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Maybe this is a fit choice made by the designers at Indochino look at this link from Urban Daddy By no means am I promoting Indochino or Urban daddy. https://perks.urbandaddy.com/national/indochino-0416.html?utm_source=Perks_NTL&utm_content=indochino&utm_campaign=onecolumn_050316&utm_medium=Email look at the photos. especially the first blue suit. The fit is awful!!!!! who at Indochino even approved such a poorly fitted suit. Maybe Indochino(like Thom Brown in the...
your pocket square is not the culprit. the button stance is too high. the waist is very suppressed. it is just too tight across the chest. the collar sits away from your neck at the sides. the jacket could use a chest dart under the lapel. they just cut everything to tight. lapels should not pop like that. and the pants are tight in the crotch
I have seen much worse. everything is just a bit too tight. causing it to pull in the usual places also the chest is popping out. I even saw photos on the urban daddy deal site, where the chest on the mode was popping as well.
it is an oxford type weave. everybody has there own name for this. and there are many different ways to make this fabric. enjoy the shirt
something is wrong with the shoulder pad. should be an easy fix by a good tailor.
sure micro manage the measurements.the shirt looks awfulwithout know what system you are working with..1/2" in the chest is nothing. you need moreyou also need a lot more sloping.what is wrong with the upper back.. look at the pulling under your right arm..easing out the chest will automatically increase the sleeve.
this needs to be addressed by the person who made it.
nothing that was screaming out.. "Fix Me"
SIH you have a very tough posture to work with very wide square shoulders that where your shoulders roll and point forward. not an easy fix unless there is a paper pattern to work with. Gavin you have very sloping shoulders. needs a lot more slope add to chest 1" eljay jacket looks short Frei16989 sending measurements to another company many not guarantee a better fit. every company has their own system.
Japan's shirt fabric industry was huge. It first grew when shirt companies were looking for lower priced alternatives to italy. But China undercut pricing and Japan's fabric production is much lower now. Quality should be fine
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