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Burgundy is my absolute favorite color in footwear. It's so versatile - it works with blue, black, grey, green, brown, tan - anything. Well, maybe not so much with purple pants. 
The UPS guy brought my color #8 dainite trench boots today. I was slightly apprehensive ordering them online without trying them on first, but I needn't have worried - they fit me beautifully. They also feel like a very nice upgrade from the Wolverine 1Ks that they're replacing. I'd be even happier if they had a cap toe, but as far as I can tell Oak St. hasn't made a color 8 cap toe yet.    @OakStreetBootmakers How about a navy blue Chromexcel cap toe with dainite or...
Well, my cognac alpine grain Taunton boots arrived today, and they are gorgeous. Just had time for a quick try-on before going back in the box, but these are going to look killer with chinos and all the different colors of corduroys in my closet.    The cognac color is quite a bit darker than my tan alpine grain Alden PTBs (which are basically the stock "all weather walker" model) - does anyone have a good recommendation for a good shoe polish color to use on them?    
Yeah, I figured the laces were a personal choice. I'm an inveterate lace color changer myself :) I had no idea OSB would do custom orders like that. 
 The black cap-toe with dainite sole looks perfect (especially with those red laces). Was that a special makeup for a particular retailer? I can't find them anywhere on the internets. 
I already have a pair of PTBs in alpine grain in a similar color, and it's a surprisingly versatile color and texture - although I'd still give color 8 an edge as the most versatile.These boots and another pair in color 8 would basically cover everything I need (not that I'm likely to stop there )
Aaand this week's winner is...@sugarbutch  - congrats (and gorgeous suit)!
 Thanks! It's MTM from the same maker as the tweed suit - Beckett & Robb. I got a sportcoat in that fabric (it's the one on my most recent post), and added the waistcoat on a whim. I used my steamer to roll the lapel down further, past the top button, as I generally prefer waistcoats with a slightly lower "V". 
I just pulled the trigger on the alpine grain brogued Alden captoes - Mike had them shipped about 20 minutes after I placed my order. Unbelievable. Now I just have to be patient while they make their way from coast-to-coast! My first pair of non-eBay Aldens - this might mark my descent into obsession .   
Wow, how did I completely miss this thread? @FlyingMonkey  - that half-norfolk is an amazing find.    Cross-posted from the November 14th friday challenge:    
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