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From the three-piece charcoal gray suit for an art opening last night, to this super-simple one-step-above-software-industry-baseline today. OCBD, raw denim, black silk knit, and a jacket that's a cross between a trucker and a field jacket.  Training my jeans and hoodie co-workers in alternatives has to be done in increments  (But just substitute the jacket and it's basically the same fit I posted with the green donegal SC last week).    Smokin' in the boys room.   
  Good call. Those are fantastic! I'd love to see some shots from the side. 
Well, it's a pity that yesterday's 70 degrees, calm, and sunny weather didn't hold in SF, or I'd have worn this for a walk in the park today. As it was, I put on a wool sweater and scarf instead. Maybe we can do this challenge again when it's truly warm in the northern hemisphere!  
 Thanks! It's made to measure from Beckett & Robb. The jacket is completely unstructured and unlined (and thus ridiculously comfortable).
Looks like they were made with a storm welt rather than a flat welt.
Speaking of green - wearing 1/2 of my donegal green suit again, trying that ever-dangerous combination of SC, tie, and jeans again. Personally, this suit has been as versatile as a navy blazer for my wardrobe and work circumstances.    [[SPOILER]]
 That's called "critical thinking" - figure out what works for you. Treat everything on here as opinion. But understand that this is the Classic Menswear forum, so naturally it will tend to skew towards classic, not fashionable. (note I said "trend" - that just means on average).  Personally, when I started my journey of learning to dress better a couple of years ago, I was uncomfortable in anything with a rise higher than my hips - I'd spent my entire life wearing nothing...
 Green suits are the shit.  (he says, wearing 1/2 of a green suit). 
@heldentenor I have a suit in the dark green version of that tweed, and you have no idea how badly I want that jacket. Pair it with some pearl grey herringbone pants and BAM. 
New Posts  All Forums: