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I just realized that I can actually make it thanks to the magic of crossing the international date line. \m/ In the for the trunk show/meetup, but not dinner.
The venison and potato pancakes at Suppenkuche are excellent.
Oh damn. I'll be on a plane back from New Zealand. Tiny violins, I know.
 Made to measure?             
@troika The 'stache is made of steez. Musteez. Man, that sounds so wrong. 
@Chulillo I love the red jacket - Belstaff?   @thefoxtooth +1 to everything. 
I'll definitely be there!
At the same numeric size, the trench boot is definitely not wider than the regular Wolverine 1Ks (it might be wider than the Allen-Edmonds built shell cordovan models, but I've never owned them).    Blue Owl sells both and has measurements for both on their site: https://www.blueowl.us/product/oak-street-bootmakers-black-dainite-trench-boot/ https://www.blueowl.us/product/wolverine-1000-mile-in-black/   Those measurements match up with mine, measuring from...
 I have both OSB Trench boots (Color 8, dainite) and several pairs of Wolverine 1Ks. The trench boot overall feels like a nicer boot than the 1Ks - the general level of finish is cleaner, the toe/vamp lining is more substantial, and the leather seems to be of a slightly heavier grade (although that could just be my imagination - they're both Horween Chromexcel). The Trench boots have a 360 degree welt, vs. the 270 degree welt of the 1Ks, which makes a big visual...
+1 to a rooftop patio. 
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