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if there is a problem, someone will find a solution.
dont buy your regular size they shrink about 2" in waist and 3" in length
Just returned from Lisbon 3 weeks ago. food and wine is fantastic. did not have time to shop any real men's stores. embaixado in Principe Real is fun. lots of nice gifts. some odd shoes here and there. good place to get a drink as well go eat across the street at Cevichiera a vida Portuguesa in Largo do Indendente was great. lots of gift buying. I bought myself a pearl handled knife,a fun t-shirt, and a pair of hand made slippers. there are three locations. I think...
too short button stance is too high on both let out waist of jackets both are messy under the collar sleeves look short, but the cuffs of your shirt are too big so it is hard to tell vest is fine seat is too tight on the pants pants on blank label to long alterations could be very expensive
I have seen those. They don't feel the same in your hand, but they will do the trick
those have to be cast. they would be very expensive to make. https://www.itsminelabels.com/ is the modern way to identify your clothing. not very elegant.
4 shirts should be doable if they are button cuff. French cuff will use up too much fabric for the 4th. I realized later that it was a Monti ticket. I have never used that fabric, so I am not sure how it reacts. i have see some of the super high count fabrics stretch instead of shrink when washed!
The rolls are fine as is. Just store them flat. Not standing up. Trying to identify the mill by the ticket, since I can't see the name. What size are you? A good Cutter might be able to squeeze out 4 shirts from 6m if you are smaller.
the width is wrong is it 36" or 90cm or 59/60" wide 150 cm
it is fine in plastic. you might need to cut off 1/4 yd if it shades a bit. is there any tape holding the fabric on the roll? cellophane and masking tape can leave marks solid might yellow no matter how it is stored. oxyclean will easily brighten it up.
New Posts  All Forums: