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Anyone familiar with their in-store hemming? Was thinking of buying a number of trousers (UVC included) online and sending them along with a family member to NYC for free hemming. I'd get them to match the hem I got on my first pair of vintage chinos, but I was wondering if the hemming is done on the spot, or if it's a "come back next week" type deal. Thanks folks.
  A-Mart, I recently purchased a 42R Mil-Spec and the p2p is 22.5". I have a 42" chest as well, and I considered trying the 40R as well, but the 42R fits rather well (a little room to spare, but I like to have a good range of motion while driving, for wearing sweaters, etc. as it gets pretty chilly in Maryland around January/February especially) and I didn't feel like paying the extra $20 for shipping coats back and forth. Going by the p2p I cited, this coat would fit a...
Received my Sterlingwear Mil-Spec 42R this morning. The p2p is 22.5" (so definitely disregard Michele's email to me citing a 21" p2p - it is definitely not!) and fits me with a little room to spare. I have a 42" chest, and Peacoat was correct in thinking that a p2p of 22.5" would fit a 43" chest a bit better. However, as I plan on wearing thick and thin sweaters underneath and want to hang on to a good range of motion, the 42R stays with me. Quality of the coat is...
  Select your size, check to make sure that the shoe is shipped and sold by Amazon, then see if there's a banner below the price advertising the promo. No banner = no discount, I believe.
  Should be $218 with coupon (Enter promo code CYBRSHOE at checkout to save $20 off $100 orders or $50 off $200 orders on eligible items sold and shipped directly by Amazon. Sale ends on November 29, 2012.)   Seems as good a price as ever - usually around $200 during the Nordstrom sales but would be subject to tax. Not sure where you're located - you might have to pay tax anyways.
  Thanks, the p2p you gave on the 40R would be quite tight for me - given that the chest size (p2p 23") on the medium Bayswater I tried on was only slightly roomy, I think a p2p of 21" would be pushing it. Liking the thick wool - this will be a winter coat in Maryland so bring on the cold.   If I recall, you sent a peacoat back to Sterlingwear - may I ask how much return shipping usually runs?
  Excellent, thanks very much Peacoat. I'm going for a 40R Mil-Spec (I'll call when they open on Friday), will post pics and measurements when it is delivered.
  I have a 42" chest - hazard a guess as to what size Mil-Spec I should order?
  I'm with you, Peacoat. From what you say, it seems like a Mil-Spec 42R would correspond to a chest size of 43, which is probably perfect for me.   I measured the J Crew Bayswater sizes medium and large and found the p2p measurements to be 23" and 24.5", respectively (hopefully I measured correctly). I like the chest size on the medium - I think what's throwing me off is the sleeve length in relation to the armhole position and the overall length of the coat (it is quite...
Tried on the Bayswater in medium and large - I liked the sleeves on the large, but the body was just too big for me. The medium was a bit small all over, tight across the chest, overly short sleeves, didn't like that my range of motion was limited by the medium coat.   So it's back to the Mil-Spec - Michele from Sterlingwear emailed me with a p2p measurement for the 42R (I have a 42" chest). She said that the 42R has a 21" p2p. Peacoat, from your sizing info a 21"...
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