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X-post from the Friday herringbone challenge thread - my new brown suit in an Abraham Moon herringbone tweed. I originally received it in January, but the jacket had to be remade, so it arrived as the weather turned hot....and then suddenly not, so this was its first outing. I had it made as a three-piece, but it wasn't quite chilly enough for that on Friday. Bonus three-piece photo under the spoiler.  I also got the pseudo half-belted back option, which is one of my...
 I love this.
 Nor will I - I jumped on the pre-order. #8 with command sole, reverse welt, and an antique edge is my ideal make-up. I'd been looking for an LWB in that configuration, but with the Alt Wien being comparatively less common, it's even more interesting
Well, it dropped about 30 degrees in 2 days here in San Francisco, so I got to wear the new suit.    Suit, shirt, and braces by Beckett & Robb. Abraham Moon tweed (#18 in their Shetland book).  Kent Wang Chrysler building elevator pocket square.  Allen Edmonds "Fifth Street" boots I'm not being stalked by a professional photographer like Stitches seems to be, but here's my humble auto-timer effort.                 
I just took delivery of a gorgeous new mid-brown herringbone tweed suit --- and of course it's going to be 80 degrees in San Francisco today. If the temperature drops I'm in :)
I just received two more shirts from Proper Cloth - both the Canclini tan linen and the Canclini brown linen.  I already said so in the fabric reviews, but these are easily the most comfortable pure linens I've got out of the box. I'm a big fan of Canclini (all of my OCBDs, both from Proper Cloth and from Beckett & Robb, are also Canclini fabrics).     I'll try to get some photos up later after I've ironed out the creases (and have decent lighting available).    I like...
Thanks! The suit is from Beckett & Robb. I am, in fact, about to put on the exact same combo for a wine country outing this afternoon.
 That works for me. Its a good number. 
My shears arrived this morning - holy hell, they're amazing. @idfnl Thank you for all the hassle you went through to get these made. I imagine these will easily last several lifetimes with a little care.     
Waiting for the bus! Damn you MUNI
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