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 Glad to hear that the scanning is easy - that's one of the biggest draws for me with MF: being able to scan it at a higher resolution AND with some appropriate changes. Cost of film is obviously higher, but perhaps that's not such a bad thing. On the other hand 35mm is so cheap and so light and easy.  I haven't actually seen this - I don't have any thoughts about poverty tourism, but I know Salgado has a long history of wanting to use the camera to arrest people's...
I haven't ever developed my own film - I only shoot colour at the moment and my living situation isn't really condusive to developing (share houses, living with my gf on her floor, travel, etc). Maybe in 2017 I will start, I think I'll be shooting more MF then (all 35mm now) so I'd like to scan my own negs, just for cost.   That being said I'm learning colour printing (from a neg in a dark room) soon, which will hopefully be fun.   I occasionally consider shooting...
What are you shooting with mate?
Enjoying the conversation lads - don't have much to respond with, but might type a little up. DR pointed out some good flaws in my points.
 1. Word choice does, though, have massive implications into how something is received, and gives key insight into a speaker/writer's intentions, which are a huge part of whether someone will believe someone as right or wrong. Very little is objective, and without appropriate word choice objectivity won't be accepted as such. 2. How could it not be important? A speaker is only half of the conversation (or in this case even less) - if how words are received is changing,...
Atonement is trash.
I think your response is also a little hysterical.
If the wider lens turns out to be an issue it will shoot in 35mm format - it will self-crop for you and display that in live view.   Which is fine for almost every photo you'd take, barring a few different situations.
 Having non-aluminiuml deoderant made a big difference - no sweat stains in the pits. But this is on the collar, round the back of the neck. Only with some shirts - which I guess there's a reason for but I don't know it. Will try the napi-san paste - though in the UK so hope there's an equivalent - and when I'm back to regular living situation will toss the affected shirts in a bucket.
Sweat stains on the collars of some of my shirts - what to do?   Napi-San?   Vinegar?   Something else?   Give it a soak? Just run something extra through a regular wash? Set the water to super hot and then blast it?
New Posts  All Forums: