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Selling my Warehouse 800 (raw) for  $210 (ex shipping costs)   They had 2 soaks to get all the shrink out and no more than 3 days of wear! Not a single fade on these!   The size is 33 and more pictures can be found on my Tumblr (click on project 5):   Measurements:   Pre soak  Waist: 43,9 Front Rise: 32 Back Rise: 42 Upper thigh: 33 Knee: 23,8 Hem: 22,7 Inseam: 90,5   Post soak  Waist: 42,5 Front Rise:...
Where is everybody!?
This thread needs a BUMP!!!    Enjoyed reading :)
Thanks Crane and crosswound! :)
Het everybody, will this area here  (it's called the instep right?) loosen up with the 1000 miles boots? With size 8.5 the instep feels snug, but still comfortable, but with size 8 it hurt just a little. Will this loosen up? If so, how much? Should I go for 8 or for 8.5?
Thanks, but I already found that out. They don't have my size, but I did add myself to their 're-stock' mailing list.    Thanks anyway mate :)
That was a joke man... I made a link to raw denim.  (Raw unsanforized denim shrinks after the first soak. So you get the desired size after soaking them...)
  Do they shrink after the first initial soak? I nee them to be 8.5. lol :P
Does anybody by coincidence know about any sales going on. Would like to buy these awesome boots, but 300 is a bit on the high side.
They were my first pair too and don't worry about the stretch! I got 2'' out of them... and the funny thing is, they were already a bit roomy in the waist when I bought them. They just stretched until they couldn't anymore.
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