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nothing145 the pants are ok. just let out at the seat. the jacket is a disaster. it is way to tight across the back you could let out the back at the center seam, if there are outlets. extra fabric would have to be removed from under the top collar. not sure what you can do about the awful shoulders. Greger back darts are not something new on mens shirts unless the 1960's is recent. front darts on men's shirts are not a great look. a shirtmaker canonly take so much...
I have made shirt jackets out of Linen, cotton, and both lightweight and heavy weight wool. all three work well. the only advantage of cotton over linen is that you can wear cotton further into the fall. My only other suggestion is to have the fabric prewashed and shrunk prior to cutting. the pre-wash will save any headaches if the jacket is laundered and possibly over dried later on. it will also soften up the fabric and look more relaxed. make sure the lining inside...
looks like the suits are made in one of the better HK/China factories. some of those factories even have levels of workmanship. Opening price point suits might be made in the lower cost workroom.
i have sent several customers to Manny over the years. for both alterations and custom made suits. He does his work on site. great guy!
if they want 500m minimum then they are running that on modern equipmentthis fabric was made on looms older then you are!i remember this sort of madras in 20 yard rolls or they may have shown up flat folded.
make sure you check the shrinkage. the bleeding madras, I had years ago, shrank more then 5% good work. it looks fantastic
the shoulders are narrow, but you have very wide sloping shoulders for your size. if you get the shoulders to fit, the rest of the shirt will be too large hopefully you bought these on sale. wash and dry once in your normal method. move the buttons on the cuff in 1/2" and see how it looks. then have the sleeves shortened if you think they are still too long.
this thread was about Silk dress or formal shirts. not awful silk prints and washed silk casual shirts. i have seen beautiful silk dress shirts from the 60's made by fine shirtmakers. that quality of silk has fallen out of demand. it could be woven in Italy, if their was enough of a demand. occasionally i see silk/cotton blend in shirting.
what a mess. were you measured for this? front chest is way to small while the back looks big waist is too tight. and hips look tightin the back. not sure how a jacket could look that bad
www.highcliffeclothiers.com the owner, mark Metzger teaches fitting classes for the tailors association. might be a bit conservative in style. know nothing of price points but it seems as if he has moved fairly west of DC
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