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it does not fit. too tight every where chest sleeves and hips.
colin firth's lapels are wider, also more shape at the waist.I would still try a size smaller
what i found odd is the suit starts at 699 pounds suits ordered in nyc $1897 not even taking Brexit into consideration, that is a huge difference in price. I guess they need to cover ravel expenses they work off of a block pattern and then make corrections while chalking in the pattern this is a classic way to do the cutting. no issue calling this Bespoke. even though I hate the term. the shirts can not be made in the UK at that price. must be somewhere else but they...
I believe J. crew has an athletic fit.
Tee jay stylistically the suits looks wrong. what year has that suit been referenced the late 40's 50's? the button stance is very high. and the suit is a size too large send it back and try a size smaller is this a private label or is it from a specific brand/designer. Mr sola where did you order this shirt from. if you are happy with the pulling across the upper front chest, than just put in some darts the darts might accentuate your rounded shoulder blades, but it...
the collar could look a bit large. You can not alter the size of a collar i
Boline in Norwell https://www.facebook.com/bolineboutique/timeline Arthur is a third generation shirtmaker.
more $10 pocket squares 17. Reversible cotton Butterfly jacquard 18. blue cotton camouflage 19 Multi check 20 100% linen Lavender 21 Blue cotton voile satin stripe 22 White dots on Lt blue 23 Beige Glen plaid 24 100% multi plaid 25 purple cotton gingham 26 Beige cotton/linen 27 blue /natural gingham. 28 blue micro check 29 Grey printed check 30 100% linen blue 31 100% linen Navy 32 black/white stripe on Paisley ETRO 33 100% linen Putty 34 100% linen Brown 35...
all Pocket squares are $10 14x 14 machine sewn baby hem. 1. Linen floral Print 2.Orange 100% linen 3. Beige cotton Paisley 4. Navy/burg micro check 5.Lt blue/green gingham 6. Blue/lt blue gingham 7. 100% linen micro hounds-tooth 8. 100% linen blue gingham 9. Large cotton gingham seersucker 10. cotton/linen micro floral in Navy 11. Cotton Plaid 12 Raspberry plaid 13.Burgundy Graph check 14. Brown Tattersall 15. Green stripe on blue 16 Floral over multi stripe ...
Heavy Japanese chambray Made on Fifth Ave $80 Vintage buttons, Made in the USA.
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