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I was told by staff today that the online shop is still in the works with the completion a month or so away.
Kiton has unveiled its new website today--www.kiton.it. It is highly informative and very nicely done.
I want to comment on the post by SartodiNapoli, the tone and content of which I find unduly harsh. He is certainly entitled to his opinion, as is Mr. Cerruti, but in my view it could have been presented in a more constructive manner. I value this forum and the many divergent views expressed by its members. I have enjoyed and learned from these many contributions, but have little respect for this type of "argumentum ad hominem." Personally, I find Mr. Cerruti's ...
Gianni, I think your coat is pure bespoke artistry!
Can you share any info on Spring '14 groups?
"Questo e poesia, certo!
Gianni, I think that both you and Mr. Pirozzi should plan a visit to New York in the very near future!! I sense that many members would welcome your arrival with orders afresh.
Gianni, Such a beautiful suit. The fabric, shoulder, and lapel roll all highlight its vintage character.
Gianni, absolutely stunning! Definitely more please.
Do any members own or have experience/knowledge with this particular model? I've never seen it, but reportedly it's very Neapolitan--very high armhole with slim sleeves, manica camicia shoulder treatment, and lightest linen for canvassing.
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