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kopped the gray donegal. With the greenish-gray flannel herringbone Walts from last week, I think I'll be set for winter trousers for a while now! (where winter almost means "July" in San Francisco). 
 Nope - they don't allow that, unfortunately. 
 It's not the same fabric, but on my monitor, this jacket in a brick-red W. Bill donegal looks like a very close color match. Should be close enough to give you a general idea of how the color and flecking might look, although I have no idea about the scale of the herringbone on the Molloy fabric.  http://turnoverchange.com/post/101922816635/zaremba-bespoke-in-a-stunning-w-bill-brick-red 
You bastards who kopped the golden graham better post fit pics when they arrive! I was in a meeting 
Paint daubs is very much the least distracting option.    But why stop there? Go Full PaintCan.   
 Thanks! It is indeed a grey tie - it's a raw silk from Conrad Wu. Unfortunately it's sold out, so I can't find the product page for it, but there's a green version as well (which I also own) still available, which has the exact same texture.  The suit fabric is that Cacciopoli/Ariston tweed that was so popular with the #menswear crowd last year, and the suit is by Beckett & Robb. Shirt is a chambray from Proper Cloth. 
For anyone that missed it - I almost pulled the trigger again for this one:  
 Well, I just ordered a pair - I'll let you know in 4-6 weeks   But seriously, yeah, that's about what it looks like to me. Almost like it's made with a grey/green marled yarn? Looks like it should go great with my green and brown tweed jackets.  EDIT: It's gone, so maybe they only had the one pair's worth on that one. 
@Epaulet Is it possible to specify options on the Ends for Friends trousers like on the regular MTO, such as side tabs instead of belt loops?
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