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I typically wear an XS in everything but I ended up getting a small because they didn't have any extra-smalls available. The jacket is huge. I was looking at the measurements for the XS but they weren't significantly different from the small. That being said, its a great jacket.
They have 32 length in various items...just not all items.
So...English is clearly not your first language.
My bad. Cranky all day...woke up too bloody early this morning.
Is this a serious question? 
I think it looks great, and when I wear it I don't notice it at all.     I was planning on getting some too, are they really that revealing? o_O
I don't know why but your posts are hilariously sarcastic.   This thread is turning into a joke thread, although I suppose the collab was a joke to begin with.
I'd give it a couple of days, since NYC only recently got back their electricity. Typing the tracking no. in google always works for me, as it can figure out the carrier from the number. 
How recently did you ship it back to them?
I don't know how things were 30 years ago, but I've worn relatively thin cardis for the past 5-6 years without people talking about how I'm not wearing "age-appropriate" clothing. In contrast, the vast majority of v-neck sweaters I see are on the older generation (30-40~ish). That's not to say that the same subset of the population won't also wear cardigans, but I also don't see people from generation Y wearing v-neck sweaters with the same regularity either.
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