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 I hear you Don. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of a double sole underfoot.
Those are just beautiful Ozzy!
Awesome Chelsea collection!
Wow, those V caps with the subtle contrasting shades of brown. A+.
@ecwy - beautiful shoes and terrific pics.
In this context, I'd say it doesn't make any practical difference at all. I have plenty of both, and I seriously doubt that the residents of one camp will outlast the residents of the other. I'm a huge fan of EG, G&G, Vass and St. C. They all bring something unique to the table in the context of premium RTW shoes.
Yes, a really terrific makep here.
I will figure out an MTO real quick.
I love Chelseas, too. Such a handsome boot. They cam be a really tough fit for my high instep, though, and as a result I have just one pair at present. I've been wanting to try a Rain last Chelsea to see if that would work.
I can really see this with a medium light brown Peccary shaft amd darker brown upper.
New Posts  All Forums: