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Nice! Definitely cuff
  I have exactly the same problem as you have right now. Once they are set you just can't get them to change. I also tried the same methods... but no success here
@wunnaz, have fun breaking them in. By the way, are you entering the HWDC2??
  Have you though about sending an email to the store you're buying them from. Try sending the same question to tate&yoko.
Then you should definitely mention that! Or else we will think that you've done something sacrilegious ;).
^ hahahahahahahhaha
Guys... Just like using drug or alcohol... There is a point where it isn't funny anymore and then you should really think about where this is heading. If it's going to be an addiction, please talk to somebody.     ... 
+1   And a nice combo too!   Wear the shit out of them :D
You're right they look kind off loose, maybe the model sized one up on the picture? I don't know... About size 29, maybe they sold out already? And the tapered is right here.
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