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 I'll have to look into it, and give him a call (anyone PM me his number that'd be rad, currently in transit).
Melbourne bros: 1. What's the turn around like at same the alterationist? Need some.pants hemmed and am in town soon to pick them up. 2. Any ideas where to get a glasses case? Mine has been broken after 2 years of abuse. It needs to be hard shell because it will get abused daily.
I love you Journeyman.   Ponchos seem so cool to me: I need to get some in my life. And shawls.
Melbourne, Australia.
 The best Bakery is off Lygon Street, but for pastries La Petie Gateaux is excellent (Collins Street). Spanish:  Movida? Asian: Shanghai Street Dumpling, Kokoro Ramen, Mamak House, Laksa King (Kensington) Gastro Pubs: no idea about the beer, but Captain Meville might be a good bet.
 Leather jackets are only for lesbian yuppies and goths bro. Not democratic enough for Oli!
Lachy, here's my thoughts on belts: No   FYI, I'm still not sure what's WRONG with orphaned suit trousers, it seems completely acceptable, if not totally gorgeous almost all the time. This might just be one of those parts of CM I don;t really identify with - to be frank it seems a bit crazy.
Lachy: side tabs, single pleat, cuffs.
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