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That sounds likea  really worthwhile read.   And I am actually reading the Homo Deus book at the moment!   Thanks for adding to the Kelly stuff, I must admit Kelly's story/letter are definitely not familiar to me (whoops) so I'm a babe in the woods with this stuff.
I don't think so - I read 2-3 Carey books in 2014 and, apart from Strange in Japan, I can't remember which ones they were (just whatever was kicking around in the library in Warrnambool).
Non-Fiction = Sapiens.   Honestly I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy and learn from reading that book.
I know that this is quite ignorant of me, but who is O'Shea - a menswear blogger? - what is his role outside of Brioni?
Not sure about those pants Alex - something about the calves looks a bit off, but perhaps that's just the picture, or me.
Awesome - there are also facilities at ANU so I might take a continuing education course there to get access there, price isn't too bad, but timing might be terrible.
I learned how to print colour from negs recently.   It's great! Unfortunately there aren't that many places in Australia (maybe 2-3) that I can do what I did in London, which is disappointing. 
 Sure that you didn't see The Arm?
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