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LOL that's a pretty big difference. How did that happen?
It seems to me that what many people major in during college differs greatly from the career path they eventually choose. I’d like to hear your stories – what you majored in, what you do now, and what caused you to deviate from your major. I’m a Marketing major currently, but I feel that I could end up doing a number of different things after I graduate.
Burton Guster signature catch phrase...nice!
"You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one" - that's the one I got tattood to my side :)
Yeah. In the past the seasons would start in fall and end around new years...not sure why this year is different.
Big Ass Bacon Burger   Now excuse me while I go make one for myself...
Helped coach a wrestling practice. :)
Grand Theft Auto V   Thoughts?   Who's buying it?
Agreed. On the other hand: for students looking for a relatively cheap alternative to a laptop for classes it would be sufficient.
...but disappointed that it doesn't start till February
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