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So what's the recommended zug care regimen?
^^^ Cheers, bud.
Mine too. Very excited.
The Balligators are freaking wicked.
 I've owned a few and they have all run well. Fun watches indeed. I had one that crapped out after 5-6 years, and others that lasted longer. They are certainly not the quality of the Omega / Zenith / IWC / JLC / Rolex watches that I own / have owned, but they are more than decent bang for the buck. There's one that I use as my cycling watch - big and easy to read. And if I crash and scratch (or smash) the hell out of it - no big deal.As for those who want to label you...
@rnguy001 - that's a very solid duo.  Your wife's Rolex looks brand new.
 Love those wholecuts. They look better dressed down than I would have thought.
 I'm happy that you'r e happy - and thanks for contributing some content other than the usual suspects beating their usual drums.Those are beauties indeed.
That Milgauss is funky cool.  I dig it.  A lot. And antimagtetic properties are arguably more valuable than extreme water resistance.  Not even pro divers descend to the spectacular depths at which these watches are rated.  But I've had a couple watches get magnetized over the years.  True, it's an easy fix.  But nice to not have to worry about it.
^^^ Yeah baby!
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