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 You coming down sometime soon?
Ha!   Prior to buying, I asked a sizing question and the Peir Wu webstore guru emailed me saying: please consider the navy version, the plum melange has a thinner lining, so it is not as warm.   Lol, who needs real warmth in Ausland?
I love their T Shirts.
 I did! I'm really keen to pick up a shirt (if they do one) and will be interested to see what happens.
Autumn is starting:  [[SPOILER]]  Peir WuNiqueUniqloConssssssssss
Streetwear today:
[[SPOILER]]  19. Grapes of Wrath This filled a gap in reading while waiting for book depository orders to arrive. I've read it once before and loved it dearly, but this time I found it labourious and slow, the vernacular obnoxious and deafening and the predictability of the narrative disengaging, rather than harrowing. Seminal, vital, important, brutal, etc all still apply, but perhaps 'unputdownable' no longer, for me. Maybe there are just some books that hit hard once...
 Chris Riddell is just fantastic, such an amazing artist. His work is always sublime.
[[SPOILER]]  18. Quack this Way This is an interview between David Foster Wallace and Bryan Garner. It is basically two authors (albeit from very different backgrounds - DFW nonfiction essays and fictional writing, BG from a legal and linguistic POV) talking about writing, language, words and how we think through the language that we use. It is candid, to the point, eloquent and informative. I really, really, really enjoyed this short read. It's something I wish I taught...
:D I hope it makes me a real man. :'(
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