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 Yup - it's light weight, very soft. It even came out of the packaging without any new-shirt creases (although now that I think about it, maybe that has more to do with the fact that it's in the packaging for about two days, versus who knows how long for an off-the-rack shirt).  I was comfortable wearing it in 103 degree heat last Friday (well, as comfortable as it's possible to be in that kind of heat). 
I just received a button-down collared shirt in the pink/blue madras fabric (regular button-down collar, one button standard rounded cuffs, tall MOP buttons, french front, no pockets) and thought folks might like another picture of that fabric actually made into a shirt.    It arrived just in time for me to wear it on a wine country outing with this blue linen suit. I love it.   
 The 90s was 20 years ago now - perhaps he's improved in the two-ish decades since?
 I was at the same meetup, and I'll just say that I think there's a big difference between the try-on jackets (half canvassed and shoulder padded, which I didn't like much) and their unconstructed jackets, which I have three of now and am quite happy with. They've got a wider range of things showcased now, although I'd say it wouldn't hurt to expand the try-on fitting models to include other construction options. 
It doesn't seem like anyone's reading this thread anymore, but in case anyone is -- I just picked up a suit from B&R yesterday. It's a two-piece in Ariston's green donegal tweed. Unstructured, 2 patch pockets, a button stance lowered to what suits me, and their extra wide lapel.    The camera perspective foreshortening seems to make the trousers look skinnier than they really are.   
Yup - the chambray I picked is pretty light. I might try one in one of the heavy oxford cloths next.    BTW, @Seph I just want to compliment you on the Proper Cloth website - it's by far the easiest to use (and fastest!) of the MTM shirtmaker websites I've tried. Looking forward to the linen options in the future :)
I've got one with the soft ivy collar, in the Howard Street chambray. It's one of my favorite shirts, although I'd say that the collar is almost *too* soft. When the points are buttoned and the collar's open, worn without a tie, the beautiful roll of the collar tends to flatten a bit. Which, you know, should be expected from a collar with (I assume) no interlining. 
 I would be very, VERY happy to see some pure linen options! I've got 4 Proper Cloth shirts that I'm very happy with, but I don't as yet have any properly fitting linen shirts. And linen is pretty much all I want to wear in hot weather. 
Yeah, that's the kind of jacket I'd wear with either jeans or, more likely, 5-pocket corduroys. Which is mostly how I wear tailored jackets anyway (I work in an ultra-casual software startup environment). 
  Hmm, this BSN jacket is awfully tempting: http://www.yoox.com/us/41363429KO/item And I just placed an order a few days ago. Dammit :)
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