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Those are just fantastic, Nick - congrats!
 Yessir.  I'd love a pair in cru612.  Leatherfoot pics below:   
Congrats laufer - those are beauties. I'm interested in a Bonafe chukka - but I need to take a bit of a shoe break for the summer.
It's definitely your kind of place.
I use Saphir cordovan crème and a light coat of clear wax polish.  But shell doesn't like rain.
Until the mods come to clear out the garbage, here is some Carmina Polo suede content for you all:  
Awesome shine and awesome shoes!
 Needs - yes. Wants is another matter entirely. ;-)
Those are gorgeous, gyasih - and a screaming deal on a quality bal boot. I could own 4 variations of this boot and have my dress boot needs fully covered.
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