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hype1234, have you made a purchase online from slam jam? I emailed some questions about the product, sizing etc, but never received a reply from them. Is it safe to purchase online from them? Well, I suppose it is safe because click here has done it before.
HI Michael, You said you normally took an half size smaller in G fit than the F fit for your Grenson. Could you share whether you had to sacrifice for a shorter shoe, considering your G fitting shoes are smaller by an half size? How shorter your Grenson Stanley than your other Grenson shoes in F fitting?
I have their Air Morris Wingtip Oxford as my walking shoes. They are comfortable, really good shoes for the task.
Not necessary the length is the same, at least based on my experience. I have the Cambridge and the Buckingham from Cheaney. Both are in the same size but the Buckingham is shorter by an half inch at least when measured end to end the sole. I can feel my toes touching the toe everytime I walk in the Buckingham. Too bad, the shoes were bought online.
Hi, I know there are already threads discussing Bexley and Loake shoes, but none of them discusses comparison between the two in terms of size. I'm looking to buy several pairs of Bexley shoes on the internet (I can't try on any Bexley shoes since they don't have shop in my country). I'm wearing Loake Aldwych in 8.5UK. The Aldwych fits nicely in terms of the length. Anybody knows whether Bexley shoes are about the same in terms of length if compared with the Aldwych. ...
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