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 I would stick with open patch pockets for a fabric like seersucker - I think the more formal flap pockets look odd and out of place in such a highly textured fabric. 
Well, I'm definitely in. I wore something appropriate just yesterday :). Are cardigans acceptable?   Here's some inspiration with a cardigan vest:     And one of my favorite outfits from Pitti:  
 Yes, this. I once purchased two Cantarellis, of very different models. In one I took my normal size, in the other I had to return it and size down by TWO sizes. Admittedly, that was more extreme than anything else I've experienced, but you really have to know your models (and Yoox does NOT make it easy to determine what you're actually getting!).
 I actually have 5 field jacket-style jackets already, and yet..... One of my uncles, who collects a great many things, says that once you have three of anything you have a collection. Ergo, I am a field jacket collector. Therefore, I must buy the Epaulet field jacket.  How's THAT for rationalization?
  While ordering a new summer suit today. Wearing Beckett & Robb, Conrad Wu, Vanda Fine Clothing, Taylor Stitch, Alden. Not seen - Kent Wang sunglasses. 
I purchased these Epaulet Rivet chinos in last year's winter "Ends for Friends" event. They're a 35 waist, with a finished 38"  inseam (much longer than my 30" natural inseam - I got them maximum length for adding cuffs, but have never altered them).    Never worn - they've just sat in my closet since, except for trying on. While they fit me well, I've found I prefer a much higher rise in general. Alas, if this fabric had been offered in the Walt...hopefully they can go...
 In my profile picture I'm wearing a pink & blue madras they had a couple of runs of two years ago (there was also a yellow-er variant). It's a fantastic fabric - I hope they bring it back.  http://propercloth.com/fabrics/pink-blue-red-madras-1209.html 
 You've clearly never been anywhere near the (software) tech sector. I'm amazed some of my colleagues even manage pants. 
 The challenge now - completely forget that I pre-ordered the shell alt wiens, so it's a wonderful surprise when I hear they've come in... I hear patience is a virtue, just not one of mine. 
X-post from the Friday herringbone challenge thread - my new brown suit in an Abraham Moon herringbone tweed. I originally received it in January, but the jacket had to be remade, so it arrived as the weather turned hot....and then suddenly not, so this was its first outing. I had it made as a three-piece, but it wasn't quite chilly enough for that on Friday. Bonus three-piece photo under the spoiler.  I also got the pseudo half-belted back option, which is one of my...
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