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Kent Wang will send you a try on garment. it is well made. much better then indochino you will get something that will not need lot of tailoring.
it ;looks like an reconstructed blazer. keep it. let out if there are outlets available. a tailor can tell you. Just be careful. it looks like canvas and there might be shading issues from the inside when you let it out. it is tight, but i have seen a lot worse on Instagram. if you have to, just leave it unbuttoned when you wear it.
DebbieJ. Hilburn is not my competition.I have had an occasional customer tell me that they bought a few shirts from J. Hilburn, because someones wife was working for J. Hilburn. they were guilted into buying something.I have altered an occasional J, Hilburn shirt.I was not impressedTAL knows which corners to cut and still deliver an OK shirt.They make for Propercloth, and brooks brothers, etc. they are huge.I will not talk about woolens as I do not know that...
medium to light grey. worsted. if a little more casual, a feint glen plaid
I am open. Will promote small business Saturday. Thanks Amex.
Midnight Blue is the new black!
No black suits!
I don't think I was being rude.Obviously you are not in the needle trade as I am.so you do not know how modern clothing factories work.If you poke around on the internet, you could find you tube videos.large publicly traded companies are under pressure from shareholders, to make sure thatthe workers sew in Humane conditions.dirty crowded factories still exist in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam, etcthe public companies try to keep their work out of these factories, but...
who is doing your printing? what sort of PFP (prepared for Printing) silk are you using? a twill or plain weave?
ignore GBR. he is a tool. Mauritius imports most of the labor from India. the suits are made in modern Hi tech factories with lots of computerized sewing machines. this is not made in a quaint little workroom with old black head singer sewing machines, or where tailors sit cross legged on tables sewing by hand. I have no clue how the workers feel about the product they make. Hopefully the factory does not confiscate passports. you are naive.. sorry to say
New Posts  All Forums: