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Leftover denim that nobody uses anymore comes with a low price. Putting it on kickstarter for $99, is nothing more than making some extra money! Which of course is not a problem at all. I mean... Nice raw denim for $99!
  That is a Benjamin Button belt. One that looks younger the longer you wear it!   ..   ..   I swear :P
  Very artistic! :D   They look real good man! Have fun wearing them.
4). Railcar Fine Goods. 5). The Denim Doctor.
Only problem is that they cost around $500 :P.   Mister bruiser93. There is no such thing as durable denim for under $50. Maybe there is, but then you have to take a trip to the mall and try 50 pairs to (maybe) find one. I think you have 2 options: 1. Step into raw denim. You'll get a pair of durable and tough denim jeans. The cheapest one around is for $78 called 'unbranded' denim. 2. Buy 5 pairs of shit-jeans for $10 and you'll have something durable for $50. Together...
@matryx and dirty denim: ... Actually that IS the original hem! They cut away the necessary length and the ‘original’ hem stays on it’s place. In this video here you can see exactly what he did: The only difference is that his woman didn't cut excess fabric. Your taylor did.   What you want and what you should ask for in the future is: A new, chainstitched hem, that looks exactly the same as the original. And the most...
  Hmmm that's not good I think. If it's more than normal, then that could mean there is still a lot of excess indigo. You could give them a soak and try to get some of it out. And another option is getting back to your first question! :P Did anybody else have the same problem?
@thoang77 Damn that looks good :D. Did you also make before pics?
  That;s normal for raw denim. It stains as hell
Your hem should look exactly the same as it looks now, only your inseam will get a little shorter! Just tell him that. Preferably with a chain-stitch, but not every taylor can do this.
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