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 Chris Riddell is just fantastic, such an amazing artist. His work is always sublime.
[[SPOILER]]  18. Quack this Way This is an interview between David Foster Wallace and Bryan Garner. It is basically two authors (albeit from very different backgrounds - DFW nonfiction essays and fictional writing, BG from a legal and linguistic POV) talking about writing, language, words and how we think through the language that we use. It is candid, to the point, eloquent and informative. I really, really, really enjoyed this short read. It's something I wish I taught...
:D I hope it makes me a real man. :'(
 Median level.
Edit: re-read.
Ari, pls, I'm no previous level pleb.
[[SPOILER]]  16. Sabriel Great YA fantasy. Massive guilty pleasure and nostalgia trip. Necromancer that controls the dead with music. Pretty baller. 17. Hitler's Daughter Had to read this for school. Kids milling at a bus stop tell stories to pass the time. One morning a girl starts telling a story about a fictional daughter of Hitler, which prompts the main character the ask a lot of questions, think a lot about the nature of story telling and generally get sucked in.
 ...because the example wasn't the point, and still isn't. Even accepting that there are some differences, these do not justify the difference in price. Which was my point: the price of luxury goods is not dependent on materials or labour. Leather is a more expensive material than canvas, but that's not why Rick Owens Sneakers are 10-11x the price of Cons.   
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