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If you post some fit pics, its easier to tell. If there are still some inches left, get it redone. But if you already are at ankle height, you just have to stick with it as it is
Here is a  fashion thought that I have a lot: ***Dammmnn.... I really need more money for this fashion thing***
I got a nice beginner question: What if my jeans have stretched too much after the first week, what should I do to get them smaller again? Go to a tailor or Soak them? Hot or cold?   Mine have stretched a lot, but I like them a lot this way. It makes them more comfortable. I'm asking WHAT IF, so that I know what to do if they stretch even more. Right now I'm at day 6 and hopefully they stay this way.
I think that won't be a problem! Thanks :)
    It doesn't go further than 'Your Lists'.   And somewhere above it says:  The rest of your profile will become visible after you've been active in the forums   So do I maybe have to reach an amount of posts? Or do I have to get online for a few days?
Use this website: http://www.thelabelfinder.com/
How do I add a signature??
Wearing a Naked & Famous ''Left Hand Twill'' skinny guy. 24/7 and i'm at day 6 now.   Here are my fit pics of day 1. Fade pics as soon as there are fade. I think that will take a while (too bad)            
Thanks! I'm on it! :)
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