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Alex that is really cool, IMO. Love the staxxxxxx
CD - I am texting some pretty young thing about Murakami, which puts her 900% above most women my age. She's not as pretty as the others, though :(.
I tend to impress women with the sheer amount of black I wear.   That and my knowledge of knits and fabrics.
NW > WUBC   Murakami fans, I think you'd like Pamuk. Expect me to expand on this thought in the next few days when I finish my second Pamuk book.   Also keen to hear a lot about the new Murakami.
Graphic, I initially read your post as "Arthur Miller's TKR revolutionised Batman..." and got wayyyyyyyyyyy more excited than was reasonable given that I know he never did anything remotely like that.
I feel like there could be a pretty close alternative - matching colour would be pretty easy, texture is obviously harder, but side tabs are, what, 7cm long? I doubt having a slightly different fabric would really be that noticeable - especially if you're wearing a jacket, sweater, etc.
Anyone have any idea how Suit Supply trousers measure for the thigh? Their website isn't super informative in that regard.
A barely worn Jan-Jan van Essche knit from his collection last year.   It is over-sized, and just a bit too big for me. Unfortunately, due to the knitting technique, it cannot be taken in by anyone in my local area. It's a Medium - which suits a 50-52 best.   Price includes shipping anywhere, feel free to offer prices, trades etc.   It was originally listed here: http://www.ateliersolarshop.be/product/knit-7-by-jan-jan-van-essche-archive-piece   The same product...
 Yeah 75-80. That being said, I want to read 'The Idiot' and maybe 'Anna Karenena' or 'War and Peace', so we'll see. They might be better suited for the summer holidays.
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