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Cool stuff - how do you find working in large format?
 Up for any - I'll just be in each for a day or so. Very interested in cheap but good food and snacks, interesting places to wander around and beautiful things to see. Thanks :)
He still looks fine?
Anyone got recommendations for stores in Belgium? Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in particular. Especially interested in second hand/consignment stores.   @sipang @Syeknom ??? Pls help!
There's a photographer called Ron Jude - he made this work (http://ronjude.com/lago) all around the Salton Sea.   It reminded me very much of the inner-Australia that's in that photo.   Check it out!
[[SPOILER]]  6. Lagoon Nnedi Okorafor writes about Lagos - aliens visit and the city goes wild. Often pegged as a new voice in SF/fantasy this is the second book of hers that I've found cliche, dull and boring from start to end. I would not recommend this to anyone.
My first adult job took me to an odd and desert-like part of my state. After two years there I yearned for the coast again. On a whim, I moved 600km south of the desert to the extreme South of my state - where the grassland turns to forest which turns to sand and waves. I didn't love the town I'd moved to, I spent a lot of time trying to escape the status quo of football, netball, beers, fishing and white Australia by walking around, further and further afield to try and...
 Yes - a few years before. I haven't read the Luminaries, so no idea how it compares.
[[SPOILER]]  5. The RehearsalAn exceptional book - especially as a debut novel by Eleanor Catton. The novel opens with the 17 year old sister of the main character being caught in a sexual relationship with her music teacher. As the novel unfolds, various reactions are detailed: some girls are shocked, believing this to be a sin, others are intrigued and want to know the truth, in all its sordid and explicit detail, others are challenged by the school's response. Alongside...
I have a few of those titles on my bookdepository wishlist - will check if they are at the library in town!
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