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 Was reading in the Guardian that there are proposed changes to book importation/selling agreements that might make Australian publishing less plentiful (which would be terrible, there are so many great Australian books right now) - any clue about this?
 Do you think that those words make much of a difference for prospective buyers, though? I don't, really, and I don't think it matters much, it's like saying something is printed in the darkroom when it's actually C-type printed, there's a group of people that see that as misleading but most people won't care as long as the result is what they feel is worth paying for, hence I doubt that 4 words have much of an impact. Could be wrong.
 I think Pjs success has largely been marketing and communication. While I think the lighter-weight fabrics are a better choice, that's also a very considered part of his/their branding. Getting on the menswear train at the right time and expanding in the directions people have been interested in has made the biggest difference, IMO.
[[SPOILER]]  22. The Buddha of Suburbia This novel is essentially about three things:1. Not knowing yourself2. London in the 70s and 80s3. Immigrants ...and I really liked it. Karim is the main character - and the novel starts with him being quite young (aged 7 or 8 maybe). Early on Karim's father begins to get quite mystical, giving out advice to friends, and eventually almost becoming the suburb's Eastern Mystic. Karim's reaction to this (my Dad is a phony) sees him...
 Stick film in my Olympus OM1 from the 80s and fire away. Get scans back and add a little blue, drop highlights and add a bit more contrast.
I went to Iceland recently:                
Really want one of those Brisbane umbrellas.   Would be so good in England.
They all make good images so it matters more what you like. There is very little (if any) major differences between output in beginner gear.     IMO: 1. Why set on a DSLR? They are heavily, larger and make very little sense for someone who doesn't aspire to do a lot of PP or do anything particularly involved 2. For out of the camera .jpgs that are great the Ricoh GR or the Fuji x70/x100s are MUCH better - small, light, simple to use, give you almost every feature you...
Thanks for the recommendation, LET'S DO THIS.
SALT optics - love mine.
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