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SWD is too individualistic for Oli's approach (his approach, to me, has always been that there's a definitive and versatile series of items that are symbiotic).   For me, Oli, I'd never wear a lot of outerwear, but I like black coats. I would not really consider a Pea Coat - for example - something I'd ever wear. At all. And I have a list of minimal stuff 'to own'.   SWD is too fragmented for this approach: and I think the very aim of SWD is so oppositional to things...
That shirt is incredibly cool.
That Dries bomber.
 Yes, Taiwan is so good. Massively underrated! Hopefully meet you soon.
If you're in Melbourne come.get bubble tea with us sometime
Platform 1 is more my scene
Oddly enough, I rolled into Melbourne around 6pm last Friday, and a friend I drove into town and I got into a lengthy discussion about men's and women's clothing. This woman is very interested in women's fashion.   We get to my parent's house where I drop the car, walk to Newport station and wait for our train - I look across the platform and Garry is there: an example that I point out to my friend, spawning further discussion.
Garry - we can start a new platform for people like us.
 Oddly Cox - looking at yours now, you seem to be suited for IG. Mainly because (it seems) the images are phone-shots, and IG is so much faster for uploading and sharing using a mobile device. It's a bit more intuitive that way. While I prefer tumblr (I also prefer using a computer to a phone or tablet) at the moment - I could see flickr changing some of its interface and really smashing tumblr and 500px to pieces. I like this discussion!
Rais are you in Australia?
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