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 I have (had) the same problem. It's resulted in me getting rid of every single shirt I owned from The Before Time. 
Everything is hit or miss on yoox :)   I once ordered two sizes of one jacket, since I didn't know how the brand would fit me, only to discover that each size they sent was made from the same cloth, but was a different model. One was a two button with patch pockets, the other a 3-roll-2 with besom pockets and a completely different lapel. 
The sun's actually out in San francisco, so it's warm enough for these trousers again.
Miracle of miracles, I own exactly one novelty tie.
 Oddly enough, the purple knit tie is indeed Paul Stuart. 
I found a black corduroy sportcoat at a local consignment. It fit me quite well for an OTR piece, was a very nice fabric, totally unconstructed, and cheap, so I bought it. Took me a while to figure out what to do with it, but it works quite well for casual evening wear. It goes great with black jeans.    I also searched eBay, got lucky, and found black corduroy trousers from the same maker that matched, so now I have a black corduroy suit. I wear it to parties and whisky...
Also, looks like Oak Street doesn't make a 12.5, so sizing up isn't an option for me (unless they have a 12.5 last for custom orders). The fit's definitely snugger than Wolverine, but it's hard to know what's perfect until the boots are broken in. 
Hey, everyone's feet are different if they feel good, they are good. I've only had these one day - time will tell.
I went with the same size (12 for both) and I'm using a slightly thinner insole than I used in the Wolverines (I put Sole heat moldable insoles in all my shoes for arch support). I think if I went up to a 12.5 they would have been too long for my taste.
 Those colors are gorgeous. 
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