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I'm not in need of one (unless my blue Bonafes don't fit, heaven forbid) but a navy museum austerity boot on the Robert last would be freaking killer.
The suede derbies are gorgeous.
Thanks for the nod. Navybhas become an staple for me for business footwear. The only thing that has diminished my use of the navy shell wholecuts was the addition of a pair of Vass navy austerity brogues. But they both still get a lot of wear. See Vass thread from today for a fit pic.
 Agreed with the others above.  I pair them with navy and greys all the time.  Pic below are navy Carmina shell wholecuts.  They look black in the pic, but then very dark blue shoes look close to black indoors anyway.   
Thanks gents.Navy is a staple colour for business footwear for me these days. Grey suits dominate business wear, and navy shoes go great with most shades of grey.
Navy austerity on the train:    
Those boots are off the friggin' hook.
It's that or the Galway. How many tan(ish) boots are too many? I guess I'll find out. I already have a pretty awesome pair of golden tan Bonafes, but the truth is the Galways fit me better. Going to a trade show in Atlanta in a couple weeks and thinking of making the Doak / walnut Galways my only pair for the three days.
I have that Carmina pair and will probably add the burnt pine Galway Skoak has coming for the fall. Yes, I am a hopeless case.
Dude, you could have made those your beater pair.
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