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Considering shaving my head to see if my facial hair grows faster than my head hair or not LOL!
Craig is a badass for sure, but watching an old Connery Bond movie just fills me with nostalgia. Gotta love his corny jokes and pickup lines
Depends on what type of business you are starting, but internet marketing these days is definitely a must. Look into SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Google AdWords, Internet Marketing(as a whole)...Everything related to this topic would be good.   Management and legal skills are also important, though my focus is in marketing. there is a website called that, for a fee, will sort out all of your legal requirements.   Back to marketing, you may...
From Russia With Love...Gotta love those old school James Bond movies with Sean Connery. Probably watching Goldfinger tonight.
I propose... weekly Mustache pictures!     Week 1:
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