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Been awhile! Was in a real reading funk the last 2-3 weeks of 2016, just could not find anything that interested me, was so listless.   1. Roadside Picnic   Snore.   2. Fifth Head of Cerebus   Wasted Potential, utterly disappointing.   3. You are not a Gadget   Should be required reading in schools, which is not a phrase I use very often, but I think applies very much in this case. Jaron Lanier makes the argument that software and web designs are essentially...
 I like the River a lot, I like the people a lot (which is a hard thing to replicate, unfortunately). I like driving down to King's Billabong and wandering around seeing the animals and trees in the early morning. I like getting on the river on a small boat and seeing the cliffs, the flooded trees, the birds, the fish. I like walking aimlessly past all the vines and seeing what's around. I like SUnday at McDougal's winery - pizza and jazz/blues. I like going to Perry...
 What? You were in Mildura? Dude I was there recently - used to live there. One of my absolute favourite places on Earth.
New work: http://www.mattdunnephoto.com/dead-british-birds
 My sweat forms a clinging cloud with my head rising above.
Two weddings this summer. Both on 36+ degree days.   That is not weather for wearing pants, a shirt, a tie, or leather shoes.   I don't care who you are that's just not formal attire weather.
Keen to try some - a few notable Australian photographers use(d) it and I really like how they get it to look.
Just bring back your online store Peir!
 Yes, let's! I think the only one I've been to with you attending (and, well, ah, the only one total) was at the Spring Street place opposite State Parliament. Any ideas of a cool place to hang? I'm exceptionally out of the loop but can book if needs be. Who else would like to come? Evening of the 13th/14th?
 Melbourne until the 17th (staying with parents), the moving to Canberra on the 18th. Currently in Brunei airport, flight home is delayed 5 hours.
New Posts  All Forums: