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FTFYI dig the look of these boots a whole bunch. Are there any particular properties to Horween hatch? Congrats on a fine pair of boots.
 Norvegese Vass tend to be a roomier fit in my experience.  Not sure if this is so with Bonafe or other brands.
 Hmmm.  This gent as a high instep and it is a piece of cake getting into the Tavistock.  Much moreso than the Burnham.
Keeping with the blue dial theme, new to me arrival via a local collector.  I don't care for all blue dials - I've only owned a handful over the years - but I absolutely love this one.  Seller's pics.        
Picked up a cool vintage Seiko chrono from a friend and local collector today.  His pics below.  It's a brown Bullhead from 1974. A love it or hate it design but I have always thought they were as cool as hell, and a welcome relief from the unrelenting sameness of the majority of contemporary chronographs.  The movement is built like a tank, and has the features (column wheel / vertical clutch) generally only found on higher end contemporary movements.      
^^^ Beats me. No problems with my pair. They may be in the process of tweaking the design rather than fixing a "problem".
I go down a half for P2.  Take the same size for U, K, F. 
Buy and sell impulse buy.  Glad is followed that impulse.  Tan grain on New Peter with Norvegese,      
 Sorry my man - as above - I already have Tarnsjo Oak chukkas on order so these would be too close.  I do think it will be a terrific makeup, though.
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