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 I kinda view Yoox as a research library :D.  
 A 2-button navy suit by Lardini - http://www.yoox.com/us/49133633KR/item Very nice finishing, seemed like it was probably fully canvased, and with the 30% discount they were running was a steal at around $300. Unfortunately it ran big for an Italian 52. I could have had the sides and trousers taken in, but the shoulders were just too big for me.  I ended up keeping this jacket from Tombolini -- http://www.yoox.com/us/41385184HF/itemI started sizing up to a 44, but that...
 This. I ordered a sportcoat recently that I ended up keeping, but in the end I had to order 3 sizes and send back 2 (and sent back a beautiful suit that should have been my size, but was too big and was sadly the last of that model).  At the volume they process, I doubt they could realistically do anything like add actual measurements for each piece. But maybe if they made it easier to identify the actual manufacturers model number, one could find decent sizing info about...
 I've an MTM linen suit with 2" cuffs - I think it works very well. Of course, I pretty much prefer cuffs on everything - I find having a little visual weight to the bottom of the trouser makes the transition from trouser to my size 12 feet a little smoother. 
Saw you wearing that at the Ghurka event  - I agree, that jacket is awesome. 
It's gone. 
Well, we'll see what happens. I ended up returning it. It's idiotic to package a suit in a way that makes it impossible to try on - they could just put a second tag on the pants. I'll post here if they give me any hassle on the return. 
Yeah, done up like that they look like a much nicer Wolverine 1K boot. If I ever kill my brown 1Ks, I'll probably replace 'em with something just like that from White's :)
 Yup. I just have an immediate negative reaction to notch lapels on a dinner jacket. Maybe someday I'll get over it, but this is not that day. Take away the grosgrain facing, or put on a shawl collar instead and it's entirely different, but the combination of notch lapel and a contrasting facing is just....
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