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 Thank you! A zine is basically a small, DIY magazine. Lots of fun, maybe not that serious. Sold 7 so far :)
Look into Kazuna?
...and finished making my own zine and it's here from the printers.   If you'd like a copy it'll cost you 7 GBD, 15 AUD or 11USD shipped to your door.   More info here: http://mwd.photography/Buy-my-art   ..and here are some of the images that are in the zine          
Hey guys,   Don't want to be too much of a shill - so I'll post this once. I've recently collated some of my photos into a small zine - it's available for purchase here: http://mwd.photography/Buy-my-art   Only mentioning this because a number of gents in the thread have shown a consistent interest and been incredibly helpful in providing feedback and my progress (such as it is).
[[SPOILER]]  68. About a Boy Typical Nick Hornby - insightful and direct narrators navigate a loose ensemble of weird and wonderful supporting characters as each narrator navigates growing up. Interesting, sometimes witty, not his best. I think I've read too much of this sort of British writing recently - Iain Banks also wrote in a similar style too.69. Dirt Music Lu and Georgiana live in White Point, a fishing town in Western Australia that is full of cash but lacking...
[[SPOILER]]  67. The Quarry My first Iain Banks novel - this is a bit of an odd one. The narrator is an 18-year-old with Asperger's whose Dad is very near death (cancer). One weekend all of his father's old university friends visit, and the novel largely deals with the dynamics between each character. The novel touches on a few dynmaics, but doesn't really explore them. And so it feels shallow. However, Banks does an interesting job with Kit (the narrator), and does manage...
[[SPOILER]]  65. The Silent History Really engaging. Poses a future where children are being born without the ability to comprehend language, nicely written. Cool stuff. 66. Slam Teen pregnancy. Nick Hornby is witty and insightful as an author! Good read. Sorry my reviews suck, been in a whirlwind!
Thanks guys - there's actually a CT in town here in Cambridge (where I'm at), and I'll check that out. There are quite a few clothing stores, but many of them have so-so goods, but always a few gems!
Hey I made a new series - here it is: http://mwd.photography/It-s-Spring-and-I-m-Alone-1   Fun to make, like having it done. Here are some select images:      
Hey guys, a few months ago someone (@HenryCarter?) was talking about a pants factory that manufactures for Epaulet and Howard Yount, and sell some of their own pants - does anyone have the name of the company?   Needing some flannel pants and maybe some moleskins (now live in England).
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