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I believe the only raw selvedge jean produced recently came in Cut Zero
I find that the First Shirt fits shorter than the '50s, but that's the only thing I can say for certain...  I think the First is pretty slim, too.     The webstore could perhaps give you measurements even for the Cracked Linen in particular?
it was a First Shirt
Unfortunately not - it does seem that some of the members in this new OL group are pretty networked though!  I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to find some of them.  
Hey, having come across some "Buy/Sell/Trade" clubs for fans of niche brands on Facebook, I figured it'd be nice if we had one for Our Legacy.
Hey guys, looking for the seasons for these two OL shirts.  Both are likely pre '12.       This one's a Placket Buttondown of Japanese fabric       Also a Placket Buttondown called "Ethnic Check"
Hey.  I got this shirt new without tags, but it fits a tad too big on me, weird since it's a 42 (XXS).     95 shipped CONUS.  
I lost my leather pair of buttero laces!     Thanks in advance
Pristine condition, barely worn.   CONUS ONLY
I Love Ugly Print Shorts, SS13, Size S   Worn once, washed once, 9/10 condition.   CONUS ONLY
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