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^^^ Excellent. It's great to be able to benefit from a personal fitting.
Fantastic Frog - where did you get them?
While I don't always Topy my leather soles I often do so because I live where winter happens and leather sucks in anything but dry conditions. To the OP - there really is no downside, despite some spectacularly unsupported claims of doom you will read from some sources. The grip in all weather conditions is vastly improved, the overall life of the sole is significantly extended and they are pretty much invisible unless you are walking on your hands.Besides, those who...
 Me too!  If you see that one drop please purchase then let me know straight away!
No worries - that's kind of how I feel about Panerai and their followers are legion.
 Watch for their weekly specials.  The Terrascope can regularly be had for under $1k.   Casework is first rate, IMO.  Movement is a basic Sellita - solid and dependable and accurate but not fancy.  But then you can find the same movement in a $7k IWC or Breitling - it makes much more sense here IMO.
 I have a few pairs of navy shoes / boots but would never pair them with a navy suit - not enough contrast and all together too much blue for my liking.  Paired with almost any shade of grey trousers, however, and it's pure awesomesauce.
 Niiice.  I don't need a second Terrascope but I have to admit that I sure do want one.
 You dug up an 8 year old thread to share that bit of insight?
Utah Gold is so freaking sweet.
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