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try Mr. Ned
Geoff Good luck I have a workroom of 6 people I would never use the word Artisanal. It is just as useless as the word Bespoke. I am not saying they do not take pride or care. I have seen great work out of India. and fabric from the right mills in India are excellent.
most RTW suits will not name the mill unless it is something they think they can charge more for Loro piana or Zegna there are plenty of mills that you have never heard of that produce high quality fabric. they might label the count 120s or140s etc. mfg do not need to label the country of origin of the fabric
I have made samples for numerous shirt start -ups over the years. I am not trying to be a dick.. just my honest opinion. the iconic collar seam is the type of detail for the sake of a detail. "what can we do different" I think it will turn off more customers then attract customers on this site. not edgy enough for the street wear and denim crowd. a little too quirky (not in a good way) for classic menswear. I see it for a sort of Frat boy, who wants to look cool in...
NWas the shirt washed?Sleeves are 1/2+ too long. Cuffs too large in circumference. Sometimes weird around your neck. Can they make the shirt without the bias split yoke?
Pictures are good self measured, or measured by a sales person or tailor first the button placement is way too high. loose the ticket pocket too much room at the collar not sure what is going on at the top of the sleeve
you can not lengthen the body of a suit. shortening is even a bad idea. unless your tailor is really good.
36S is better
I did very little for boardwalkGreenfield made the suitsLook for a union label inside the pockets.Did you find this in nyc or California. Most wardrobes are sent back to LA. Then sold off pretty placed in a warehouse for future use. Curious to see the label inside.
good luck on the next version. amny of the sales people at these types of operations just do not have the expertise to see the problems and get it right.
New Posts  All Forums: