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Anyone have experience with the rich blue stretch skinny guys? Any fade pictures? Want a second pair of N+F (first was WG LHT).  I love the vintagecast but the rich blues are online for $90!
Could someone be kind enough to recommend me sizes in a couple things?   I am 5'10 and 145-150lbs with ~40in chest and 30 waist. Athletic/skinny   Looking at slim fit chambray 3/4 sleeve, plain sweatshirt, and hoodie (also would like to know if the pullover hoodie would be good for layering or if it is too thick)
FYI roshe runs in black, red, iguana are all stocked on zappos now.
Just saw Django Unchained and now I want a jacket like this. Any suggestions? 
Looking for a jacket similar to Jamie Foxx's in Django Unchained.
Skip the whole moustache part with Morgan Spurlock and the beard competition is pretty lame. Some parts were very entertaining and some were not even close to entertaining. I would recommend the movie though because it is free on netflix and relevant to myself and probably a lot of SF people.
No science here. If you have enough fat on your body this is not a terrible idea. If you are slim or even average weight this could send you to the hospital.
Moonrise Kingdom   Bernie   Lincoln
You don't have to take pics I just ordered one. Got it in blue. 
Anyone have the down ultra light slim fit jacket? TTS? Any pics of what they look like on?
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