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Felt burned out on Cibola Burn, too.   Water Knife is not as good as Windup Girl, IMO, but it is still a solid read - think I put a review in this thread?
Ok, I usually don't advocate this, but why not just use a credit card or take out a small loan - if looks have to be perfect, and the total cost isn't high ($750 for M2M shirts x5) maybe the best compromise??   Ultimately you either need: 1. More money 2. Accept a poorly fitting shirt
Hey guys,   Some photos of mine made it to a few websites recently, here's one where I was asked stock questions, read on for odd answers:   http://mullitover.cc/post/130465804253
For a few reasons: 1. Cost 2. Not really sure how often I'd wear a nice suit - I'd be happy with my one but the girl will be going to a few formal events and it's a lightweight wool, so not really appropriate for anything under 20 degrees 3. Time - I'm only in England for 9 months or so - waiting 10-12 weeks for a suit seems silly when that's potentially 1/3rd of the time I'm there   The Cad and the Dandy looks good.
Gents,   Moving the England soon - will need to buy a suit there - are there any decent M2M outfitters at around the 400-600 pound mark??   Thinking grey flannel - maybe DB.   Or, any places to look for good OTR stuff - really know a few Saville Row tailors, by name only, and that's it.
So, if you're like me, you've grown up with the War on Terror being the dominant conflict of your adolesence - and heard so much about Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and American soldiers you're a weird mix of tired, curious, war-sick and confused. Not sure what's gone well, or poorly, not sure what is true, and what is just current.   I read Sebastian Junger's War, partially based in this emotion and academic quagmire:   Sebastian Junger, a journalist and writer, spends...
[[SPOILER]]  60. War Sebastian Junger, a journalist and writer, spends 15 months embedded in the Korengal Valley with an Army unit. Through the book (it's long form journalism) he recounts events, but mainly focuses on the soldiers, their personalities, their experiences, the effects war has on them, and the more terrifying prospect of returning home. Junger also often discusses the role of a journalist and objectivity, and one feels his strain to be objective while being...
[[SPOILER]]  58. Confederacy of Dunces Do not understand why this book is so popular, found it hard going, obnoxious and turgid. I'm sure there's something I'm missing, perhaps it embodies something I just didn't realise.59. Half a King Great fantasy. I love fantasy because, ultimately, it's a hopeful genre - it assumes that people are looking to be better, and that, despite failures, the better people find a way to better the world. An easy read, enjoyable prose, avoids...
Coat would be sick, as would trousers.
Just use sutocorp, from Japan or zenmarket for proxy shipping, might add $15 or so to the total price.
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