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My comment was based on my behind the scenes knowledge at 650 Madison Ave. Unless this is a recent change, it was always detailed to me that RRL was Ralph's and separate and distinct from everything else.
FYI- RRL is not part of corporate PRL. It is under the sole proprietary ownership of and controlled by Ralph.
FYI-Milena Canonero made some pieces for retail in the late 80's. It was a small offering--suits and topcoats from Norman Hilton, shirts by Ike Behar. They were gorgeous/
Bump for updates and content
Any new info/more pics Spring '15?
This past week Oprah interviewed GH for an episode of "Where are They Now?" The promo teaser featured him (In an Anderson and Sheppard DB), and promised a peek inside his penthouse and closets with 50 years of bespoke. Unfortunately, I missed it. Did any members see this episode and can offer comment on its content?
I was told by staff today that the online shop is still in the works with the completion a month or so away.
Kiton has unveiled its new website It is highly informative and very nicely done.
I want to comment on the post by SartodiNapoli, the tone and content of which I find unduly harsh. He is certainly entitled to his opinion, as is Mr. Cerruti, but in my view it could have been presented in a more constructive manner. I value this forum and the many divergent views expressed by its members. I have enjoyed and learned from these many contributions, but have little respect for this type of "argumentum ad hominem." Personally, I find Mr. Cerruti's ...
Gianni, I think your coat is pure bespoke artistry!
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