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Nice. I've been itchin to get out in the woods to try out my new knife. I'll probably have to wait till the holidays before I get the chance though ;/
Deer rifles...super manly =)   When do you plan on going hunting?
Played with my mustache
Brad Pitt is a crazy good actor, so ill probably end up watching it
week 2  
Bulleit Bourbon...YUM! :)
Unloaded a truck >:)
"Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson   Not sure how I feel about the guy as a person, but its fascinating at how good he was at getting what he wanted out of people.
While physical preparation and building up supplies are very important(I myself keep a good supply of canned food at hand, and have prepared a well stocked/bug-out bag...I also never leave home without a pocket knife and a lighter). Something like this, filled with water purification tablets, metalcontainer for boiling water, a knife, a survival guide, tarps, cordage, a first aid kit, fishing line/hooks -...
So embarrassing as a man, but I can't stop listening to this song...  
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