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What did I do wrong?    I really like em
WHAT!? Their price rocks! I thought they were $300/$400 boots.
  And more info please!! Got a link?
@Alwaysraw: How is the soldier with the 32oz's?? Did his legs fall off because of the denim or is he killing the 32oz beast?
  My naked and famous LHT stretched from 35'' to 37''! So make a count for 2 inches stretch in the waist.
@amathew   Very clever to consult a dictionary but decent sounds more downgrading than you probably realize. If we would hold a survey among people and ask them what they think DECENT is, you would probably get another answer.    Shown them this $425 cashmere waffle and tell them how it's made... Ask again: ''Do you think this is decent?'' They'll probably ask you whats wrong with you and tell you that it looks and sounds more like TOP QUALITY!
@Mauro.... +1000000000000000000. I just love the way you think and you are totally right.   But there is only one problem for people that want the truth or tell the truth all the time... THIS IS JUST NOT YOUR AGE. We are programmed to lie and to like stuff (most of the time!) without reason and of course because everybody else likes it. ''The customer is always right'' is the best example of how fake we are.   Wish you the best!
@cyc:  I would go for the one that Leonardi DiCaprio is wearing!
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