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That's got a really nice shape to it. Pity the collar band is a bit too tall for me.
Hoping for the heat & humidity to give it a rest so I can wear my tweed. 
I'm in for this one!
Damn!   I'll be hiking in the Canadian Rockies. Well, I guess that's a pretty good consolation.   Take lots of pictures. 
I've been wearing this mostly as a casual suit, or with corduroy jeans. First time I've pulled it out with proper odd trousers.      [[SPOILER]]
@Betelgeuse - I think I've favorited that jacket every single time you've posted a fit with it to tumblr. Love it. 
 Yup. Their unstructured jackets work well for me, and their customer service is excellent. I haven't tried the more structured shoulder options, but considering I work in software in San Francisco, where even the most washed of casual jackets is a couple of rungs more formal than the norm at my workplace, and my co-workers ask why I'm wearing a suit when I'm wearing a tweed sport coat and corduroy jeans...I'm not likely to buy much that's too structured and formal.  Fair...
 No argument there. If I were going to spend that much on a suit, I'd go bespoke, not RTW, no matter how much handwork it has. I'm quite happy with my current MTM options at a fraction of that. 
I would love to check it out just to gawk at things. They're *certainly * out of my price range , but the tailoring demonstration sounds very interesting.     He said "suits", plural. With Brioni suits going $5K to $7K RTW or so, I'd guess that meant he witnessed someone buying a whole wardrobe's worth at once. 
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