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Hi all,   Not sure if this exists, but I have a relatively tight budget ($1,000) and would ideally like a bespoke suit.   I am in Los Angeles and San Francisco on a regular basis.   I prefer a modern, slim silhouette.   Does this exist, or am I stuck with off the rack?   Thanks!
Two questions...answers to either or both would be much appreciated!      QUESTION 1:   A) If a tailor takes IN the waist on trousers (34 -> 32), can it be reversed in the future (32 -> 34), or is it permanent?   B) If a tailor takes OUT the waist on trousers (32 -> 34), can it be reversed in the future (34 -> 32), or is it permanent.     QUESTION 2:   Which is better:   A) Buy trousers with an ideal waist but baggy thighs (and have thighs...
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