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the old Mom and Pop stores are mostly gone. there are plenty of new single unit shops with a vision just as there were in the past. It is just that the old timers miss their old haunts
it might be perfect. just really bad lighting????to much taper at the waist for an untucked casual shirt.who picked fabric?collar style?square bottom?if it was you?then the shirtmaker needs to talk you out of such bad decisions
cant tell much about the fabric. but seems off need to work on shoulder slopes. also chest +1-2" waist 1-2 hip + 2 longer by at least 1.5" the square bottom works with only certain types of fabric. the collar is all wrong for a square bottom. and a BD collar is also wrong for a square bottom
Free shirt with every positive review!
they will not fit. the smaller size is the correct size.the new reversible studs are all too large
the studs should match the cufflinks check on the size of the studs vs the size of the buttonhole on the front of your shirt I have noticed that some studs, especially the reversible types are often too large for the buttonholes
this part of the forum is the wrong place for your idea!!!
do not attempt this with a non iron -wrinkle free shirt. get a seam ripper and work slowly. find someone or yourself with a sewing machine and replace. sounds like something they might sell at the dover street market for $350
removing the loops is not that hard.where is the fabric coming from for the side tabs.have the pants hems been finished?you could get fabric from pant bottoms if they have not been finished
Moths love cashmere
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