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@zvincler: Holy crap, those look sick!!! How in the mother of all denim could you have kept that hidden? Were you in a cave calling it "my preciousssss" all this time!? Dude!! More pics and more updates from now on LOL
Me neither :) Just curious because I haven't seen that before. It's a real nice pair with nice fades.
There is a marketplace for these things!
  Nothing at all, it's just a little on the light side in my opinion. And I was answering his questions ;) (Still get nice stacks? Somewhat rigid denim? Too light? yay/nay?). So what I wrote was my advice including my opinion. Heavier denim = nicer stacks = more rigid and tough.   reliability level of 37% and I quote: ''Suspicious - This Site May Be Risky!''
Now that's what I'm talking about! Are you antering the HWDC with them by them way?     On-topic again: $60,000 on kickstarter! These guys are making some serious money.
  Holy mother of all denim!!!!!!!!
  What are those markt around your phone fade? Is that because of machine washing?
If a nice pair of raw denim is what you want, definitely NAY! Always go for something that is 100% cotton and a little heavier than 12oz.   If you want a good looking pair of jeans, go for it!
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