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You hear that ZVincler!! You can earn some point making more pics. Don't keep us waiting too long now :P
+ heavier denim!
Try Noble Denim
Oehhhh yes please!!
Styleforum needed this. Looks nice!
LOL. I understand why you asked. ;)   I even believe there are members among us that have set their timer/alarm to 6 months! :P
It didn't. Assuming you guys wear them full time, I thought they would stink by now (still thinking the contest started 6 months ago). So I assumed somebody would have washed them by now and actually I was hoping to see the results, that's why I mentioned the 6 months. Some people wait 3 months, some 12, some 4 etc. etc. etc. and  I think 6 months is a good average of when most people wash their raws. It's not a standard. (serious answer)     Answer accepted? :)
Oops an important line that I didn't read:  ''1. Contest begins November 6th.'' lol :D   So I don't think anybody washed em yet... right?
They already reached their goal of $20,000. Lets see how far this goes :D
It has been 6 months since the first post. I know that not everybody is in for 6 months but..... Did anybody wash his denim yet? Or has anybody planned to wash them soon?
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