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  Shrug, it's got academics in it who say academic things all the time. Compared to his other books where there are neither I don't think it's an unfair statement since it's relative, but I doubt it's really worth talking about in depth. I was just responding to the idea that the piece was maybe a bit basic and simple, and saying that I think because Chabon could have written a lot more academically possibly says it was a choice to have the piece more personal rather than...
 YPU is so good - so good. I found out it about in such an odd way - it got nominated for a few SF awards, but hey that's cool. Wonderboys is also kind of fun, but probably a bit long.  I need to read his first book, I think. Might check the library for a copy on the way home.
 Would I? I really love his writing - I've read almost all of his books - I've enjoyed all of them thoroughly, even the more obtuse and slow moving ones, or the one explicitly about academics. I think JM is someone who might, if he is inclined, have a chat about Chabon's writing - which would be a cool way to spend some time.
TBH I think Chabon probably could have made it a much more thoroughly academic piece but chose not to.    Kid looks cool in that MMM women's shirt though.
 Thanks for the heads up - will check it out.
Occulta,   I think the key is not to be the only one to talk. Honestly most didactic back-and-forth lectures are boring and most people don't listen or learn shit.   I know this might sound naff, but 'engaging' with people is so much more than just standing in the right place saying the right things. They have to be involved in what you're doing (whether that's you walking them through a thought process, having them actually answer questions, completing small...
What's the deal with Archie - is he unhinged, is it a persona, is he just a cashed up bogan? there's so much going on I don't understand.
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