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 Having read a lot of his blog, this is definitely not the case - he's very self aware. If you don't like it that's fine. The measure of the quality of a book isn't how entertaining it is ;). LOTR is a good fantasy that's poorly written, for example. When discussing books people seem to enforce their standards of entertainment/enjoyment on the quality of the writing/book, which is just banal and childish. You don't sound like you're all that widely read, it's not even a...
Reading books is basically the best thing possible.   Don't be ignorant Oli, it's not attractive.
 Ursula leGuin's works.Early Feist (which is really the only Feist worth reading)Ian Irvine's first two seriesJennifer Fallon (not sure what was pre-2000)  ... once again this conversation seems to be turning into the GoT vs all else bullshit I'm tired of. If you like it, fine, they're likeable books! but that doesn't mean that:a) They don't have a plethora of flawsb) They are particularly good fantasy
 Name of the Wind.
 This is great.
 There have always been more interesting spec fiction authors than GRRM.Of course its mediocre when pitten against a strong novel - they aren't strong novels (nor are they trying to be)I have no idea what 'my sub division' means unless you're an AI (hardcore Gibson reference)TV is pretty lame anyway I'm really irked by people talking about how it is 'great fantasy', yet whom haven't even read anything that counts as fantasy outside of an experiment with some Arthurian shit...
[[SPOILER]]  26. Steelheart Brandon Sanderson's post-apocalyptic novel fits squarely in the grey area between fantasy and SF. Ostensibly, it's a tale about an Earth changed by the arrival of Epics - humanoids that possess a combination of powers (each one different to the others). Epics aren't united and in the fifteen years or so between when they started arriving and when the novel is set, many have found their own kingdom. Their powers are like magic, but technology...
Read the novels, not a huge fan. The amount of hype the franchise has received irks me, and the flaws in the writing are obvious, but when pointing them out the fanbois go mental at the arrogance of pointing out the flaws of RR Martin.   TBH - it's only doing as well as it's doing because of sex, violence and good casting - it's a great TV show and a relatively run of the mill book series, just wish we could all acknowledge that.
Brad, please use your lolita connections for this challenge.
Snowcrash is actually my favourite novel.
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