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Annie you are correct for being upset. I do not know what transpired between the time the appointment was made and the cancellation. the first response on this thread was from GBR. He is a troll. Adds nothing to any discussion. Political affiliations or race and skin color should have nothing to do with this discussion. Hopefully, Hiburn will respond. In general, the reps are not that good. The quality of the shirts is only fair. I do not know anything about the...
the standard fly front will not balance with the bow tie. you could do a placket fly front.
by a hanes pocket Tshirt. a little bleach , a pumice stone and a seam ripper. you are good to go.
the shirt will look best with a standard placket front. fly front will look odd
Linen and silk will sometimes Grain.. at the seams that means the threads pull apart. if the seams have pulled, it is doubtful they will return to normal
the shoulders are off.why the choice of the belted back?doesn't really work for your build.also the very high vent is odd.
your beard is covering the top of the collar, but it looksllike you have about an 1+ of tie space.otherwise, what do you want to improve,you are wearing the shirt..you have a left low.I don't like the bias, split yoke on this shirt. just oo much stripeactually, i never like a bias, split yoke.nor the horizotal button at the tail.chest looks too fullwhere is this shirt from?
Hannibal who made this jacket for you palodelincak hard to tell since the pictures are so far away sleeves are little bit baggy but they are tight in the elbow area - how to solve this? I would like to have less baggy sleeves but with more elbow room. the sleeve is not too baggy. if you are talking about the upper portion, it is because the slopes have not been properly adjusted for did you tell them you had very sloping shoulders? the shirt might be com ing out...
there are lots of them in the back of underwear drawers belonging to 45-60 year old men.....
I can do it.. but not from 3000 miles away.
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