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for untuckekd you would have to let the waiist measurement out and hip measurement in 1" both ways should do the trickif the shirt was washed at least twice.. sleeves are too short by at least 1/2"+ if washed you need even longer sleeve length.tail length looks ok
the only problem is finding good tailors who know how to fit, as well as speak enough english to understand what the customer wants
40 years ago, my grandfather's driver wore one with a dark jacket as well. today, it would look a bit theatrical or punk circa mid 70's. think New york Dolls
take them out of the plastic!!!
your customers don't complain about the extra fabric at bunching up at the wrist?your cut is very different from the standard shirt being produced today
i am still confused.8.25 is very tight.that seems like it would catch the forarm. what happens if someone reaches out for something.I can imagine seeing someone go through an elbow because it is too tight.you would have to leave a lot of fullness in the sleeve.i would love to see the shirt on someone.
why are the button holes on the cuff pushed so far back towards the sleeve. that looks like a one button cuff.wouldn't the cuff hang over the hand?
take the leather jacket to David Menkes144 fifth ave. #3new york, new york 10011212.989.3706by appointment onlydon't be scared by his website
2 yards is plenty for normal size. my cutter can get a shirt out of 1.5 for smaller customers and stripes still match. if the shirtmaker is using automated cutting systems, they might need more fabric then usual. but if something is damaged in making then you might have to go to the trouble of buying an extra yard later on. on pre washing fabric. you would have to tell the shirtmaker that you have pre-washed the fabric. otherwise, they will still add in shrinkage...
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