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these collar stays were used to keep the Mr b collar up. A thin piece of metal wrapped in a thin fabric. Bendable
there is so much wrong. suit and shirt. where were these garments made? did you have a fitting? you need to start over with someone new
If you want to stay with local. Mr. Ned at $1000 and yes, he can cut a trimmer suit. just lean on him to do so. Giliberto is more, but also does a great job. I can make you a shirt for $200. I waive my minimum for weddings. KW makes a nice suit. Not sure what SS is delivering these days. MY two suggestions actually make the their own garments.
the last guy that relined a jacket for me, retired 6 years ago!!!sorry
why are you putting a lining in this.it is not supposed to have one.It is a bad idea.there is no where to attach the lining by the zipper.there is no facing.just wear a sweater if it gets cold.seriously, it is the wrong thing to do.Carl
Can you take a photo of the I side of the coat. If it came unlined, it may be a difficult job
what brand shirt was being copied must have a very short sleeve cap
here we go armhole is too high. to me the sleeve looks too slim. add 1"+ to the chest. you have slightly sloping shoulders lower on the left. yoke is fine the sleeve length difference must be , because of the higher armhole. good luck
since i was requested. first that is not a Bespoke shirt. just call it custom made. I am not sure if Proper cloth has any tailors. OK, they must have someone who can shorten sleeves, and add darts, etc. is this shirt #1? were you measured in person? just a few minor changes to do the trick.
I highly recommend Senel for women's alterations. more for dresses, even high end dresses.do not Know Apel'si had suggested pinpoint tailoring on 33rd and 3rd.someoen went there and was quoted very high prices.there is a guy on 28th btw lex and third on the south side.he finished some bottoms on pants a couple of years ago.Pedro and Cardelino is great.not sure where Wifred is even located anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: