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 I can't say that I have noticed, but that may be down to the fact that I have just the one pair of Vass tall boots which incorporate different materials (shell / calf) for upper and shaft. I will say generally that I have seen so many terrific Vass boot makeups over the last few weeks on the forum that I am not lacking for inspiration for future projects.
Um, so what's the SF code that's better than the black Friday code?
You wear what size again!?!!!!??
The office boot is the better bet then. I can't see wearing a Frankenstitch jumper with a suit even if it is black. Though I'm sure some would.
 Fair point.  But I can't say I'm particularly in love with any of my existing frames.
 The former is slightly more dressy but the latter is cool as hell and it's the one I would go for as long as pairing with suits isn't the main goal and as long as you don't mind looking after shell.
I find eyeglasses to be a massive ripoff across the board and am glad that I only recently started wearing them. What they ask for a frickin piece of plastic is scandalous. /rant Would love to hear of a good style / quality / value combo as well.
Mine too! Thanks to borbor for a great deal on a beautiful jacket - with in-person delivery no less!
Thanks borbor, it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we have the chance to do so again when we're both not rushing off elsewhere. BTW - amazing fit for me on the Zileri jacket - all I'm doing is the sleeves. Thanks for delivering (literally) a great deal.
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