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I'm in.
I won't be rocking those boots until the fall, I only just tried them on to make sure the fit wasn't obviously off. The Skaok folk would be the best source for comparative fit info. Based on that limited exposure, sort of like Vass F but with a narrower toe box (slightly) and higher instep.
74945 is sleek rounded. I chose it for my button boots. It's quite lovely.
I am not offended by those with aesthetic preferences which differ from my own. I would find sneakers with suits more laughable than offensive.But I have no idea why one would choose to wear a suit in a casual setting. I tend to dress for the occasion. I don't wear a suit to a back yard barbeque and I don't wear jeans to a board meeting. My shoe choices for such events are quite dissimilar. And since I have more than one pair, I have no need for a single pair that would...
Thinking about it. Think I prefer #9 from that swatch.
 It's not like we haven't seen "inconsistencies" in Vass calf from time to time. I don't see any basis upon which to conclude that Vass museum is more prone to such inconsistencies than other types of leather.If there is any aspect of my museum calf Vass that is inferior in any way to their calf counterparts I have not been able to perceive it. Indeed, as I said, the museum uppers present as being more soft and supple.
I can't think of any shoes that would look good with jeans and a suit - opposite ends of the formality spectrum.
I disagree. My two pairs of Vass museum impress as being of bettter quality than their calf equivalents. Certainly more soft and supple.
Just wow on those loden shell Carmina jumpers.
Definitely okay with sport coat / odd jacket and no tie. Also okay adding a tie to a less formal jacket. I'd stop short of the more formal navy blazer and greys, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. definitely no to a suit.
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