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  I really dig my Seiko recraft - particularly for that awesome green dial.  But it's not a dive watch and won't have the solid chunky look or feel of the others.  It's actually quite a slim, almost delicate feeling watch.  For a diver, the Deep Blue would be my choice from among these contenders.  That's a really cool dial, too.
Nice boots @razl !
Dainite or Millerighe (however you spell it).
Cheers. Double leather with metal toe taps. I'd definitely go synthetic if I were doing it again.
 In other words, you intended to be insulting, but thought that adding a few lols and smiley faces would achieve plausible deniability? Lol!  See - it doesn't really work. Lol!  If you're going to take a position that you know to be unpopular, then man up an do so without all the passive-aggressive snickering.  Lol.
x post from Bonafe.  I broke out the ble bal boots on a rainy / stormy day recently.  Just an excuse, really, but no apologies - I do love boots,    
I broke out the blue bal boots on a rainy stormy day a little while back.  Just an excuse, really, but no apology, I do love boots.      
 I disagree with your characterization of the purchase of fine footwear - or fine anything for that matter - as being necessarily driven by vanity.  Assuming one can afford the intended purchase, how is a $250 Suit Supply offering any less vain than a $700 pair of Crockett and Jones from Leatherfoot?  Aren't they both purchased because the buyer thinks they will look good and compliment his wardrobe in a given context?   I don't see either purchases as vain - unless taking...
I should have been more clear - I don't think I have a pair of Vass with burnished toe and mirror polishing on the toe. Burnishing is a fairly recent OE option from Vass and I haven't had it on any pairs.I have polished toes on unburnished Vass shoes, and the combo of burnishing and mirror polish on shoes from other brands. But not both on Vass.
Triple Kentmere. Totally baller.
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