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Live with the mistake. Can't imagine that turning out well at a realistic cost
Leave it alone. Look at a 1/2 lined jacket. The seams are taped or turned under. For a clean finish. Too much work post production. The lining in the sleeves allow your arms to enter smoothly. Sort of like a "lubricant"
April from Rufus had a nice run. her shirts were made in New England. you could try thomas Dean, for the same sort of look. I have never been a fan of the robert Graham busy. overly detailed shirts. Kamakura and ledbury both make excellent shirts. these two brands make much less detailed shirts then Rufus I will hold my comments on the other two that were mentioned. I have never seen a shirt from Stenstrom
it means there is no top stitch on the collar most collars and cuffs are 1/4" stitched or edge stitched. I think it looks sloppy and unfinished
Morarjee and hammerle are the better mills in India. the fabric from Monti India is fine for 100/2 and 120/2 i am not sure if they are weaving higher yarn counts in India. Raymonds for suiting. Raymond has a shirtting divison. begins with the letter Z.. crap. stay away.
Your pictures are awful. Did you ask for sloping shoulders. Also doing something odd from the back just to the right of the neck.
Going to the Lisbon area for a week. any good recommendations for shopping. shoes, casual clothing incidentals... restaurants already have a reservation for Minibar. music (not fado) thanks
a couple of people have been talking to wilfred's guys.not sure where they will end up yet
made these for my son from left to right Italian linen I think from Canclini twill multi check is from G & R blue check with brown over-check also G & R grey chambray is from Korea. double stitched collar cuff and pockets FYI Shell used for Trocas button
Time to chime in. I will not comment on Acorn again. who knows where any of it is being woven.... the alumo oxford feels great but it is not a rough and tumble sort of fabric. these days,most fabric for oxford shirts are being woven in china. if you want the heavy weight stuff, it is perfectly fine. I sell lots of them. Japan is at least twice the price for comparable products. maybe 3 times the price and it is 45" instead of 60" I do have some vintage woven in the...
New Posts  All Forums: