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  Ben! You should really make some close-up shots :D. That color looks great man. Did they get a new wash?
Nice shoes! :D
That's correct Kanye!
I hope they have already started making them :D
  You're welcome! It's an inspiring brand if I say so myself :).
Matty... Got a pic of that?
Thanks for the quick reply! They look even better when you got them on. How much did they stretch eventually?
Hey guys, I went back in this thread and red that some of you sized down. Now I have some questions about that if you all don't mind. How did the sizing down go? Were you unable to button them in the beginning? How much did they stretch eventually? 
@jmaud: same for you even if you haven't had them on as long as him. Do you also haf pics of this pair? Maybe some fit pics?
@Zvincler: Would be nice if you could provide us with some info. How long did you wear them? How many washes? Size? Fit pics? .... Please? :P
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