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I used to run a small business where nearly all of my sales were online, and usually shipping out of state. I guarantee you that Kent is not making any money on shipping. All you have to do is go to usps.com and spend five minutes with their shipping cost calculator. It's only when you get to really, really big volumes that you can both negotiate lower shipping rates, and care less about the money you're losing on shipping. Or you can increase your markup so the shipping...
I just realized that I can actually make it thanks to the magic of crossing the international date line. \m/ In the for the trunk show/meetup, but not dinner.
The venison and potato pancakes at Suppenkuche are excellent.
Oh damn. I'll be on a plane back from New Zealand. Tiny violins, I know.
 Made to measure?             
@troika The 'stache is made of steez. Musteez. Man, that sounds so wrong. 
@Chulillo I love the red jacket - Belstaff?   @thefoxtooth +1 to everything. 
I'll definitely be there!
At the same numeric size, the trench boot is definitely not wider than the regular Wolverine 1Ks (it might be wider than the Allen-Edmonds built shell cordovan models, but I've never owned them).    Blue Owl sells both and has measurements for both on their site: https://www.blueowl.us/product/oak-street-bootmakers-black-dainite-trench-boot/ https://www.blueowl.us/product/wolverine-1000-mile-in-black/   Those measurements match up with mine, measuring from...
 I have both OSB Trench boots (Color 8, dainite) and several pairs of Wolverine 1Ks. The trench boot overall feels like a nicer boot than the 1Ks - the general level of finish is cleaner, the toe/vamp lining is more substantial, and the leather seems to be of a slightly heavier grade (although that could just be my imagination - they're both Horween Chromexcel). The Trench boots have a 360 degree welt, vs. the 270 degree welt of the 1Ks, which makes a big visual...
New Posts  All Forums: