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@cleav well done indeed! Galways rule.
Awesome. Those bronze beauties fill me with want.
Cheers buddy.   I would go with F simply because I know it works for me fit-wise in a bal boot.  But as that Bal boot happens to be Bordeaux, I'd go for a different colourway.
^^^ Oh my.... I could really groove on a mid-brown version of that.
Facking awesome quote.
You've just identified another big problem in seeking uniform sizing advice. Our starting point is different. RTW fit is an approximation. 3 guys could wear a 43 in F last, but for one it could be perfect, for another it could be a touch loose in the forefoot and the other a touch snug. Problem comes when you move from the base to compare other lasts. Of those same 3 guys one will size up for U and the others won't. One will size down for P2 and the others won't etc.But...
It's much lighter in shade than what I would describe as "midnight" - more of a pale sky blue - but stunning regardless of the name.
   I am in partial agreement - no question leather quality inside and out is superior in my G&G - but then the cost is also significantly greater. As for the stiffness, I find the descriptions above somewhat overstated - and the difference is certainly far less pronounced after break-in than fresh out of the box.  Also, Vass museum calf is noticeably more supple than their box calf.  I can't say the leather quality makes me peigeon-hole my Vass pairs as purely "rugged"...
 Wow - what colour is that?  No way I could pull it off but it's beautiful.
X-post from Friday challenge.      
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