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Try Noble Denim   http://www.nobledenim.com
Oehhhh yes please!!
Styleforum needed this. Looks nice!
LOL. I understand why you asked. ;)   I even believe there are members among us that have set their timer/alarm to 6 months! :P
It didn't. Assuming you guys wear them full time, I thought they would stink by now (still thinking the contest started 6 months ago). So I assumed somebody would have washed them by now and actually I was hoping to see the results, that's why I mentioned the 6 months. Some people wait 3 months, some 12, some 4 etc. etc. etc. and  I think 6 months is a good average of when most people wash their raws. It's not a standard. (serious answer)     Answer accepted? :)
Oops an important line that I didn't read:  ''1. Contest begins November 6th.'' lol :D   So I don't think anybody washed em yet... right?
They already reached their goal of $20,000. Lets see how far this goes :D
It has been 6 months since the first post. I know that not everybody is in for 6 months but..... Did anybody wash his denim yet? Or has anybody planned to wash them soon?
First you have to find out how much they can shrink max. Then get them hemmed knowing that they will shrink after the first wash.   I thought the 301's were sanforized that means they won't shrink that much.   Good luck
@ a bag of it: Awesome photo-shoot!! Are you standing on the sink :D
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