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I just got one. If your needs for it on a computer basis are simple(Microsoft office, browsing the web, etc) then I would totally recommend it. But it doesn’t seem that Microsoft RT is capable of running any of the other old programs I used to play around with(like windows movie maker). I’ve only had a couple days to play around with it so far though so maybe there’s a way to get around that.
Met youtube sensation George Watsky when he came to my college last year. I found out about it through his vlog that said he was coming to Virginia. Went to his website and turns out he was coming to my school haha
My dog got off his leash today…must’ve ran half a mile chasing him down. It doesn’t sound like much, but considering I was sprinting the whole time…thought one of my lungs might have burst
Week 3:     Your Mo Will Get Fuller LOL!
Hey...this guy made a living out of doing something weird in public :P  
I agree. I always wished our education system placed more emphasis on creative thought and logic. I'm not sure where I stand with regards to the video as far as physics is concerned, but I did like that it questioned the quality and possible "out-dated" aspect of our education system...thats why I posted it.
I play. fullofbull58 is my name on it.
Stumbled upon this today. How many of you agree with what this guy is saying?   Open Letter to the President
Been listening to this remix for half an hour straight...raging in my room before I go out to party every night: White Panda Vs. Gangnam Style
Karaoke night with my roommates at a local bar last night. Singing nothing but classic 90s songs of course ;)
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