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All of that looks fucking excellent.   I like charred broccoli - tastes great!
 Well there were breaks in the book - blank pages that signaled the end and the beginning of things, but actually no, not particularly. Retrospectively, even, I can see a three clear changes, but not four. Go figure! GF: I haven't! I've got Year of the Flood and Madaadam to read, though!
[[SPOILER]]  29. Heart Goes Last An Atwood novel that felt like a clumsy Polanski film. Novel largely is about male-female social roles, but while there was much Atwood said the minor characters, in particular, was so bizarre and unweildy that the novel's surprises fell flat and everything felt like a C-grade movie.
I've heard only good things - think that's the gf's favourite book/author - should rent from the library.
Thanks for the input - will drop into both this weekend.
Gents - good place to buy a self-tie bow tie in black for not really much money because I'm probably only wearing it once (I hope never to wear a tux again)?   Kent Wang? Sam Hober? Something in the UK?
Time to bump this thread - I know lots of people enjoyed some SF a year or two ago - I think many people would love this novel - just copying a review from the 50 books thread.   28. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet   This book was excellent. Rosemary is a character who has paid all of her savings to forge an identity and escape some troubles. she finds work on the Wayfarer - a ship that is involved in the construction of inter-galactic transport gates as a clerk....
[[SPOILER]]  27. Use of Weapons I think someone recommended this book to me earlier in this thread. It's an Iain M Banks SF novel that, overall, I found quite good, but not great. The novel essentially follows a character whose employed to be aggressive - fight and win wars, instigate them, control them - by the peace-minded Culture, a galatic empire that is, more or less, the force. Dragged out of a semi-retirement Zakawle has to try and locate a politically important...
They are considered to be as good, if not better, than Guidi. Never heard a bad thing. A couple of blokes over in SWD have some.   Many of his designs are really top notch and seemed to be copied/interpreted by other designers.
 I think there are loads of cool casual shirting options. Pop overs are cool, and look good lots of the time. Shirts with grandpa collars are cool and look good lots of the time. Even weird kurta shirts are cool and look good lots of the time. Loose linen shirts are cool and look good lots of the time. Seer sucker shirts a la Camoshita are cool and look good lots of the time. Polos are so incredibly lame for a young bloke, and the only young people I see wearing them are...
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