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these are mostly to be worn in a casual environment.' but not a problem wearing with a tie if in a less conservative work environment
If your clothing fits well, then people will notice.they may not say anything,
Gus I guess you miss the good old days. alot more serious opinions back then.. woolymamouth I have been waiting for several years for that trend to die. Robert Graham is the king of the Suburban "look at me shirt." OK the pink on pink is a bit toned down, but why? so you can roll your cuffs up
you are quite naive.i am not saying you can't make money at this,To break into a crowded market you need interesting designs.design some interesting patterns and have them digitally printed.finding fabric on line is a waste of time.are you in York, Pennsylvania or York England.either way, you are in the hinterlands.
you seem to have sloping shoulders.it is possible to cleanup by removing the sleeves cleaning up the slopes and re-attach the sleeves
Almost all shirts under $100 are made in automated factories in Asia. this means that one is not really better then the next one. styles will differ fits will differ fabrics will all differ. what this means is, buy what fits and that you like the style. just try shirts on!!! kamakura seems to be an exception in the RTW shirt market. it has better construction then most RTW shirts. Most MTM shirts that are less then $100 are not the best construction either
Buffalo used to have several really good suit factories. all closed.so there might be some older Italian tailors left, who are really good
chest/armhole looks a tad tight.but fine if you are comfortable.
you might want to try someone who works with leather
post a photo wearing the shirt collar buttoned. i can then tell if it is fixable and how it should be done
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