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I'm a student and I make 250 dollar a month with my graduate internship! (Yeah that's how it works here in the Netherlands, 250 for a full time internship... ) Soooooo..... I basically don't have any money, just enough to pay the internet/phone bills so I can stay online and nag you in this thread. In the meantime, there is just the being-jealous-at-you-guys-for-having-money-and-beiing-able-to-buy-a-MOMO702 part :P. That keeps me focussed on graduating! If you would like...
They look great man! What size are those?
^^Was about to say the same thing (not that part about calls penis though :P). If they get dirty just wash them.   They look great by the way, so no harm was done. Or are you not satisfied with how they look?
  Thank you! And we are both right because it's a matter of opinion. Say, a different way of interpretation.
  You're goooood! Hahaha
P.S. I sent them an e-mail with some questions and my opinion. Their reaction came with a lot of words and extra info that I didn't ask for. I didn't get an answer on my opinion and then simply: ''The answer is fabric prices.'' The explanation they gave came was just funny. I know enough!   They are gooooood!
  Not at all! That's simply called running a business with good marketing.   But what if you have a plan: You are going to make a computer, that already have been sold for $300, and now you are going to sell it for... $81!! You make a nice video that says... $81!! You reach the media saying... $81!! Your Kickstarter project is a succes because of that number... $81. Now there are 20 days left and suddenly you think: You know what, I will add some colors. Maybe make it...
CalTex, I don't belong on the list ....   I'm just a fan of this thread and the 702!
Dude! This is no fight. This is a forum! :D Just like you just did, we are also just giving our opinion.    Tanks for your intel by the way. About that: Doesn't it depend on the product wether a limited run is more expensive or not?
If you read one post above yours... I'm already on it. But thanks for the advice BnT. :)
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