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dem Galways....
Very nice my man, that sounds like a very classy makeup.
Excellent. What details did you settle on?
Those look great JS.
Good stuff laufer.
I have button boots on order - black calf, black peccary. No fucks given for plebian opinion on the subject.
That blue Galway and that green chukka...
 Thanks.  I believe that's what it's called, but really they only have the one shade of dark brown suede so I'm sure that's what you're getting.  Looks great in a double monk and a chukka too, IMO.
 This is my current thought on creating more differentiation between mahogany and gorse.  And good points throughout.  While shoes can change n appearance significantly over time, my shoe care regimen is more aimed at keeping them as close to original as possible for as long as possible.  Unless, as here, my intention is to alter the original appearance right out of the box.  That's something I've really only done once or twice - and always taking the original shade to...
 I don't have any comparison shots to offer, but it is a dark brown - not what I would call a medium brown - and definitely an easy pairing with business wear.   
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