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Never mind!
Other than the construction that is pretty perfect. I might just wait until the sales after the holidays and pick one up. Thanks.
I'm always interested in knowing why something is "hideous" or "bad." Alternative suggestions are always welcome, too (which is why I'm seeking advisement).
Here's another question:   Is this pattern acceptable for a formal tux, or do you go with straight black if wearing a black tux?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/The-Great-Gatsby-Collection-Backless-Vest/MZ00015_____BLCK_MED______,default,pd.html?omnpp=recently%20viewed#BVQAWidgetID
Thanks, ezlau. Whichever tux I go with, I may just go with unvented. I'll also upgrade my captoes for the event, since it's a good excuse to spend a little extra! As for the pockets, would that look tacky?
Thank you for all of the responses. I plan on wearing the tux more often after the wedding. As my business grows, I'd like to attend more black tie affairs.   I figured the BB tux was great value; especially since I'll probably pick it up on their day after Christmas sale (30-40% off, I assume). If not, I'll use my corporate card during their next 30% off sale. My main concerns are the fabric, pocket flaps, and center vent. So if that's the route I'm going:   1. Do you...
That is quite stunning, thank you. It's a bit out of my price range. What do you think about the Gatsby tux from BB?
I know there are a lot of tuxedo threads but this is in regard to my particular situation. I'm willing to spend about $1500 on my wedding tuxedo, but need some direction. Here are different thoughts that I've had, and I'm hoping you can help steer me down the right path:   -I'm looking for something classic. There are a lot of "rules" of what's good and what's not, and I'm not sure where all of them come from, but I agree that some things are just more aesthetically...
Edit: found what I was looking for.
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