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Wow - much better than most IR I've seen - very sharp throughout the field and great contrast. Love the shots.
lol, no
[[SPOILER]]  44. Cloudstreet I think that this is the last quintessential Australian novel that I'd not yet read, so it was with a bit of trepidation and excitement that I picked this up. Cloudstreet is a story that follows two large families: the Pickles and the Lambs. Each experience a separate tragedy that sees their families move from rural Western Australia to Perth. The Pickles inherit a house, and the Lambs become tenants. The story meanders around the intersecting...
IR is so sharp, but I've never seen it work without a ton of PP. Case in point is MoK's picture - so sharp, yet low contrast BnW is blergh.
I'm definitely hitting up most of the stuff at the Uniqlo collab - the coat and pants would be interesting - no chance to try them in Australia.
That Hartnett sounds interesting - I'm reading Cloudstreet at the moment, and it's hard not to read some parallels there.
[[SPOILER]]  43. The Honours An attempt at tension fails to climax. Noob: having not read that particular text I'll ruminate a bit below. 1. I suspect part of it is genre-specific, for two main reasons. The first is that explicit world-building (ie, starting with specific exposition) is fairly passe, and also a bit tired, so often at the expense of brevity or clarity world-building is shown through writing - not always the most satisfying. The second is that SF is a genre...
What are those pants El_B?
Hiroshima was my favourite place in Japan - highly recommended. Food is good, it's easy to get around, very picturesque.
 I have an ASUS ultrabook from, like, 2 years ago? It's not the best but it handles LR fine if you're willing to deal with a bit of lag/loading time.
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