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I believe Cordovan is a no-go at present with Carmina save for single MTOs.
Robert is actually a terrific last for a bal boot. Sleek, but reasonably roomy.
I'f there's a rule against it, I'm quite happy to break it.      
@Cleav - those are gorgeous, bro.
^^^ Timing is key for GMTOs, and apart from some seasonally dependent choices, largely unpredictable. The same shoe can fall flat now, yet take off like a rocket 6 months later.
I would go with Rezso's suggestion regarding the trees. Loose trees are kind of pointless.
Purely subjective preference, but I find the P2 vastly more appealing in terms of aesthetics.
The XV is very clean and understated. While not a pure dress watch, it certainly isn't going to lend a dischordant note with a dressier ensemble. IMO.
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