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I liked the suits in the previous Bond. Really enjoyed the collars on the shirts and the pin-collar.   Sometimes a bit of variety is nice.   *shrug*
[[SPOILER]]  23. The Sheltering Sky This 'classic' novel by Paul Bowles follows a couple as they travel from Tangiers and into the Sahara in an attempt to rekindle some verve for life and love for each other. The main couple (Kit and Port) encounter a variety of characters - some quite bland, others appalling obnoxious. I hated this book. The characters are so shallow and dull - at every turn they are shown to be almost pathetically childish and inhumanly emotionless....
Those Comme pants are wicked sick and anyone that disagrees is absolutely berko.
LKY memorials on facebook are so syncophantic I'm kinda disgusted. I guess that sort of authority worship doesn't sit right with me, and also I think his emphasis on 'Asian Values' was intellectually bankrupt and particularly damaging.   Like, granted, dude was great and made a difference, but one would think he's the Messiah the way some of the Singaporeans are acting. Which, I suppose to some of these friends of mine, maybe he was.
No one blamed advertising for issues. In fact I said it played into, which is predicated on there being an existing issue/context for something to play off.   But that would have required more than 2 seconds of reading, so lols on you.
I apologise for being brazen, but I don't think that image has anything to do with my point, Oli.   If you think that those advertisements are appropriate or meaningful then I guess I'll have to revise my opinion of you from 'slightly particular good guy' to something less complimentary.
 Apologist crap. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=suit+supply+advertisement&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=qh4RVbChK4uE8QWXnICQCQ&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ Look at those images and tell me they aren't incredibly demeaning and play into vile and outdated notions of power, sex, domination and wealth. The advertisements go beyond the usual 'sex sells' smarm and become derogatory and hideous.
 Yeah, instead SS indulges in revolting and overtly sexist advertising that is, in of itself, an ethical clusterfuck.
Perhaps the Timex is too ~~~democratic~~~?
[[SPOILER]] 22. Riders of the Purple Sage So I picked this up based on what a few people here said, but honestly I found it laboured and dry. The characters were annoying, the plot developed so slowly (and, let's face it, it's basically a love story and some elopement), the twists didn't twist, and the social tensions I found dull. Rarely did this engage me, and I really didn't love it at all. I feel that the ending was drawn out, and the book should have ended with Jane...
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