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[[SPOILER]]  7. Solo Faces The blurb of this novel summarises it best 'a look at the ways men challenge themselves'. Far from what I expected, this is a dark and grim book about an addiction to larger risks and more fraught ventures in rock climbing. Never satisfied, the protagonist is restless and selfish in his constant quest to find something new, larger, thrilling. Far from condemning those pursuits, the novel manages to empathise with them while still showing the...
New thread is great.
Cool stuff - how do you find working in large format?
 Up for any - I'll just be in each for a day or so. Very interested in cheap but good food and snacks, interesting places to wander around and beautiful things to see. Thanks :)
He still looks fine?
Anyone got recommendations for stores in Belgium? Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in particular. Especially interested in second hand/consignment stores.   @sipang @Syeknom ??? Pls help!
There's a photographer called Ron Jude - he made this work (http://ronjude.com/lago) all around the Salton Sea.   It reminded me very much of the inner-Australia that's in that photo.   Check it out!
[[SPOILER]]  6. Lagoon Nnedi Okorafor writes about Lagos - aliens visit and the city goes wild. Often pegged as a new voice in SF/fantasy this is the second book of hers that I've found cliche, dull and boring from start to end. I would not recommend this to anyone.
My first adult job took me to an odd and desert-like part of my state. After two years there I yearned for the coast again. On a whim, I moved 600km south of the desert to the extreme South of my state - where the grassland turns to forest which turns to sand and waves. I didn't love the town I'd moved to, I spent a lot of time trying to escape the status quo of football, netball, beers, fishing and white Australia by walking around, further and further afield to try and...
 Yes - a few years before. I haven't read the Luminaries, so no idea how it compares.
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