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The Galways are just stunning.
^^^^ Awesome man.   Saints on a train:      
Same as MM is my best guess. It certainly LOOKS ceramic, though.
 Yeah, I've had my eyes open for a while and checked Watchrecon periodically - which is where I stumbled across this one used, but in good shape.  If you find one brand new at $1k that is about as good as it will get.  You can do a bit better used.  Either way it's a hefty jump over a regular Sumo.  But the way I rationalize it is it looks just as good as the more-than-twice-as-costly Marine Master.
Seiko "Sumo" SBDC027 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - and thanks!
 Same reason people buy gigantic SUVs to shop for groceries and drop their kids to school - it's the "idea" of rugged adventure that sells.  How else to explain the must-have depth ratings for the watch at which no human could hope to survive?  A lot of nonsense, IMO. I like dive watches that can serve the role of a relatively inexpensive beater and all-round vacation watch that I would never have to remove anywhere from the beach to evening dinner at a nice restaurant.  I...
 Agreed.  Since most people are facking clueless about good / better / best in sartorial choices, I try to aim WAY higher than the standards they collectively reflect. Also agree that a diver with a suit isn't a serious felony.  But there are better choices by far.  That said, if someone wears a no-date sub as their ONEWATCH they will catch no grief from me.  Fair comment here as well.  I've seen guys with a dozen black dial dive watches in their rotation and I really...
 Cheers. Wristy from this morning. Don't recommend pairing a dive watch with a jacket and tie, but it's new and I'll be wearing the heck out of it regardless.  
That's an impressive group you have inbound my friend - enjoy! I'm really looking forward to the chukkas - should prove to be very versatile.
New Posts  All Forums: