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^^^ That's some good-looking DOAK right there.
Trying to imagine the feet that could wear both Simpson and P2 .... Cant.Congrats on the new shoes and pics please!
 EG crust is quite receptive to pigment, so it's fairly easy to darken them using pigment-rich creams.  And I agree with Mr. V. that yours are a great shade.
It's not easy being green.  Vass / Samuelsohn / I forget.      
If you are talking about a thin Topy - like rubber outsole then it's certainly a good idea if you are looking for improved traction and reduced wear. All of which presumes the product is properly installed by a competent cobbler.Downsides? The leather fetishists and chest - thumping "traditionalists" on the forum will scoff at you. That's about it.I've applied Topys to several pairs of leather - soled shoes over the years and have never encountered a single negative...
 The comfort came as a surprise to me, but you couldn't be more right.
@nh10222 - excellent review and congrats on the new boots.  I do wish that all manufacturers who sold tall boots also provided adequately-sized boot bags, but it's not a big deal to me.    
First outing for the Vass heavy-duty dress derbies (or something like that). Getting them broken in ahead of the arrival of the white stuff.
Not expecting heavy snow today - or even heavy rain. But it is rather cloudy. And it was past time for the first outing of these heavy-duty dressy boots (can't think what else to call them).
Conistons @Cleav? Very nice indeed.
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