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it is used as a stabilizer in softer weaves.
darts will helpmake sure the tailor does not take in the hips too much. so you can tuck the shirt down all the way.it is hard to make it a l disappear and still be able to sit down.you are wearing low rise jeans.
not all is lost. just would be a very expensive. i have seen buttonholes woven closed. then recut. the problem is the lapels are pressed for the other shape. that might be hard to repress
just take to your local shoe repair store. done!
i haven't figured out how they get measurements i want to see a non tailor work with a basted fitting that does not have buttonholes who is going to pin the front. it is an adventurous concept. one that could land VC money. I just don't see how it can work.
pedro is working from his old space on broadway btw 22-23 east side of the street.
I have seen worse.you have sloping shouldersadd an 1" to chest.ask them to drop the armhole slightlyand widen the sleeveadd darts
the LV logo makes a statement. I think it is the wrong one! http://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/pocket-organiser-taiga-009131#M32829 see if this comes in black i had a wallet in this finish that was stylish, yet discrete.
Thom sol T found 100 % wool, American made pre- Fringed tartan plaids. in a warehouse in the Bronx. he turned them into scarves. who do we sell them to? Carl
looks more like an orphaned suit jacket. change the buttons to something more casual. brown horn type. the sizing is ok.
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