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most shrinkage disappears within 3 washes.have the sleeves shortened and tell them to leave the excess inside the cuff.this is if it is 3/4" or less.anymore, and then you might have to move the sleeve placket.is the cuff the correct circumference.you could always move the button or tighten up the buttonholes if it is a french cuff, with a couple of stitches at the far end of the buttonhole
sartordinapoli I wanted to have a tackyi think Tacky is the wrong word. the shirt looks very nice and casual linen blend shirt to go out to have an icecream on Naples and look different of my usual uniformity. Fabric is the best blend after Riva, buttons are the most expensive button that exist ( that i know) and no one uses. Note is not the 4 but 5 mm costing 1,25 euros a piece.the reason no one uses them, is that they are so thick , it is hard to get through a...
i doubt there are any online stores that do alterations on their shirts before they go out the door. there are numerous companies that will make you a shirt to your measurements (MTM) Custom made shirts. quality and prices vary from company to company. how much work do the shirts need. your local dry cleaner could easily add darts if that is all you need. they can take in as much as 2-3" from the back if the sleeves feel to full, then you better go to someone who...
- non-iron fabric (I don't need a true "non-iron" but I need something that can be worn without being ironed) fabric is either non -iron (treated) or regular. some 100% cotton fabrics need less ironing then others, but they should be ironed. fabrics can be pre-cured, treated with liquid ammonia then cut and sewn. this method is good for maybe 20 washes. it can be a little difficult to sew. otherwise the shirts are taped and baked. (formaldehyde) (brooks brothers,...
Just sent a customer to rothman's on 18th and park ave south he was happy they have an assortment of brands
cant really tell from your photo but it is a twill. too many things that could cause this
what type of fabric is this? it looks like a chambray
John Daniels in Knoxville Jeffrey D has started up a factory somewhere in the south. but i think it is a half canvassed. the J A apparel factory is a streamlined decent make. not much hand work. there is also the Hugo Boss factory in ohio, but this is also a half canvased suit. some of the people from Primo have opened up a shop in Greenpoint, Bklyn. they have plenty of work and are not looking for new accounts or new designers.
From the perspective of someone who produces such garments. i have made errors in fit. I have made errors in details. sewers have not paid attention to cutting tickets and these mistakes can slip by. the client needs to be realistic about their expectations. they also need to be upfront about their body and changes that may occur from measurements to fitting. Too often i have asked customers if they think they have gained or lost weight. the response is, often, "I...
None! metal stays are evil.I have seen them poke through the undersides of collar.they make the collars look somewhat unnatural.the plastic stays have some give.
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