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I feel bad in that my second or third post here on the forum is one asking for help. In other words, I feel like I'm just taking and not giving and we all know that isn't fair.  One of my New Year's resolutions will be to give a little on forums and not just solicit help.   Can someone please help me with my search for distressed boots?  I tried searching and received just so many threads that I was more lost than when I first started.  Hopefully, after I describe what...
Photos of me, suede shoes or something else?  
My first post here, so pardon if I have failed proper protocol in not posting in an introductions area.  I just love, love, love suede wingtips and had to jump on and post something.  In fact, coming of age in NYC years ago I first fell in love with the brown, suede wingtip.  Every time I see a pair, and a really good pair for that matter, it brings me back to those shoes and the person who wore them.  Just had to share.  BTW, glad to be here.
New Posts  All Forums: