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  I volunteer! :P
  DUDE!!! You primised! :D   Before and after pelase 
We'll be waiting :D
That's quite a lot actually. I assume they also stretched a bit in the thigh and upper leg area.   Thanks for the answer :)
You really got a nice color on them man! Keep on going :)
  Telling people you bought a new pair without posting pics is forbidden. Did you know that? Drop everything you're doing and make some pics before you get banned! GO GO GO GO GO!!!! :P
I know what  you mean. They actually don't lift a finger untill they get all the money. And I think that it at the end of the kickstarter deadline.
How about some fit pics! ;)
Damn these boots, as at this moment they are too expensive for me! :P     Soon... Soon I'll be wearing them!
^^Spammer for life :D
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