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there is a big difference from the seersucker woven in italy and seersucker woven in asiathe italians are still weaving with better cotton
I looked at that collection.again, I do not remember if it came washed or raw.i do not have anything that shade.I have a customer who wants that as well.I might try to bleach the fabric again.you are welcome to buy a shirt length and mess around with it. the fabric is good quality from italy,if you go to the garment district. look in the cheap no name fabric stores as well
the denim is made by the albiate Division.it is great quality.I don't remember if i could buy it washed and faded or not.I doubt there are many shirtmakers who know how to fade indigo denim.I have some indigo twill shirting.My attempt to fade with lemon juice was not great.my attempt to fade with bleach was a disaster. (sort of Tie-dye)I usually just wash it to get most of the residual dye out.
recently met with the head of sales at Alumobought a number of things for stock and received the swatch bookseven picked up a few more engineered pleats for formal shirts.the swatch book is classic. they do stock some seasonal patterns as well.the fabrics are expensive, but the quality is solid.most of the line is in 100/2 and 120/2.expensive compared to other mills.butthe fabric is dense and well constructed.no games involving compact yarns and resin finishes.worth the...
cuffs and sleeves look really tight. after a couple of washes at a commercial laundry/dry cleaner those cuffs will shrink and get even tighter.
because you are holding your arms at an angle. also cuffs on the shirt might be a little to large in circumference
the capri collar is best with a medium fuse or a decent weight lining.. not too light the lining needs to support the facings and keep the collar from just collapsing in back
the lining/Fusing is so light that you can see the collar stays. The Capri/or Italian collar(camp collar is the same as a PJ collar.also that puffed Neapolitan sleeve is not working. the yoke needs to be shorter for that look and there is way too much fullness on top.
sleeves look a bit tight through the forearm. hence all of the wrinkles hip is too tight.
you are micro managingdo at least 1/2" in the sleevesi would take in the hips 1" and let out the waist 1"
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