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I kind off get the feeling these jeans don't fade on any other place then your crotch-area...
And now it's worth a lot of money! :P
What happened to this thread, you momosexuals!? Let's get it back to live!          (Momosexual pun is copied from mistral :D )
Dude, you just started with -1000. It was unnecessary to open a new thread for a small question like this. You could have posted it in the APC thread, the small questions thread, the ‘’I have a jean’’ thread… Please read the forum rules, read some threads or use the search option before posting.
To all the 702 contestants: How about a picture update round?   Bet you all have some more nice fades by now
  THANK YOU LA Guy!!!!! Thank you a 1000 times!!! Finally someone that agrees with the fact that, what GUSTIN did (bring up the price to $99 while promising $81) could make somebody (like ME! ) bitch on a forum. They probably made a small miscalculation in their business-plan. Now I want to say 10 other things to prove this point.... but I won't, because I already did this in my other posts.
  Don't know what you're talking about... Never wrote such a thing....     
    I know you're messing around man :D. But I was not kidding. I'm low on money and that sucks. Jus a few more months, I already have a job waiting for me
@rexet: http://www.styleforum.net/t/322240/momotaro-702-contest/0_50   CalTex is the (best) ''operating manager'' who make a lot of crotch shots and so does the rest actually. It's a fun contest thread, go through it and you'll find out :D
@rexet Don't forget to sign in for the Momotaro 702 contest! .... Or else CalTex will kill you :)
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