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@hyogen   That chester brown chino looks great. I definitely nab that and the deep harbor if I had the money right now. Looks like I won't be getting the alpha or the 484 after all...   On a side note, I say if you want to wear a tie/bow tie, then the chambray shirt would be a better bet. I still really like the denim work shirt tho. Which ever you get, you should post pics
Is the 484 the same? I could purchase a pair of royal blue from my local j.crew at 39.99. What do you say about the deep harbor and chester brown chinos? Do they look super bright and tacky? Can they both go with a lot?   I have a pair of alpha dockers in cobble stone. It's my first decent chinos and I loved it. Would pull trigger, if the colors on the J.Crew sunfaded was so snazzy. Do you know what the british khakis and the midnight looks like?
I am thinking about picking up the 484 sun faded chino in deep harbor and chester brown, but then I saw that dockers is having a 20% off on order 100 and over. Thus, I am at a cross road between spending $121 for j.crew or  $90 for dockers. I've never owned a pair of J.crew chino before, so I am wondering about how their quality is compared to the alpha dockers line. I love the alpha chino, but am willing to spent a little bit more for j.crew if it is that much better....
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