical knot? (which, granted, is going to bug the crap out of me now that it's immortalized on the Internet, but I'm too lackadaisical for a do-over). 
With a head full of cold medication, I'm just happy I got pants on!
Here's my green on green entry. I actually put this on before I saw the challenge - I think this makes the third FC I've worn my green tweed for, and the first time out for this tie.    [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks! Texture is my favorite game.    Hmmmm. Know any bespoke flat cap makers with access to Ariston fabrics?  (my usual headgear with this suit is a patchwork tweed flat cap, dominated by a brown-ish gun check)
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