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I know the costume designer.i would guess that it was made for the movie.
i doubt there is a huge market for fake gucci floral shirts
at lower to moderate price points a half canvas suit is fine fusing technology is excellent. it is rare to see a coat front bubble.
sounds like a law firm
this is a hand buttonhole Lanvin from the 1980's you don't see any fabric through the stitches
I ran into Paul Tribble at a trade show in NYC this week.I have been in business for over 30 years. I sold fabric to shirt makers for 25 of those.this will be the 5th owner of Creery that I know of.Pearly Gates was my favorite.If anyone out there remembers Pearly, you will agree.I wish them continued success!
I will assume that the Abboud suit is made in their factory in new Bedford, MA.last time I saw one was about 2 years ago in the JA apparel showroom, before mens' warehouse bought the name back for "Joe the crybaby" it was a nice clean suit. half canvas. decent american made garment. not amazing, but if it fits well, you will look just fine.
I just don't get it.the buttonholelooks unfinished.not sure what is going on with that button. is that a tail?why so long?the sleeve placket looks puckered.i just don't understand the appeal of the nubs. as they are strictly decorative.
5' 6" is a short.. not a regular..and working buttonholes on a tuxedo is not necessary
it will work better if you remove the sleeve placket and shorten from the cuff.make sure you allow for shrinkage before shortening.if you find it too daunting, i can give you the name of a woman who will do a great job.
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