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Very nice boots.  Personally, I'd dial back the burnishing on the toes of the chukkas a notch or two.
The blue Balways are pretty freaking sweet.
 Cheers - Carmina.
Cheers. These are on the K last but in a wide fitting. I wear standard width K last in shoes, but it's a snug fit and I was leary of that in a tall boot. This wide fitting gives just a bit more room in the forefoot and toe box and probably a smidge extra over the instep. The heel is now roomier than I need it to be, but that is not much of an issue in a tall boot laced up well above the ankle.Materials are navy museum, nave grain, leather haf sole with flush toe taps and...
First outing for the Vass Blue Boots.  I think I have found my new go-to bal boot last.  I will definitely be replicating this makeup in a medium brown.      
First outing.  I think I have found my new go-to bal boot last.  I will definitely be replicating this combo in a medium brown.      
Wow - more than a little surprised to hear that you can get Vass lasts that fit, but can't find comfort in Carmina Soller and Detroit in a wide fitting.  I'd say P2 Vass and Carmina Detroit are roughly comparable in forefoot width. But you're right - if those Carmina lasts aren't wide enough for you it's time to move on from the brand.
Awesome boots @ThunderMarch - I was very tempted by those as well.  That heavy grain looks really cool.
I don't much care about the colour of the insole. Some like vibrant contrast. Some like same colour. Neither is "better" . And I don't see how contrasting lining / insoles are "boring" in comparison with the monochrome treatment. But people like what they like. And if it really matters to you, order it the way you want.
Wearing my high end, by invitation only, totally baller $100 Seiko 5 today.      
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