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 100 is definitely about what I want to pay - 250, 300, 400, 500 quid jeans just aren't for me. Will check out Nudie  Cheers - I think I know where that store is so I'll pop in. Just near the crotch, ugly area to expose the world to. Thanks!
Fellas - I buy Uniqlo jeans but they rip in the same place (thigh) after, like, 3-4 months of wear. So I'm looking to try something else.   Anyone know a store in London that sells denim for not insane prices that they'd recommend I head to? Massive plus if the staff are kind and forgiving, massive negative if the store is a way too cool space full of arrogant fuck bags.    
 Excellent! I'm expecting to enjoy it, will move over sometime in mid-January, before Australia day. Thanks for the PM GF!
Sorry fellas, been in the jungle, couldn't risk taking books into constant downpours  [[SPOILER]]  40. Seveneves So, Seveneves is a book by Neal Stephenson which means that I am going to have trouble summarising it, as it's sort of about a lot of things. The novel starts with the Moon being destroyed - no one is sure how or why - which leads to a lot of meteorites and debris, all of which will, after 2 years, be drawn into Earth and basically destroy everything and heat...
Canberra Squad:   1. LonerMatt (me) is moving to Canberra January 2017 2. Girlfriend wants to live in the inner northish, which means I'll probably be riding my bike to where-ever I work 3. I'm much less obnoxious face to face, a few of the forumites can confirm, or deny 4. GF and Jason let's hang out - I like art and mountains so we're good   General thread  Now that the GBP is dropping against the AUD maybe I should start a proxy business until I leave...
 Drive out. Stand in awe every 10-15 minutes.
 You got the bug, mate. I'm currently in Guyana - visiting some places were less than 100 people go a year. Very lucky :)
 It's a piece of shit, but I'm glad you liked it.  
[[SPOILER]]  39. What Money Can't Buy Michael Sandel is an Economics Professor at Harvard - and in this book he takes a very unconventional perspective on economics: that markets often have negative effects on some types of good, services or objects. Working back from fairly extreme examples (owning people or children), Sandel poses that commodifying something has two often unexamined effects: coercion and corruption. Coercion is often about how free someone or a group is...
From memory, Fan Ho worked only in film. I could be off, though.
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