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some custom shirtmakers could do this. GBRis an ass. but i do agree. it is an odd look
As if I need new shirts Top right Button down this is a slight spread BD 3" point sorry, i don't like big rolling button down collars. shorter version of the Ed Morel BD Blue green Micro stripe Zegna overstock. not sure of the mill 120/2 coroza nut buttons White heavy Oxford. India. this stuff is bullet proof MOP buttons Black stripe no idea which mill 120/2 smoke pearl buttons Blue Melange Grandi & Rubinelli form collection not in stock book Coroza nut...
that is a wide spread collar is this you in the shirt? If yes.. then this shirt does not fit you. I hate to take food out of mauro's mouth (we are Friends) this cut is too tight in the chest and hips and too short in the sleeves.
just take it to a tailor they can shorten the sleeves(make sure they move the sleeve placket. and take in the body. the collar will be big, but live with it.
you asked for opinions I help forum member all the time with the fit of their shirts the Boss shirt does not fit at all. what size is the shirt. do you know your real size? your mother may have spent a bit of money on the shirt it does not mean it fits . the second shirt is a bit trimmer and the sleeves are shorter. My response was not nearly as harsh as what other forum members may have told you.
yes this fits better
equal but different.for $50 it is a shirt.
no clue..i am a custom shirtmaker..everything i do is cut to orderonly suggestion is to go into a store and try shirts on.
sure you can wear this in public .your body is covered..does it fit well?NO!it is worth putting $40 of alterations into the shirt?
it fits fine if it was 1989. sleeves too long, body is too full for your skinny frame
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