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 Levi Jacket with the label unpicked from the inside and re-sewn above the left breast pocket! Thought it was only those of us round my neck of the woods that did that, Mak, cos I remember talking to some lads fom York at Skeggy one Bank Holiday and they thought we were crazy defacing the jacket! Guess it was a way of showing off the brand, but we never really thought about it, it was just the done thing.   From the Soul-source thread.
There not really skinheads there Sharpie's. In the early 70s there were skinheads in Melbourne, guys that had come out from the UK & aussies that had seen skinheads on telly and in magazines. Then when skinhead gaveway to smoothie and so on in the UK, Melbourne it went into Sharpie. Sharpie lasted well in to the mid 80s & skinhead reemerged 79/80 and has been in Melbourne since. You still see the odd Sharpie in northern Melbourne from time to time and i meet a 20 year old...
Sorry but NO! I love Cock Sparrer but I wouldn't be seen dead in that.
So Doc's have lost me! I have only ever had English made Doc boot, but as my ever day boots have finally given up on me (I bought them in 94). So I whent on the hunt for a new pair! I can't get any English made in my size in town or on Ebay. I was told of one shop that may have some in my size UK 10 as I have worn that size since 1988. They had one pair in UK 10 cherry so I grabbed them got home and did my old army trick filled them with hot water to break then...
Thanks all, I did see it when I lived in Scotland and one or two in london in the 90's but I never new why.
 Does anyone know the origin of sowing a Levi label on the front of your Levi jacket?
Well hello all. I have just managed to all the way through the thread (it takes some time). I 'm a long time skinhead (I have been since I was 13, I'm 38 now), I have enjoyed the read & hope to contribute. Cheers all.
Hello all, I'm Kenny, I have been a skinhead for a very long time. And as you all know every skinhead wants to be "Boss as F*@k". I dress very traditionally & I'm very into the attention to detail Boots, shoes, jeans, suits etc. cheers, Kenny.
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