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some people are into that sort of thing.he will do a good job.there is lso a guy on Allen street just above delancy.
take the leather jacket to David Menkes144 fifth ave. #3new york, new york 10011212.989.3706by appointment onlydon't be scared by his website
2 yards is plenty for normal size. my cutter can get a shirt out of 1.5 for smaller customers and stripes still match. if the shirtmaker is using automated cutting systems, they might need more fabric then usual. but if something is damaged in making then you might have to go to the trouble of buying an extra yard later on. on pre washing fabric. you would have to tell the shirtmaker that you have pre-washed the fabric. otherwise, they will still add in shrinkage...
the rise of trousers was higher and the lets fuller. full cut shirt does not look as good with tight low rise jeans or pants
why do you never give constructive answersHD i can refer if you live or want to workin NYC.do you have any skills?have you taken any classes?practiced at home form books?
rolling up to below the elbow. may cause stress on the sleevei roll my sleeves to above the elbow..i would not change the armhole.just at the elbow through the forearm.does the cuff feel tight? sometimes fused cuffs shrink more then they should
the chest, is too tightthe armhole and sleeve are way too small.the breaks at the sleeve from the side are normal.. except yours are too tight!your posture looks off, but that might be due to taking the photos yourselfyou have a right low shoulder that seems to push forward, hence the breaksthe fullness in back is normal. add very deep darts.you can take more shape at the waist, but you will end up with an hourglass of a shirt.
you must be leaning on that elbow.. sometimes if the cuffs are too tight, it can cause stress at the elbow as well.we have a way of patching an elbow, that is good , all things considered.if your shirtmaker has fabric, then they can replace a sleeve
the gucci shirt is very well made. how much do you pay for the quality? how much is the gucci name worth. I would guess this is a $500 shirt at retail
you should wear a white pocket square. it is fine for the groomsmen to wear blush pocket squares
New Posts  All Forums: