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It was me! Thanks :)  [[SPOILER]]  10. The Pier Falls So the only Mark Haddon writing I'd read before this short story collection was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NIght-time which was a slightly funny and off beat novel. Let's just say that Haddon is a versatile writer, as these stories bore little resemblance to the writing, content or humour in Curious Incident. That being said, they are great. Each story is substantially different from the one before it - some...
So close between the crane and the koi, if the koi hadn't have had the Osaka it would have had my vote. As it stands: crane.
[[SPOILER]]  9. Short Stories inspired by Laurinda Loads of stories written by teens in response to the book Laurinda, the author (Alice Pung) selected them based on voice. Some are ok, some are close to good, many are a bit basic. Unfortunately the content of the writing was quite boring - so many starting a new school for the first time stories. On the other hand this is a rare chance for average teenagers to actually get published in Australia telling very mundane...
That is a really, really good book and a great choice !
[[SPOILER]]  8. Laurinda What a great book. I don't know if the other Aussies have read anything by Alice Pung, but this novel broadly sticks within familar ground: coming of age as an Asian in suburban Melbourne. While not explicit, the references to Melbourne are pretty obvious (Sunray is the suburb, which is obviously Sunshine), etc. Anyway, the novel follows Linh who (unexpectedly) receives the first open equity scholarship to the prestigious Laurinda - a private girls...
 I'm busy Wednesday but free Friday next week, does that suit the four of us? Otherwise, let's default to Thursday and hope the elder fox is available.  As for location - somewhere near Kingston on the water, I don't know where's good or average, so looking to you fellas for advice.
 The prices are definitely fair, especially on new books. There are some rare books on there which are very expensive, but they should be easy to spot based on price tag. If she likes pictures of kids there are books I can recommend but I don't think any are in print right now (Sally Mann's family pictures, Carry me Ohio by Matt Eich come to mind). Veganism I'm a bit less sure of.
Browse and pick something you like from there :)   ...or give her a copy of Minutes to Midnight by Trent Parke
 Tuesday or Thursday works. Could do tomorrow but it's hot as all fuck and I ride to and from work. @Marbles @mcfoxyfoxfoxfox
Hey guys, recently settled into Canberra - apart from the illustrious and excellent Geoff would anyone be keen for meeting up after work one day? I'm in Kingston so anywhere central is fine for me.
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