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A.P.C. used to make the occasional standout piece (generally outerwear) that was relatively affordable, not so sure that's true anymore. Their Louis W. stuff looks good but at those prices I'm probably going to buy from somewhere else.    As for BoO, I can't remember the last time I ever wanted something from them.
Melon - love the jacket and sweater. sick fit.
They look pretty narrow though. I'm a euro 42. And I also wear a 42 for common projects as well. 
Lets be honest, 400 for gatz is pretty fucked up. Even so we'll all swallow the price because its Marg. 
I think I would vote for made in USA if the price difference was a little less extreme...we're paying 50% more for no appreciable difference in quality. Honestly, Chinese manufacturing processes have improved so much that made in USA seems almost pointless. 
These actually look pretty nice. I'm wondering about how comfortable they are.  
Not feeling the last few pages.
Even if you wanted them, where would you get them? I thought they were limited release.
Judging from the lookbook for S/S they released a while back, I wouldn't expect too much from the rest of the SS releases.
Well if you knew what Gyak was to begin with, you'd be less likely to need a stupid ad campaign to convince you to buy into their collection.
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