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 I've an MTM linen suit with 2" cuffs - I think it works very well. Of course, I pretty much prefer cuffs on everything - I find having a little visual weight to the bottom of the trouser makes the transition from trouser to my size 12 feet a little smoother. 
Saw you wearing that at the Ghurka event  - I agree, that jacket is awesome. 
It's gone. 
Well, we'll see what happens. I ended up returning it. It's idiotic to package a suit in a way that makes it impossible to try on - they could just put a second tag on the pants. I'll post here if they give me any hassle on the return. 
Yeah, done up like that they look like a much nicer Wolverine 1K boot. If I ever kill my brown 1Ks, I'll probably replace 'em with something just like that from White's :)
 Yup. I just have an immediate negative reaction to notch lapels on a dinner jacket. Maybe someday I'll get over it, but this is not that day. Take away the grosgrain facing, or put on a shawl collar instead and it's entirely different, but the combination of notch lapel and a contrasting facing is just....
 Oh my god that madras.  I would wear the shit out of that (I'm even a 42R), if only it wasn't a notch lapel. 
Well, I clipped that thread so I could try it on properly. It's a pretty damn nice suit, especially for $300. 
Yeah, guess I'll do that. It's not the main security tag - that's through the jacket buttonhole as usual; just a separate, smaller connector.
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