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I never judged, I simply made a comparison to a famous dictator. Judging someone implies that I made an opinion or decision about him/her.
No, what you have managed to do is over-analyze the situation and impose your personal beliefs on everyone else. Like I said, mind your own fucking business. The upside is that you get to wear what YOU want. And everyone else gets to wear what THEY want. The downside is that you have to stop acting like Hitler. 
I'm not telling telling you to live alone, I'm telling you to mind your own fucking business. I feel like I'm talking to a bunch of women...
You have to be an incredibly small person to feel that judging people is part of growing up.  
People wear what they like. I'm sure you've worn worse things in your life. Honestly, its more sad that you care so much about what others wear.  Seriously, who the fuck cares? Its none of your damn business what other people wear. 
SLVR makes decent looking shoes, but they can fuck your feet up. The leather from one of their shoes actually cut into my toes.
I feel like S/S collections are weak in general. 
Oh I'm sorry, did I offend your puritanical sensibilities?  You posted some ugly ass shoes, what did you expect? A pat on the back? Grow the fuck up.
It looks like shit. 
That's fucking disgusting. I can picture them taking them back with tongs and throwing them in a furnace or a big bonfire.
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