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^^^ Cheers bud.
Actually you have more chukkas than I do. But this, and my next two orders are likely to be chukkas so I will catch up. :-)
Sounds like the original was single leather with a thin Vibram outsole. Shall we count you in?
Thanks. Best of both worlds.
Agreed - best advice will come from Skoak - not to mention we need confirmation on the last before sizing advice can be given.
Pic looks like leather to me. Maybe someone in on the original GMTO can confirm.
While the origins of a particular item of clothing or footwear do not strictly and exclusively define the parameters of their use ever more, said origins DO inform the appropriate level of formality for those items. Which is why pairing desert boots with a suit is daft. And why I find jeans paired with a blazer to be a very poor choice, no matter how many studly and cool fashion model type dudes rock the look.
I'm really wanting this oak shade.
Agreed. Love me some texture.
Resistance is futile.
New Posts  All Forums: