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From the perspective of someone who produces such garments. i have made errors in fit. I have made errors in details. sewers have not paid attention to cutting tickets and these mistakes can slip by. the client needs to be realistic about their expectations. they also need to be upfront about their body and changes that may occur from measurements to fitting. Too often i have asked customers if they think they have gained or lost weight. the response is, often, "I...
None! metal stays are evil.I have seen them poke through the undersides of collar.they make the collars look somewhat unnatural.the plastic stays have some give.
not very casual looking. the cheap plastic buttons don't help either. it is a broadcloth not an oxford weave
I have seen Organic cotton offered to me by mills. there is no way the colors are organic, not the resins used in finishing. It defeats the purpose.
I know nothing about this company. but.. their website has some of the worst stock photography i have ever seen. I love the photo of the guy being fitted for a suit.. not a shirt, by 2 women in evening clothes
a lot depends on if a t-shirt is worn. and if the t-shirt is crew or v-neck
I have stopped responding to GBR's useless posts.but you are right on track.
The tom Ford shirt is beautifully made. nicer then Turnbull
I usually get nervous when a new customer mentions Styleforum!!!!!! I will offer 10% discount if you mention Styleforum this is through the month of April 50% off the RTW shirts on my website. contact me directly instead of through the site.
it is not a band collar. more like a mandarin collar or nehru
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