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You have to go in knowing there is a 100% chance you will get the jacket (and maybe the pants) remade. This should be expected. Consider it part of the fitting process. remaking the garment should not be part of the process. If a remake is part of the cost structure of the garment, then the customer is paying a much higher price for a seriously low cost garment.
Mark McNairy was designing for J. Press japan several years ago. he designed an entire line that was not sold in the USA. the only thing they ever picked up were some obnoxious ties. the line he designed was fun but accessible. he never understood why they would not sell his designs in the USA, they did very well in Japan. so to answer your question, J. Press japan is different then what is sold in the USA. I have an old set of Sulka shirt patterns. the Japaneses...
100% Italian linen. Self dyed 2 hole tamagai buttons. Soft lining.
it will be too short. in the body. I guess someone needs to fill a factory with work!!!
jacket is too large in the chest and shoulders causing the jacket to fall away from your neck were you self measured or measured by someone from Indo chino the pants need work let out the seat and crotch, if there are outlets the suit just looks dumpy. sorry i know you are not skinny, it just looks off should have gone with regular and not slanted pockets on the jacket. it is not a complete disaster. it just needs some work.
Many people struggle with buttoning their shirts! I had a 25 year old guy who did not know how to button his collar. He was not incapable just clumsy he had worn t-shirts for too long...
@GBR did you bother to even watch the kickstarter video. A bit maudlin, but it pointed out a problem. this gentleman came up with a solution. I have a customer that we had to use velcro for closures. the buttons and buttonholes were faked. I would suggest this product for this customer if he was still alive. there are entire catalogues geared for people with sever arthritis. please let me know when you post a response that is positive and helpful
i am not worried about the magnet.I am worried about the shirt being put in the washer,the magnet attaches the shirt to the metal tub, and then gets agitated and spun.Make sure you put a disclaimer to remove the magnets before washing the shirts
interesting idea. I have a few customers who find it difficult to button the top button as well I only see one draw back. if the customer forgets to remove the magnetic button before putting in the wash, the shirt could be damaged when the magnet locks on to the inside of the washing machine
are you happy? yes, the price seems high, but if the service was good and you love the fit, then do not fret. do not attempt to take this jacket to a less expensive tailor in another contry. it will not be the same.
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