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Beautiful Galways.
Appreciate the condolences. And yes, comfortably into local St. C. territory. It's not like I can complain, this is only the second or third pair in total that I have been dinged on. Makes me glad that I don't have a great many future purchases planned, though.
Okay well here's my input.  I actually had three packages arrive today, all sent via post, 1 from the US, 1 from the UK, 1 from Sweden.   Some cycling stuff from the UK - sailed through!   A watch from the States - sailed through!   G&G Burnhams from Skoak ....... lubeless @$$-f#ckign!  CDN$570.  I've bought some pretty damned nice shoes for the tax on these things.
 Carmina's Polo is a bit more red - but I do see what you mean.  If you had a Polo suede Chelsea then these two would be uncomfortably close in shade.  But if it were another style in Polo I wouldn't worry.  My Polo derby boots are a lot more casual-looking than these, so no real overlap.
 Crap - GMTO was a while ago and my brain is overtaxed at present - some kind of chestnut I believe. Strike that - laufer is on the ball as usual!
 Don't ask.  I still can't sit properly.
Burnhams.     BTW, when did G&G move away from that lovely lacquered clear coat finish on their shoe trees?
Burnhams in da house.    
Spread the boot gospel, yo!
Very nice!  They look more Bordeaux than Cognac on my screen.
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