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[[SPOILER]]  Big shirt billowing in the breeze. Still should grab some different sneakers.
Bro, you know I love you, but this fit is fucking daggy as mate. Dad shirt, Dad jeans, Dad shoes, Dad jacket. It's actually like my 65 year old father lost 50 kg and blurred his face. You can do so much better. I don't get the appeal of this, it's not in any way youthful, or even interesting. Sorry to be overly harsh, but jesus this is beyond conservative - it's just upsetting.
[[SPOILER]]  9. The Boat This is a collection of short stories that center around feelings of isolation, powerlessness and pressure. Some of them are good (the first one is excellent, and another captures so beautifully the issues with masculinity in rural Australia I was shocked how well Nam Le articulated them), others are a bit beige for me (the story of a man caught between his hit man job, and his friends, in particular, seemed pointless). I didn't mind this...
LJ: what is your job, can I have a similar role, I know a lot about ME/Central Asian history.
[[SPOILER]]  8. Holy Bible Set in 1991, in Ballarat (that's Australia for those of you not familiar with rural Victoria) this book chronicles the lives of a family living within an extreme Christian sect, who are excitedly awaiting the end of days (they believe Jesus is returning, due to the Gulf War). Initially following Tranquility Bloom, a teenager aspiring to be a nurse, the novel meanders its way through the three female members of the Bloom family, and in doing so...
Alterations question: if I have a shirt that has some excess material in the back is this easily fixable? I have a feeling this is what darts are used for, but I'm not sure.
I love Wes Anderson - I'm grabbing that book.
Pants and coats look good - not feeling the jacks or the long polos.
 I'm sure your level head would be much more useful!
[[SPOILER]]  7. On the Trail of Genghis Khan Tim Cope (the author of this novel), rides a horse from Mongolia to Hungary. Along the way he meets a lot of people, and learns a lot about what it means to actually live nomadically. The novel follows his journey, but also contains significant amounts of history of the regions his travel (Mongolia, Kazahkstan, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary), discussing the history of the regions on the Khanate, and also under the more recent USSR...
New Posts  All Forums: