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  But they didn't do limited production runs. They found some denim here and there and called it limited!     You know what, I'm going to ask them! :P
  Hahahahhaha!    CalTex... You better not F this up :P. We're like hungry dogs here!
You could have said YES it is more expensive ;). But you don't know that for sure, right? You are drawing conclusion without knowing for sure .     But while we're at it. There IS a increase on the promised price. This is false and very clever marketing.First you say: ''WE CREATE RAW DENIM FOR 81 DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!'' ..... And the people will come. And when people have found you, you can ask more money for ''special items''. There is nothing wrong with this concept, the...
My bad... But what about :       You have worked with denim: How do they justify a 22% increase on the promised price. Is that special denim that much more expensive? Maybe it take more hours of labour to work with?
I am poor! That kills your dibs my friend, because he said CHARITY! (<- That sounds like a trippername LOL)
@juhan Thanks man, they look nice!   You forgot to tell me which model this is.
  Hmmm interesting, thanks for the intel!  I though this was the case because there is not much info about the extra denim. Just that is is from 'one of the finest mills' of Japan or 'one of the finest mills' Italy. If it really was a fine mill, they would have said which one it was. That's what I thought and therefore my comment. It kinda looks a little like they're cheating with these special kinds denim!    Something else, their whole idea runs on one huge number which...
  Which one did you get? Size? Fit pics (I'm not a perv)? did they stretch a lot? My wife knows what raw denim is because of me and that's it. I would like her to get more involved :D but raw for the ladies is hard to find!
Leftover denim that nobody uses anymore comes with a low price. Putting it on kickstarter for $99, is nothing more than making some extra money! Which of course is not a problem at all. I mean... Nice raw denim for $99!
  That is a Benjamin Button belt. One that looks younger the longer you wear it!   ..   ..   I swear :P
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