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 Yeah, sure bro, we all 'have a friend' who has done x and y, etc, etc. Your "friend's" secret is safe with me. DW I am legit, no need to vapourise or Bourne Identity me.
I really like that and think that the proportion would work well with your height/swagger.
Guys, JM didn't deny the rumour.   This means it is true.
11.   :/
 Which is why NCFOM and The Road really work for me (although the simplicity of the narratives also makes it easier for me to read and understand). A lot of the time I was reading the Border Trilogy I was lost - I had no idea what was happening, why, and didn't really care.... Yet every once and awhile there'd be this passage that hit me like a thunderbolt, and I'd keep reading, despite really not enjoying the experience. For me, he overwrited (parataxis) the stale, almost...
Apart from The Road and NCFOM I can't stand any McCarthy that I've read.   I just feel that it's so oddly dense that it becomes void of detail, completely barren of anything that piques me, and - as you say - grating. Blood Meridian would be the best example of this. There were so many parts where the events were exciting, but because of how consistently under/over-written (and I can't work out if his writing is over or under written, I think it's both) those events...
Pretty sure Rais is in Weipa.   ;)
Just some brown brogued oxfords. Couldn't tell you anything more specific than that, G.
OK, so my Mum bought me some Herring shoes for Christmas (she is a very organised person) and wanted me to try them on.   1. Wow, these are so solid, the construction really does feel to be superior and excellent - they are heavy soled, strong and a bit stiff. 2. Even she was impressed with the speed of delivery 3. I think I'd be pretty satisfied with Herring shoes for the rest of my life
+ large parts of the novel occurring in Australia, or during major events in Australia.
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